me worldsEven though it might look on the surface like the mandala effects are just thousands of random bits of the world changing right under our noses, what is going on is actually a very systematic change in a very clear and specific direction. The changes aren’t random, they are taking us somewhere.

Even the small and insignificant changes are often the result of other changes that were necessary to turn this world into a more beautiful and healthier place where it is easy to love, and where people are living in harmony.

With some understanding of the trends in the mandala effect, people who have been worried about the changes to their favourite books, movies, songs or memories of history can stop being afraid, and start looking forward to a new Golden Age.

Although it has mostly been the domain of conspiracy theorists, avoided by the majority of people, it seems clear that there is a lot that our governments, militaries, and big companies aren’t telling the common people, or even straight up lying about. Whether this is to protect people, to hide crimes, or to maintain competitive advantage and make more money, these lies and manipulations are a problem. They oppose awareness and integrity and a healthy moving forward for our world, and so they are being revealed.

This pattern includes the revelation of political conspiracies like the assassination of JFK andthe fact that the attack on the Reichstag in WW2 was a false flag just like the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, but also revelations about the availability of clean energy sources and ways to feed everyone in this world, about non-terrestrial intelligences and our contact with them, and about humanity’s forgotten history over the past 300.000 years.

Much of human history is forgotten. Most of us like to think that humanity crawled out of the caves perhaps 8.000 years ago and promptly started building advanced civilizations. There is much more to our history than that, another 250.000 years that have faded from our memory. Events from this forgotten time affect humanity till this day.

Many mandala effects are aimed at bringing our forgotten history back into awareness. There are now archeological finds, such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, that show us humanity discovered civilization much earlier than previously thought, questioning our theories about human development. Other archeological sites, like Petra in Jordan, have changed enormously, and show that advanced technology was used in the creation of them.

More details about humanity’s forgotten past can be found here.

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