Sixth Era: War between heaven and earth

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Eventually, the cast out scientists managed to regain some technology and influence with the people on earth. They constructed a giant tower in a last attempt to contact home and report the mission’s failure. It was destroyed. 

The remaining Anu travelled the world, giving people knowledge and teaching them to be suspicious of the motivations of the Anu in the sky. Humans started to rebel against their "Gods" and the powers of "Heaven", fighting for their freedom.

Within the Anu ranks, one of the lower ranked females rose to prominence. She was the one who liked to present herself to humans as the beautiful goddess of sex and war.

Although it was difficult for the Anu to survive on Earth without any help, they were scientists, and they were far more brilliant than the smartest humans, so it took them only a relatively short time to start rebuilding a level of technology.

Still horrified by what their race had done on Earth, they decided to build a communications array that would reach back to their home world. To place it high enough to escape the dampeners from the ship, they worked together with the humans to build a very high tower. The humans called this tower the “gateway to god”, in their language: "bab-el".

They attempted to create this tower of bab-el and nearly succeeded, until the military found them and again scattered and confused them.

After their failed attempt to contact home, the cast out Anu realised they had lost. There was nothing they could do to get in touch with their superiors at home who had not gone mad, and nothing they could to do take power away from the military.

All they could do now was to try and make a difference to this world and to humanity, that had been so damaged due to Anu interference.

They could not do this effectively as a group, and so they separated. They scattered through the world and took their knowledge with them. Wherever they found humanity, they would teach them about communication, recording history, medicine, and more. They are the ones remembered by many cultures as the Serpents of Wisdom.

Banished to the planet, the scientists had no access to the technologies they had developed to protect them from the energies that were driving them crazy. Rather than fight the energies they found so overwhelming, they attempted to understand them.

When they went mad, the primal parts in their subconscious became savage, and there were many voices inside. They began to look deeper, and found that they could adjust and change themselves through the practise of making the “I” singular, looking out on the world with a single view and bringing the Self in harmony.

They taught their findings to the humans, who with their short lifespans had never deeply studied this. The eye became the symbol they used.

On many occasions, humanity started to develop more advanced technology, either on their own on based on that of the Anu. Humans are curious, they explore, they put things together.

As another cycle of the energies came by and the Anu got more crazy, they spent more and more time and stasis, and they grew increasingly weaker. Because of the ongoing war between them, their numbers grew smaller.

Concerned that humanity’s technological development would be used against them, especially at times when they were in stasis, the Anu beganto bomb human civilisations back to the bronze age and keep them there for a very long time.

When you have only a very small force available, it is difficult to control an entire world of increasingly evolved and educated humans, especially when there are those of your own kind on the surface working against you, and you cannot trust even your own allies.

To keep the human population under their control, to instil fear of the gods, to punish those opposing them, or to simply prevent a problem, the Anu began to resort to very drastic methods.

When a group of humans were causing trouble, they could expect fire to rain down from the skies as their Gods bombarded them with advanced weaponry. Death and violence, especially at children, created a lot of fear and anxiety and were used on purpose to gain more power.

Now that there were so few of them left, and they were so weak, the Anu would not often risk interacting with humans directly. When before, they would have lived among the humans on the surface, increasingly most of them retreated to a safer distance.

Most communication with their human worshippers happened through the priesthood. Only the most senior priests were allowed to be in the presence of the Gods, and even they rarely saw them face to face.

Holograms and other technological means continued to be the most common ways for the Anu who were still ruling as Gods to communicate with the humans. Pre-recorded messages and interactive programs did the job when the Anu were in stasis.

The original leaders of the mission, Enki and Enlil, had lost much of their power early on, being the primary target of the plotting and scheming. Theirs was not a culture of violence and deceit, and so their leaders were not the ones who were best at these qualities.

Some of the junior crew members, however, who did not have the maturity and wisdom of their seniors, found that they were ambitious.

Among them, a young female started to obtain more and more influence, through manipulation, backstabbing, and an inborn cruelty towards others. Distrustful of stronger Anu but needing a male by her side, she roped in a low level technician. They were known by many names through the ages, but most famously as Ishtar (or Ashara) and Jahweh.

Even in their madness, the Anu did not easily kill one another. Those who lost in the power struggles and could no longer maintain their position, fled into their own domains and tried not to attract too much attention. The ones in power could not watch everything.

There were initially some backwater parts of the world where those in power, like Ishtar and her Yahweh, did not have a stake. Here, some of the lesser Anu set themselves up as local deities.

Many of the others who were defeated fled, and banded together. They no longer had access to the ship and the great technology, but they still had some. They created bases in the far north and south of the planet, to hide from both the humans and their own kind.

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