cat currentEspecially in the first years after the Shift, in the years from 2016-2025, the world will be going through some very tumultuous times.

Many of the energies that shifted in this five year period will still be adjusting. The energies that allow magic will still be pouring into our world. We will begin to see the first glimpses of the changes permeate into our conscious awareness, but we will also see chaos as we become more aware of the lies and violence in abuse in our world and in our own lives.

This right now is perhaps the most exciting time to be alive. You are the ones who actively lived in a world of Shadow, a world without magic and without love, and who now get to experience for the very first time how a healthy world is supposed to function. One of the best things you can do is to pay attention to what is happening right around you.

2016 is the year of Revelation. It is the year in which all the changes that up till now have been happening at a very deep level, or hidden behind a protective veil, are coming to the surface and becoming obvious to even those without intuitive abilities.

It is the year where magic starts to make it back into public awareness, where the Light starts to shine through all the old habits we've been hanging on to, where the secrets we've been hiding are coming out and where more and more people start to look around and say "Hey, things are different. What happened?"

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