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Change is happening at a breath-taking pace. A new world is being born. Here, we document for you the long prophecied Shift from a long age of darkness to a heart-centered world. Right now you can expect massive changes in all aspects of your life. It's the birth of a new Golden Age.

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Awe-inspiring potential

Awe-inspiring potential

Now may be the most significant time in the history of this planet. Things are happening that have never occurred here before. It is a time of amazing change and awe-inspiring potential. Now is the time to pay very close attention to the world around you... and to be excited about what you find there. When you do, you will discover: It is truly both intriguing and beautiful.

A Threefold Approach


Past ...

It has been winter for very long. To understand where we are going and to put the current changes into perspective, we need to understand where we come from, as individuals, as a species, and as a planet.

Where our past has been hidden, we attempt to reveal it. When it left us with baggage, it is time to address it. It made us who we are today. What it taught us, we can learn from and apply to new challenges.


Present  ...

This is where you are now. It is a beautiful time, a time of spring, of the returning of the light. Now is when the magic is coming back, and where we can finally begin to truly love on another, and our world.

Only very few of us get to live on this border between a long and cold winter, and a magical summer. Being aware of the changes going on right now, allows us to richly experience and celebrate the moment.


Future ...

It is not so far away, this time of summer. Perhaps 300 years, and together we will have created on this world a place of beauty and harmony, of life and light and love. Perhaps faster. But it is coming.

Seeing even a little of the bigger picture and the amazing time we are beginning to move into with the coming of the light, helps us to move through the current change gracefully and look towards the future with excitement.



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