A golden age


The time in which we live now is unlike anything humanity has ever experienced. We are at the very beginning of a whole new era, making our first steps as a species that is living from the heart in a world where magic is returning. For the first time in history, we can stop being afraid.

It is a time of awakening and excitement, but also a time of confusion and uncertainty as we all try to adjust and in sorting out the problems in our lives and in our world.

We have only just come out of a period of intense change and time speeding up, and now we find ourselves in a world where all the ground rules are different, where we ourselves have radically changed, and where all plans and expectations we had of the future have to be re-evaluation, because nothing is the same anymore.

Here you will find an overview of what we can expect out of the coming years and decades, and a clear idea of the direction in which our world is moving.


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As we move more fully into the Golden age, people all over the world are starting to feel that our old way of doing things has often been ugly and abusive. This feeling is only going to increase over the next several years.

Following people’s jump to the heart and their newfound sense that joy and safety and self-exploration should be guaranteed for everyone, the next decades will see radical changes in across all areas of life: relationships, sexuality, the way families are structured, the way we raise our children and spend our time, the way we organise politics and express ourselves creatively.

The direction we will take in our world is not random. Given our history and the transition our world has just made, we can paint a fairly clear picture of some of the changes we as a global community are likely to make.

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