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The way we as a species handle the resurfacing of these ancient memories is going to determine our way forward. The Anu interference in our history has had major consequences for the people we are today, and the intense trauma from our species-childhood has left us forever changed. Like all people with an abusive past, we ourselves get to decide where to go from here: do we turn to fear, or do we incorporate the lessons from our past, and grow into something stronger and more beautiful because of it? 

Can we manage to remember with honesty, and with kindness towards ourselves and each other? Can we manage to look out into space, and find understanding and compassion for those who have wronged us? Can we, over the coming years, put our hands together and make the changes in our world that are so necessary?


The Anu’s meddling with the evolutionary process of early humans, and their subsequent development of cultures, religions and sciences have had a disastrous effect on humankind. Instead of following our natural course of development, humanity was faced with abuse, violence and manipulation every step of the way. Even in times when the Anu rulers were beneficial, they were erratic and controlling.

Yet, if the Anu had not interfered with human genetics, humanity would only now be developing rudimentary sentience. We wouldn’t have cities yet. We would still be a few hundred thousand years away from our current level of sentience, and perhaps a million years away from the next chance to shift up to the place humanity shifted up to in 2015.

Our ancestors evolved in a world that was periodically drenched in magic, and until the Anu in their genetic meddling severed our connection to the world around us, humans worked with magic naturally.

Over the tens of thousands of years of being hunted, abused and enslaved by the Anu when humanity was still very young, those with strong intuitive abilities had a much better chance of surviving. They might predict airstrikes and gather intelligence (sensers), hide an encampment and affect the landscape (sources) or cause events to fail and succeed at will (shapers).

Because of the abuse in humanity’s childhood, magical abilities became widespread, when otherwise they might have remained a rarity.

Humanity is only just in its infancy, beginning to develop sentience for the first time and waking up into the heart. It will be many thousands of years before the species takes its next evolutionary leap. Even before then, humanity has a great potential to develop into a beautiful species with rich, intense emotions and a huge creative potential.

With it, we will find whole new ways of doing things that the other races have never even thought of. Our creativity will allow us to create immense beauty.

If not for the influence of the Anu, separating us from our roots and forcing us to develop intellect and technology independent from magic, humanity would have had much less potential.

For a long time, there have been representatives of other non-terrestrial intelligent species observing the Earth. While they were not yet here when the Anu first arrived, they were aware of the Anu’s influence and the resulting suffering later on.

They did not interfere. The races outside this world are part of a great bureaucratic system, that holds as one of its tenets that no one is allowed to intervene with the development of pre-sentient species. In the past, this has led to great horrors. They have only helped – discretely - in a few select cases.

At the moment, because of our savagery and tendency to violence, Earth is isolated and marked as quarantined.

The Anu living in their home system in the belt of Orion have been aware of the situation on Earth for a long time. They did not know exactly what happened initially, but they did realise that their crew had gone mad, and had started to interfere inexcusably with the natives.

With every crew they sent after it either going mad as well or being destroyed, they have largely ignored Earth after constraining their people from leaving.

It is likely that eventually, when humanity grows up and heals from its childhood abuse, we will connect with the Anu and help them understand what went wrong in their own development, and show them how to work through their buried primitive heritage.

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