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cat teachingsThroughout this life and many of his others, Kirael doAni has been teaching those around him. What he teaches is a path to personal power, a path back to your Self that allows you to explore who you are and express that in the world to the fullest. His teachings are simple and beautiful, always centred in the heart, and always very practical.

From countless lifetimes of personal experience with being human and the higher awareness of one of the Old Ones, he shares his perspective on life, relationships, sexuality, society, magic and spirituality. He helps people to deal with change, and to navigate the often confusing and painful aspects of life in this world.

For those of Kirael's teachings that are not directly related to the Shift and the epic change that is going on in humanity right now, check out our affiliated websites, or check out all audio recordings directly on our Soundcloud.

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