The history of Kirael's involvement in our world

c Kirael

This section recounts the involvement of the Kirael consciousness throughout the development of humanity, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

Changing the course of an entire world is no easy feat. A huge amount of vectors are included, and it should have been an impossible task. There was only a small window available for the Shift to happen, a very short time in which it was conceivable that someone with enough skill, magic and power might be able to heal the underlying tear in the fabric of the universe. And even then, it was by no means a certainty from the start. Creating this much change in such a small window of time took a long period of preparation and some very unconventional means.

Below, you will find a (very incomplete) overview of the many ways Kirael doAni has been involved in the history of this world over the past quarter million years, to allow us to make the Shift into a new Golden Age.


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