References to the Anu in (pop)culture

Through tens of thousands of years, the Anu affected our genetics, our connection to our world, our sense of safety and the mythologies we grow up with. The events since the first manipulation have become part of the human subconscious.

Now that many people are trying to remember what happened in the past – either to themselves in previous lifetimes, or to humanity as a whole – these ancient memories have been showing up increasingly in the stories we tell ourselves – our (pop)culture.

By tracking ancient and especially current mythologies, we can track what’s going on in the human subconscious and understand why we like the things we do on tv, in our movies and in our books.

The stories we find in our mythologies are not always straightforward and easy to recognise. Some stories are told from the point of view of the human populace - others from that of the Anu. Some are from the early eras, some are longing for a return of the gods, some recall the catastrophe.

Much of human history has been one of war and violence. In war, it’s never about who is right, it’s about who is left. And who is left writes themselves into history as the good guys

Below, you will find an overview of places in modern and ancient culture that refer to the influence of the Anu. An effort was made to include only those references mentioned by Kirael doAni.

References to the Anu or their influences in (pop) culture

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