me worldsEven though it might look on the surface like the mandala effects are just thousands of random bits of the world changing right under our noses, what is going on is actually a very systematic change in a very clear and specific direction. The changes aren’t random, they are taking us somewhere.

Even the small and insignificant changes are often the result of other changes that were necessary to turn this world into a more beautiful and healthier place where it is easy to love, and where people are living in harmony.

With some understanding of the trends in the mandala effect, people who have been worried about the changes to their favourite books, movies, songs or memories of history can stop being afraid, and start looking forward to a new Golden Age.

We like to think that one of the most stable things in our world is, well, our world itself. The land under out feet. We're aware it moves, but at such slow rates that it takes hundreds or thousands of years to even really notice any difference. With the Mandela Effect, landmasses around the Earth have been moving around constantly for perhaps years now.

Some of these changes are recorded Mandela Effects, others people have not paid much attention to because they have been moving much more gradually. We'd be wrong though to talk about the "before" and "current", as landmasses on our globe are changing every single day still.

One of the most fascinating changes that we are seeing with the Mandela Effects are the changes to human anatomy. Unlike changes in spelling and logos, changes to our bodies affect every single one of us. They are initially hard to notice, because we don’t look inside our own bodies on a regular basis, but easy to verify because we’ve all learned some basic anatomy in school, and we can just poke our own body to see if it’s changed.

me an flexChanges in human anatomy are the best place to start if you want to become aware of the improvements the Mandela Effect changes have made to our world and our lives. Many of the changes seem random or ambivalent, but the changes to our body almost without exception are clearly improvements. You’ll find you’re able to do more with your body than you ever could before (more endurance, more flexibility), and you’re less vulnerable to injuries.

Here’s an incomplete list of changes to the human body. Things are still changing every day, so some of these may be different in the future, and more may be added.

There has been a lot of speculation about what is causing the Mandela Effect and who is doing it, but not not much attention has been paid to the trends in what is changing. Most people focus on individual changes, or on "whodunit". Yet it's the way that our world is changed by the Mandela Effect that really tells us if we should be worried ... or actually really excited about this change.

I'm suggesting it's the latter: with each of these waves of new Mandela Effects, our world is getting better, and healthier, and more beautiful, and more kind. The changes are pushing us away from the destruction we were headed to, and to a healthier and healthier and healthier place. Whoever is doing it, they're giving us something really amazing, and if we can notice it, we can stop being afraid and start falling in love with this beautiful world of ours.

To those who have just begun studying the mandala effects, the changes may appear a little chaotic and random. They are not. All of the changes are made with a huge awareness, a deep love, and a mathematical precision that won’t be available to humans for many thousands of years.

Change can be weird and a little intimidating, but there is nothing to worry about, no need to be afraid or defensive or hold on to the old way. If you watch the patterns in the mandala effects, you’ll see every change is bringing our world closer to something beautiful.

The hard edges are being smoothed out, deserts are disappearing, some of the most horrifying things in history never even happened, structures who have held a lot of control are failing. All of this is allowing people to wake up and discover love and joy and creativity. 

One of the things that is changing, is that we are moving towards a world with greater simplicity. There has been a lot of confusion, obfuscation and complexity in our world that made it difficult for people to understand each other and to share ideas.

What we are seeing is an increasing simplicity, for now especially in language. In many of the words, names, or brand names that have changed, the change has been towards a shorter, simpler word that is easier to read or pronounce. In some cases, letters themselves are suddenly being written more simplistically.

In taking out some of the unnecessary noise and the distractions, in making things simpler and easier, people can begin to relax, to breathe, and to explore their world without having to worry that it will all be too much.

In addition to greater simplicity, we are consistently seeing trends towards greater kindness and softness. Plant and animal species are losing their venom and poison, different creatures get along better, wastelands like icecaps and deserts are disappearing, and nature itself is becoming less harsh.

A lot of the horror and fear in our past is being edited out. In songs and music videos, the lyrics and videos and artists themselves have less harshness and more love. Horror movies are becoming less horrible and scary, as illustrated by the disappearance of the line “Hello, Clarice,” in Silence of the Lamb. The stories we tell our children are becoming less savage.

As the world gets kinder and softer, and as these changes are working into our past, there will be less and less need for fear, anger and hatred, and more space for love, awareness and beauty.

Harmony has been very rare in the world as it used to be. In every era, in every nation, every family, there has been conflict, opposition, and struggle. This is now ending. Creatures in our world are starting to connect and live more in tune with themselves and each other and the world around them.

With each new wave of mandala effects, more harmony is introduced, creating times where counties decided to talk instead of go to war, where animals and people supported rather than exploited each other, where resources are distributed more evenly, and where different ideas and ideologies could be explored side by side.

Harmony is a thing of the heart, and as the energies of love are being woven into our timestream, more and more is starting to move in unity.


We are seeing more intense and vibrant colors, in the new rainbow mountains in China, the rainbow eucalyptus trees, and many of the other landmarks around our world. There are whole new species of animals in colors so bright and shimmering that they are absolutely delightful to watch. Often these animals are not just astoundingly colorful, they’re also quirky and silly and beautiful in their shapes and feel.

Part of this trend is the earlier invention of color TV, which led to advances in technology that allowed people for the last decades to make higher quality movies and games. Entire generations have become used to processing more bright and complex visuals and sounds, which allowed them to handle more complex information.

Most importantly, people are finding more joy and wonder and happiness.

This is a time of awakening for humanity. For the first time, our species is moving into the heart, and becoming an actual sentient species rather than the largely savage animals we have been up till now. To get there, we need to wake up, to start paying attention, to become aware of ourselves and our world.

Many of the mandala effects are directed at helping people to wake up. They challenge our ideas of the world, they push us to ask questions, they teach us to pay attention to the world around us and stop taking things for granted. "Was it Sally Field, or Sally Fields? Is this memory I have still valid? Maybe I need to re-check and see what's actually there."

More than just encouraging people to greater awareness in the moment, the mandala effects are working back through history and creating a timestream for our world where humanity started to wake up hundreds of years ago.

One of the important results you will see from the mandala effects are lessening occurrences. Events that you remember have still happened – just less severe, less horrible, less violent.

The easiest place to notice lessening occurrences is in casualties across history. For example, in the first loop through this changing timestream, over a million people were tortured and burned at the stake over the 400 years of the Spanish inquisition. A few loops later, wiki reported approximately 150.000 executions, and then later only 5000. The same is increasingly true for deaths during world wars and other violent conflicts, instances of racism, rape, murder. On a personal level, if you experienced abuse in your childhood, this abuse may now have happened much less often, and less severely.

With these lessening occurrences, letting go of the old becomes essential.

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