cat mandelaSince the year 2010, millions of people have found that the memories they have about the world around them no longer match reality. People consistently remember events having happened one way, and yet all of recorded history shows them happening different. People remember the world looking one way, and yet now it suddenly looks different. Yet amost every source claims the world has always looked this way. The original material has changed and there is very little trace that the world has ever been anything different than it is now.

Hundreds of cases have been documented so far, with more of them occurring every day. People are finding that historical events, many brand names, many songlyrics and moviequotes and booklines, and even geography and biology have changed somewhere in the last couple of years. While there are many ideas on what may have caused all this, a common theory is that someone must have been meddling with time and reality. Here we explain what's been going on, and why.

The most common term for the effect where people remember a world differently from the way it is now, is the Mandela effect, after president Mandela of South Africa. This was one of the first cases to catch people's attention: some remember him having died in prison in the 1980s, rather than becoming president and steering South Africa into a more peaceful time.

While the term isn't a bad one, a better name for the effect is the mandala effect. A mandala is employed for focusing the attention of practitioners and adepts. It is intended to call people's attention to it and help them to notice what is happening, as a spiritual guidance tool and an aid to meditation.

A mandala is a tool to help people to notice and make them more aware, which is exactly what this effect is doing. It is making millions of people aware of the Shift and the changes in our world.


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