In the making of this website, and in general in making the words and workings of Kirael doAni accessible to the public domain, we have made a deliberate choice not to censor, edit, or otherwise restrict access to information. Where possible, we present the information in its rawest possible form, as unedited recordings made by Kirael to his students.

Those who have worked with the Angel in person, know that his hit rate when it comes to intuitive matters we can perceive and verify, is astoundingly high. His advice and guidance in this life alone have changed tens of thousands of lives. His experience and knowledge across an extremely large number of fields is equally impressive.

We are aware that some of the topics covered are extreme, hard to believe, and sometimes bordering on or going far, far over the boundaries of what is traditionally considered crazy. Yet, you will find them presented in many places across this website, without justification or any evidence in support. We feel we would do you a disservice if we were to exclude ideas, insights and perceptions coming from the same deeply intuitive source we have come to trust, as soon as they begin to challenge our conventions and exceed the domains we ourselves are currently able to navigate based on scientific understanding or personal perception.

The purpose of this website is not to ask you to believe any of it. It is simply to make available the ideas, the memories, the energy, so that you can scan and decide for yourself which parts of it may be useful to you at the moment.

There have been too many secrets, too much disinformation, far too many sacred teachings taken out of context, in the history of our world. We do not want to add to it. In this age of digital communication, it is possible to record what the masters say as they say it, and while some of the Angel's words may not make sense to us now, we feel there is greater value in sharing freely, than in limiting his words to the editor's understanding of what will be comfortable to current socio-cultural norms.

- The Editor @, March 17, 2015

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