me rememberIf you have memories that don’t match the world in front of you, this is on purpose. It is an intentional revelation, a lifting of the veil, meant to wake people up and let them notice the changes in the world in a harmonious way.

Change without awareness of that change is pointless. Without the mandala effect, without a significant percentage of people remembering the world as it used to be, no good would come out of the suffering humanity has been through, and we wouldn't be able to transmute the horror of its past into the beauty, the compassion and creativity that will make our world an amazing place to live.

Across the board, people have been stupid and complacent, gobbling up what has been set in front of them without questioning. Yet these are not the kind of people we need in the world going forward. We need people who are aware, who question, who realise things are changing, who get involved and start changing things on their own. The mandala effect is your wakeup call.

The mandala effect has been confusing and hard to get a hold of, because it has been so unclear why certain people remember, while others do not. Of those who have heard of the mandala effect and paid some attention to it, roughly one-third remembers the world being different, and two-third remembers the world always having been like this.

Here is the difference between these people: those who experience the mandala effect are the ones who have access to the heart and higher minds, rather than just the guts. Almost without exception, they are the ones who recently had a walk-in experience. Having only recently come into this world, they are more closely connected to a higher awareness and the memories of who they were before. This does not make them more evolved, but it does give them some access to other paths they have taken, while those who only have access to the guts only remember what is right in front of them now.

There is a lot of consistency among those who experience the mandala effects. You can ask them, “What is this thing like?” and they will often give you the same answer as millions of others, the old timestream answer. In some cases, though, people remember different versions.

This is not strange, and any confusion about it comes from the idea that there is one “old” reality and one “new”. Our timestream has been shifting constantly, and things may have changed multiple times.

Which version(s) you remember depends on if you ever paid attention to the thing to begin with, if you are strongly emotionally connected to it, if you have encoded it mentally through repeated exposure, and from where in your energy system you are processing when you are trying to recall the memory.

In a 17 minute long audio, recorded on 2017-04-22, the Angel Kirael gives a short explanation of what is going on with the Mandela effect – better named mandala effect – and how it ties into his work in this world. He also explains to some extend why certain people are remembering and others are not, and why there are differences in what people remember.

Here you can find the audio, published through Soundcloud, and a full transcript in case you prefer to read it.

If you are one of these people who still has access to the higher energy processing centers, you can intentionally remember a version of the way things used to be, or the way things are now, depending on where in your system you center your energy and focus your processing.

This is a great way to check if something is a mandala effect or not: if you remember something different from your Third Mind than from your First Mind, something likely has changed in the timelines. The reason is it works that your Third Mind can remember across timelines, while your First Mind only sees what is in front of it.

Although the technique depends on your ability to work with your energy system, even if you have no training in this, you might find some results by simply imagining the center of you to be in your guts, your heart or your head.

In this recording from 2017-05-15, Kirael talks about the larger patterns being shown by the Mandela effect, and the enormous importance in paying attention to them. He explains that it is not enough to ohh and ahh at the small changes, but rather that this world needs people to see the larger trends, and to remember.

Of all the many things that are changing, most people seem to only pay attention to the small, insignificant changes like the different logos, the different names of famous people and other little details. Often, these details are easy for them to remember, yet at the same time they fail to notice the massive changes in geology, biology, technology and history, or fail to remember them when they are pointed out.

The insignificant looking changes are distractors. They are the magician waving his right hand around with much flash, so you don’t notice what the left hand is doing. They are the sparkles to distract you from the Earth shocking effects, so that you don’t get scared. As individual people become more mature and able to handle the changes with joy rather than fear, they will start to notice more of the important changes. It is a beautifully tailored system, that lets everyone explore when they are ready.

You are not noticing mandala effects by accident, or because you managed to uncover something you weren’t supposed to notice. You were very much supposed to notice.

Without the mandala effect, no one would ever know that anything had changed. We would have missed the chance to be aware of the greatest time in history, the most important time in the existence of our species. Humanity would have forgotten all about the pain and suffering and horror in its past, and with that, would not be able to celebrate all the amazing things that are in the world now. People would stay asleep, content in their calm, pretty world, and never develop the awareness and deep sense of love and harmony that humanity is headed for.

The following is a slightly redacted transcript from a non-published audio recording from 2017-04-20.


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