There has been a lot of speculation about what is causing the Mandela Effect and who is doing it, but not not much attention has been paid to the trends in what is changing. Most people focus on individual changes, or on "whodunit". Yet it's the way that our world is changed by the Mandela Effect that really tells us if we should be worried ... or actually really excited about this change.

I'm suggesting it's the latter: with each of these waves of new Mandela Effects, our world is getting better, and healthier, and more beautiful, and more kind. The changes are pushing us away from the destruction we were headed to, and to a healthier and healthier and healthier place. Whoever is doing it, they're giving us something really amazing, and if we can notice it, we can stop being afraid and start falling in love with this beautiful world of ours.

Here is a list of how the Mandela Effect is making our world a better place. You can verify each of them with a little bit of googling around.

Let's start with some small ones:

- Lyrics are changing to say "LOVE" much more than they used to. For example, the Red Hot Chili (used to be, Chilli) Peppers song “Under the Bridge” now includes the word “love” several times. Madonna’s song “True Blue”, which didn’t used to exist, also has lyrics full of love.

- The Queen song “We are the champions” no longer ends in, “...of the world.” Without this line, the song may lose some of its power, but it also loses the implication of conquering the world and trying to beat everyone else to be the best of the whole world – an attitude that is not one of harmony.  

- There are unicorns in the King James bible. It cites: “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath, as it were, the strength of a unicorn.” (Numbers 23:22), and “Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?” (Job 39:9), and “But my horn shalt Thou exalt like the horn of a unicorn; I shall be anointed with fresh oil.” (Psalm 92:10). Clearly, anything that adds unicorns is an improvement.

- There are scientific finds that “we have known about for a long time”, showing remains of something that looks much like a unicorn. Called “Elasmotherium sibiricum” or “The Giant Rhinoceros of Siberia”, these were ancient, furry creatures with long necks and large horns on their foreheads. Science is currently classing them as rhinos.

- In Medieval times, instead of fighting and killing dragons - these beautiful, ancient, wise creatures - knights are now often depicted fighting with  ... snails.

- Movies and songs are getting less scary, less violent, less fear-inducing. For example, in “The Silence of the Lamb,” without the line, “Hello, Clarice,” a lot of the horror of that scene was lost. Since fear has been at the root of many of the problems in our world, changes in history that lessen the amount of fear we feed ourselves help to create a healthier world.

- Several unsolved mysteries that have caused fear and pain have now “always been solved”. For example, the Lindbergh kidnapping had been an unsolved case with the kidnapper still at large and the child’s fate unknown. Now, the child was found dead, and Bruno Hauptman was convicted (though there is some debate about his innocence), closing the case and giving parents space to grief and heal.

- There are adorable, beautiful, bright colored new animals, like the tree kangaroo, grolar bears, the racoondog, the werecat/wolfcat, the grey headed flying fox, the magic rabbit and others.

- There are fewer poisonous species. Australia used to be the home of more poisonous and lethal species of animals than any other place in the world, and yet since the recent changes, there are now only two species of Australian spiders capable of killing a human, and the last fatality dates all the way back to 1981. There are more deaths from allergic reactions to bees than from poisonous spiders.

- A small child fell off a roof it had crawled up on from the apartment where it lived with its mother, and died. It was all over the local newspapers, and there was a funeral everybody went to. A few weeks later, one of the townspeople walked by the rooftop, and says to his girlfriend, “Wasn’t that where the baby fell off?” She says, “What baby?” The whole event never happened, the and the little child was fine. (YouTube story on personal experience with Mandela Effect).

- A local coffee shop owner had died of a long term illness recently. One of his friends, who lived in the same town and had been to the funeral, saw him sitting in the store a few weeks later. Not dead, not even looking sick. Shocked, he went in to talk to his friend. Turns out, the man had never died. He had recovered from the illness years ago, as everybody clearly remembered. (YouTube story on personal experience with Mandela Effect).

-Several famous musicians and bands have more albums and songs than previously. There are entirely new Doors albums, “Full Circle” and “Other Voices”. The first two songs on “Full Circle” are all about changes in the world, and that things are getting better.

Ok, so what. That doesn't make the whole world so much better. How about these?

- Nelson Mandela was a peace activist, a powerful force for democracy and stability in not only South Africa, but all of the surrounding area. Rather than dying violently in prison, he survived, and was eventually set free. In his time as President, he turned South Africa around from an unstable, volatile country torn by internal conflict, on the verge of developing nuclear weapons and starting a war, to a nation at peace, part of the international community, with an increasing quality of life. Imagine how this area of the world would have looked without him.

- Your liver is double the size it used to be, making it easier for everyone to handle a polluted world and filter out the toxins we have put in our environment.

- People’s childhood experiences are changing. In many individual cases, horrors, abuse, or even just difficult times in childhood now seem like they have evaporated, never happened, and they now have a set of memories that say the parents causing the trauma in the first place have been kind, stable, caring people their whole lives.

- The numbers for child abuse are dropping. We were taught that 1 in 3 children across the world deals with child abuse somewhere in their childhood. A month ago, these numbers were 1 in 6. Recently, numbers as low as 1 in 7 have been showing up.

- Your kidneys are now in a much more sensible place. While martial artists still know the rabbit punch and you may still remember your kidneys being lower on your back, they are now safely tucked behind your ribs. There’s much less chance of injuring them. (More on body changes in a later post).

- Color TV was invented roughly two decades earlier. Movies ,TV shows and broadcasts that used to be in black and white, have now “always been” in color.  For example, the Kennedy assassination footage is now in color, rather than black and white. Also, our history now knows video jukeboxes. Since it was invented and used much earlier, color TV has had decades more to develop and improve in technology. Following this, many of the movies and shows that were always in color now have brighter colors and are of better quality than before the Mandela Effect. Seeing movies in color, and having color video creating technology available, has given our world a lot more creative potential, decades ago.

- Technology is more advanced than it used to be. In part because the earlier invention of color TV, and similar changes like this, we have far more advanced technology today than we had last year, in the original timeline. Projection mapping, now widely used and easily accessible across the world for research, development and entertainment, didn’t exist before. Googling for it last month showed only a few pictures. Suddenly, there are many more.

- The ban on tobacco advertising was instituted almost two decades earlier. People have clear memories of the ban on tobacco advertising happening somewhere in the 1980s in the US, now it was issued in 1971. Similarly, warning labels on tobacco products were originally required since the late 1980s, now they were first introduced in 1966. Yet, people born in the 1960s remember the introduction of these warning labels in their college time in the 1980s. This means that people in the US have been aware of the dangers of smoking roughly two decades earlier. Because of this awareness, millions of people may have quit smoking or never started. Smoking is currently responsible for half a million deaths a year (US data). Imagine how many people never died of lung cancer because of this change, and how many children got to grow up with two healthy parents because of it.

- You take your pulse in a different place now, no longer in the middle of your wrist, but much more to the side. Medical professionals have been very confused about this. The important arteries are now in a place where it's much more difficult to damage them from simply slicing your wrists, making especially things like teenage suicide much more difficult.

- Increased sexual freedom. There are videos now from the 1960s with an amount of healthy, beautiful sexuality and near-nudity that to our memory didn’t happen until recent decades. Sexuality is a normal part of humanity, and the suppression of it has led to a lot of ugliness over the years. 

- Languages are getting simpler

That's pretty amazing. There's more, look here:

- There is no ice cap on the North Pole. The ice cap on the South Pole is much smaller than it used to be. This means after decades of being terrified that Global Warming is going to melt the ice caps and we're all going to drown from rising sea levels ... there is barely any ice there to melt. So even if it gets warmer, the seal levels won't rise so much. And the polar bears we were so worried about already don't live on the icecap, and will be fine.  All of Al Gore's documentary on rising sea levels and the effects of Global Warming on coastal communities are invalid, simply because of this change on the poles. Not only does this reduce the dangers of climate change, it also takes away a huge source of fear for millions of people.

- World wide conspiracies are coming to the light. The most obvious example is the JFK assassination, where it now seems clear from the footage that Jackie did it. Other examples include new, Mandela Effect evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, [...]

- People are getting more empathic. More than that, millions of people now remember always having been somewhat empathic. With empathy, you feel other people’s emotions as your own and you are much more aware of others and what they are going through. When you feel their pain as soon as you cause it, things like bullying, cruelty, abuse, simply do not happen. When you feel people are struggling, even if they never say a word, you’re likely to reach out and help them. With millions of people suddenly always having been empathic, there is a huge amount of suffering that never happened.

- The Spanish Inquisition is practically safe now. To many people’s memories, over a million people were tortured and burned on the stake in the 300 years of the Spanish Inquisition (roughly 1500-1800) across half of Europe and other Spanish territories. Early 2017, death tolls were estimated to be 200.000, and now, official sources estimate 3000-5000 deaths in all this time. That’s barely over one person a month, across a large territory. The common cold is now more dangerous than the Spanish Inquisition ever was.

- Power and control of religion is lessening. Not only have there been changes in the bible, there have been changes in doctrines, like the Trinity, which used to be unquestioned but that now many people don’t consider truth anymore. Religion across the board doesn’t have as much influence as it used to. While it may be scary to some believers, religion has been the cause of much abuse and horror and the expression of some of humanity’s worst across the last few thousand years. It has done much to enslave and terrify people. With lessened influence of religion going back across time, people will have more freedom to be themselves, to express what they came for, to explore their world and the sciences and their own spirituality, and find beauty there.

- While originally, people reported a sunny day and clear skies on the day of 9/11, 2001, now there is suddenly a massive tornado just off the coast of New York, that wasn’t there before. Hurricane Erin came very close to the coast of New York, then detoured. Given that the attack on the Twin Towers was carefully planned and all local defenses were in Canada for training exercises that day, a well-placed hurricane would have delayed or re-routed the airplanes, changing all the war on terrorism and the unrest in the Middle East that came after.

- Deserts are slowly disappearing. While it is not yet easily visible in the Saraha desert, maps of Australia have changed over the past year to show increasingly more green area, and less desert. Before, more than 90% of the country was classified as desert; now it is only 35%.

- Landmasses are becoming more connected. Across the globe, landmasses that used to be separated are coming closer together, and beginning to connect. New inland seas are starting to form. Mountain ranges are starting to lower, making it easier to cross them. With these changes, going back millions of years, there will be a much greater interconnectedness between nations, much less separation between races, more trade, more cultural exchange, easier rise and stability of civilizations, and from that, a greater development. (More on this in a later post).

Where does it go from here? No one can be exactly sure, but we can extrapolate from the trends you see above, and from what the Angel Kirael has said, what to expect. Some of these changes we may see in the next couple of years (or even months), others may take decades to propagate, but they are trends we can watch for:

- Even less deserts, not only in Australia, but in Africa.

- Less ice-covered areas, in Greenland and Antarctica.

- Dropping death rates in historical wars, up to a point where WW1 and WW2 may never have happened. Dropping number of wars historically fought.

- Dropping rates of child (sexual) abuse, dropping rates of violent crime.

- Lessening of pollution build-up.

- More connected landmasses, more inland seas, more remains of ancient civilizations along those seas and more evidence of intercontinental trade across history.

- Higher levels of technology, including better ways to generate energy and feed the world population.

- The disappearance of major conflict in our history, including eventually 9/11, WW1 and WW2.


For many people, even though the Mandela Effect has been confusing and unsettling, it has been an amazing experience. They stopped living their lives by default, started looking around and experiencing their world, started asking questions, met many new people, found community, learned to communicate and share and learn new ideas. While some changes may seem small, or strange ... the Mandela Effect has brought all of us so much. Our world is getting better. Our lives are getting better. Now is an amazing time to be alive. 


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