August 2016

  • We completed the overview of the effects that an ancient reptillian species, called the Anu, had on the development of humanity. They can now be found under the menu Earth's Past, in the sub menu "The history of the Anu involvement in our world". In this overview, you can find history organised by era.
  • The effects of the Anu can be found in many of today's movies, TV shows, books and other media, as well as in cultural expressions from the past. We are still working on getting an overview of all the places that refer to the Anu history as detailed on this site.
  • Each of the articles in the history of the Anu only has introductory text. Over time we will be adding full-length articles to each of them.
  • We have started revising the site, and as such are removing some out of date articles and improving on parts of the site that were unfinished. While we are working on this, you may find some broken links and empty places. 

February 2016

  • We have started writing out the history of the Anu involvement in our world. This epic-scale story tells of an non-terrestrial intelligent race that came here to study the development of sentience ... until something went horribly wrong. As memories of these past events are beginning to surface in the human subconscious, we are providing an overview of events, so that those of you who are beginning to remember, may find some support there.

November 2015

  • Most of the audios regarding the Shift and the workings of Kirael have been transcribed and uploaded to our Soundcloud. While we have not been able to put them on the site yet, you can still find the raw information there.

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