me effectsWhen you look up a few hundred Mandela effects, it becomes clear that while these changes seem to be everywhere, there are a couple of very distinct areas in which changes are concentrating: small things like spelling, names and logos, and much more relevant things like the human body, religion, geography, technology, and a few others.

There are plenty of people doing excellent work on collecting and listing the effects, finding evidence that things really have changed, and helping you to notice what is going on. What we explain here is that these effects aren’t, in fact, randomly distributed all over the place, but that they are organized in a few distinct groups. That way, you can pick any area of interest to you, and study more specifically what is going on and what is changing in this area.

Within the last year or so, there seem to have been several unknown ancient cities that are suddenly part of the known archeological records. These are not cities that were recently discovered, or insignificant ones that would have been easily overlooked. Some of the most important archeological finds, ones that have changed the way science thinks about early human civilization, appeared somewhere in the last year, and are now considered to have always been part of modern archeology.

Perhaps the most common and most easily accepted type of mandela effect are subtle changes in names of famous (and likely, non-famous) people, logos, and the spelling of certain words.

Well known examples are the missing dash in Kit-Kat, the new loop in the Ford logo, the missing circles on the Target logo, and the spelling of the Berenstein Bears, FruitLoops, Sex in the City, Kate Perry, and Looney Toons.

An extra letter here, one less there, a change in font, these small changes are effectively insignificant. They don’t make much of a difference in the world. Yet, they stand out to people exactly because they are so common and widespread that people known them well, and they manage to catch people’s attention without provoking fear. They are small little wake-up calls that serve to awaken people enough to start smelling the coffee.

Another very common place to find mandala effects is in songs and artworks. Less easy to verify than logos but often more easy to remember, countless paintings, statues, movies and especially songs have changed in small or large ways. Some albums you remember have never existed in this time stream, others that you’ve never heard of have always been here.

For example, Pikachu used to have a black stripe on his tail, Rodin’s “The Thinker” changed, Mona Lisa seems to be changing every other day, “Luke, I am your father” and “Beam me up Scotty” were never said, “We are the champions” no longer ends in “of the world”, and there’s a whole new Madonna album, and there’s a whole new movie, “Milk Money” (1994).

Often overlooked, music, movies and other forms of art have a huge influence on the way we live our lives.

Wildlife organisations have been very worried over the past decades about species extinctions. Yet at the same time, with these mandala effects, there seem to be many new kinds of plants and animals in our world that many people don’t recall seeing before. They are plants and animals that you definitely would have noticed.

You may want to search for the narwhal, effectively a unicorn whale, rainbow eucalyptus trees, and various other strange creatures like raccoon dogs, tree kangaroos, dog-sized bats, orange crocodiles, pink elephants, peacock spiders, and more. They are well worth looking up.

Many of these new animals, fondly called mandanimals, have beautiful, vibrant colours in a way this world has rarely seen before. They tend to be quirky, strange creatures that will make you smile.

According to the memories of many, Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, yet he survived and became president of his country and led it into an age of greater tolerance and peace. The unidentified man who stood in front of approaching tanks at Tiananmen square in the 1990s is often remembered as being run over, yet he survived and inspired and gave hope to millions. Fidel Castro is often remembered to have died a few days before he did.

On a personal level as well as on a political level, the mandala effect seems to be shuffling around the birth- and death-dates of people all over the world. People in the time stream we are currently experiencing have died sooner, or later, or are of a different age at key moments in their life. Some people weren’t born at all, or haven’t died yet. While not all are of obvious importance, in many cases it’s clear how these changes have made the world a better place.

More difficult to notice than many of the other mandala effects because it concerns the energy people are holding, is the change towards greater love, integrity and beauty in people – not just those alive in the world now, but also across time.

The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedes, used to be full of anger and bitterness, yet now when you look at early videos from him, his emotions are healthy, there isn’t the anger, and his heart is online in a time where such should have been impossible. Some, but not yet all of his current pictures reflect this change made in his youth. He is not the only one.

Originally, most people weren’t able to bring their heart online until the Shift from 2010-2015, but now, many people in history, including many who are alive today, are healthy, beautiful people capable of love.

Along with small changes to song lyrics and movie quotes, there seem to have been a large number of changes to ancient religious texts. The most vocal about this have been avid readers of the Christian bible, where the trinity is now in question, an Angel instead of God talked to Moses in the burning bush, oh, and there are unicorns and stuff in the bible now.

The effects on religion is by no means limited to Christianity. Changes to the Old Testament means changes in the fundamental underlying principles of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. There may well be similar changes to the Koran and the Torah, and to ancient Hindu and Buddhist writings.

As a consequence of these changes to ancient texts, religious attitudes have changed in key places towards greater tolerance within the religion, and greater harmony between religions.

A lot of the previously mentioned effects seem minor in case, a changed word here, a changed date there. From 2017 onward, we started seeing more and more changes in history.

There are small changes, like Hitler’s eye color being blue now rather than brown and his moustache being bushy instead of tidy, but also more important changes, like the terrorist attack on the US in WW1, WTC 6 now also having imploded on 9/11, JFK having been shot by Jackie, new archeological finds in Petra, and the earlier date on the ban of cigarette ads.

The extent to which changes are being made to historic events is still in flux, but according to the Angel we can expect many more changes to historic events over the coming years, to the point where much of modern history won’t be recognizable.

Among the changes in historical events are changes in technological advancements. There are technologies available today, steadily developed over the past decades, that weren’t even in the works yet a year ago.

The murder on JFK is often discussed in relation to the mandala effect, not only because of 6 seats, or his wife’s actions, but also because it was filmed in color, while many people remember seeing it in black and white originally. It appears that color TV was invented perhaps two decades earlier, and with that, many other technological advances were sped up.

One example is 3D projection mapping, a technology that is widespread today and is used in research and entertainment alike. Another is the use of camera drones, which has just come into public awareness recently, but has suddenly also been used in the movie industry for decades.

Human physiology has been very clumsy and inefficient, ever since the Anu got involved in human evolution, and the Angel Kirael has said for years that it was on his list to do something about it.

For a while now, people have been experiencing the mandala effect on human anatomy. Not only are the kidneys suddenly much higher up, the ribcage itself is shorter, the clavicles are higher up, the spine is broader, the liver has moved and is larger, there is a new digestive organ, there is bone behind the eye socket, and your pulse is taken somewhere else now. The heart has moved to the center of the chest instead of being to the left, making it align better with the energies. All in all, these changes have made the human form more stable, practical and elegant.

The changes on human anatomy aren’t complete yet.

The changes to Earth’s geography are really confusing people. They are perhaps the most drastic and noticeable changes so far, and they have caused people to pay attention and to question more than any other.

Just some examples: the North Pole, which many remember to be covered in an ice cap, is now just water; Greenland is suddenly massive; there is a new island above Norway; South America has moved far to the right; Australia has moved up; New Zealand has moved down; the Mediterranean is skewed and shifted. Upon close inspection, it seems almost every place in the world has changed to some degree.

The Pacific takes up almost half the planet, and there is some evidence many new landmasses are forming all over the world. This is linked to the re-uniting of our world with 4-5 others.

This last one is really hard to fathom, and difficult to verify as most people don’t carry a clear awareness of Earth’s place in the galaxy with them, but it seems that the position of the solar system within the Milky Way has changed, from the edge of an outer arm to a branch near the center.

The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy starts with: "Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.” This was, as far as most people knew, true. Now, it’s not. In addition, there are now three planets in our solar system with rings, rather than one.

Let us suggest that Earth is not the only place subject to the mandala effect. The implications of this for us, for the sky we see at night, for astronomy and astrology and for the other species we might meet in the future, are as if of yet completely unclear.


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