The Anu species

OrionThe Anu – or Annunaki, as they are referred to by some– are a highly intelligent species originating from a desert planet in a system near one of the three stars known as “Orion’s Belt.” They are very technically advanced, and as a species have been around for a very long time. Vast numbers of Anu currently live on their homeworld, on many other worlds, and on research projects all over the galaxy.

Before we talk about the involvement of the Anu in the history of Earth, it is important to understand a little more of their own history, their culture and the way they related to each other.

The Anu species evolved a very long time ago. As a species, they are much older than humanity. For many millions of years already, they have lived in very technologically advanced societies, studying and learning, devoted to science and the intellect.

Their origins are reptilian. Throughout their evolution, they maintained claws on their hands with three fingers and a thumb, scales covering their bodies, and a tail. In the form they exist today, they are on average almost 3 meters tall, with males being larger than females. Their lifespan is much longer than that of humans: the Anu live nearly half a million of our years, and illness and accidents are rare.

As an old race, a species that have been around for a very long time, the Anu have clearly defined cultural traditions that affect their thinking, their actions and their interactions with others.

They are deeply dedicated to sentience and the intellect, and as such live in inherently peaceful, hierarchical societies based on a deeply engrained sense of respect. They are logical, rational beings with very little emotion.

The Anu use their highly advanced technological development to further their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. For hundreds of generations, they have been soft spoken, and spend most of their time studying and researching.

Like most reptilian species, the Anu reproduce through eggs.

Young are trained very carefully in all aspects of Anu culture for many years. They are taught from the moment of hatching to be respectful of themselves and others, to have self-awareness, to study hard for a very long time, and to always speak truth. Discipline is an important aspect of their training, and even when they are very young, being hasty, sloppy, selfish, or responding emotionally is not tolerated.

As the Anu are a very long lived species, it takes thousands of years for young to be considered mature.

A brilliant, logical thinking species can only express that brilliance if their language supports it. The Anu language is a highly structured language that allows for the expression of complex ideas with a great sense of integrity and personal power.

It is a language of power that is tied closely to the respectful nature of Anu culture. Lying in this language is impossible, and speaking mind to mind is easy.

Today, if you advance far enough into the program, you can learn a little bit of this language through the Elfpath institute for intuitive development.

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