Although it has mostly been the domain of conspiracy theorists, avoided by the majority of people, it seems clear that there is a lot that our governments, militaries, and big companies aren’t telling the common people, or even straight up lying about. Whether this is to protect people, to hide crimes, or to maintain competitive advantage and make more money, these lies and manipulations are a problem. They oppose awareness and integrity and a healthy moving forward for our world, and so they are being revealed.

This pattern includes the revelation of political conspiracies like the assassination of JFK andthe fact that the attack on the Reichstag in WW2 was a false flag just like the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, but also revelations about the availability of clean energy sources and ways to feed everyone in this world, about non-terrestrial intelligences and our contact with them, and about humanity’s forgotten history over the past 300.000 years.


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