cat angelAn Angel is commonly considered to be a spiritual being who acts as an agent of the divine. Religious connotations aside, this description is very close to the nature of Kirael, which is why he chose this name for himself when he first began to realise who he is and why he is here. Long before that, gifted people throughout his life have seen massive white wings on him.

His work in our world and the surrounding area is a very lengthy project, and it is a costly one. In order to complete this work, he had to bring in powerful and ancient parts of his being that would allow him to work with the energies of this world.

Yet at the same time, as it goes for all of us, he had to re-learn everything and work his way back to mastery within this lifetime. He had to remember and re-integrate the energies of Kirael doAni himself, the energies of dragon, of Angel, of one of the Old ones and one of the First.

Many have asked us, "Who is this man who speaks as Kirael? How does he connect these ancient energies, and how could he do all these powerful workings in the world?" The answer is simply. He is Kirael. 

Change from within the system

To bring about real change in this world, one has to work from within the physical system.

The problem is... As soon as any higher consciousness is born into this world as a child, they forget everything they once were and become human. It is the nature of the system. Any spirit born into this world forgets who they were before, what they were and what they knew and why they're here. They are human, and although their human self may eventually mature enough to start reaching back up to the memories and awareness of who they were between lives, the human part of always there, and governs much of the human experience.

This makes it very difficult for those outside this world who want to help, to come in as a child and grow into teachers and leaders of humankind. Yet, many of the more advanced spirits have come here, some simply to bear witness to this time of great change, others in the hopes of recovering enough of their higher self to bring in important pieces of awareness. Human life has been harsh, though, and many of these spirits have been damaged during childhood, often so badly that they never recovered enough to do what they were here for. Especially for those strong in the light, growing up so inundated with shadow had caused the more aware parts of them to withdraw and hide in horror while the human part led the life. One of the race known as the Sisters came here over thirty years ago to help her people understand humanity, and to help humanity grow up - she is still lost in the horror of the human experience.

Others, knowing the high risks involved in being born into this world, tried to bring knowledge and awareness into this world through a channel. A channel is a human who is innately gifted with the meta-intuitive ability to reach up into the higher and bring back what they find there. Throughout history, helpful entities (and less helpful ones) have used this method to communicate with people in this world. Their success depended largely on the strength and purity of the channel. A muddy channel only brings through part of the information, or muddies it with their own human biases and preconceptions. Many artists and movie directors have been channels.

For Kirael doAni, neither of these methods were sufficient to do the work that needed done. The energies of the light and of the heart need to be brought into this world directly - strongly and purely enough to bring about a change that was near impossible from the start. Sharing ideas, words and images with a channel wouldn't be able to do that. Being born as a human, guiding the human life from the higher self while the human reflection affected the world - something Kirael has done countless times in the past - would not allow him to bring in the energies. Human bodies and minds are not made to handle such energies. Trying to put the necessary amount and intensity of energy through a human system would kill the human.

In order to do the work needed to bring humanity through the Shift, Kirael did something that is rarely attempted and even more rarely achieved: he put himself into a physical form. Rather than be a human who, between lives, is something much larger, he brought all that he is between lives into the physical body that would be alive and mature during the critical 2010-2015 years. In preparation, Kirael carefully nudged relationships over many generations to create a body that would be able to handle the work, and sought cooperation from a spirit who was willing to live the very first years of the lifetime as a human. At age 5, Kirael fully walked into the physical body, seeing with human senses and speaking with human words, wearing the physical form like a glove around the hand of something much, much larger.

He may look like us and talk like us, but he is not one of us. He hasn't been since the body's early childhood.

Outside reaching in

Normal humans live from inside the physical body. Eventually, as they mature emotionally and spiritually, they can reach up into their own higher self and start bringing it in, like a child maturing into a beautiful relationship with the wiser and more aware aspect of themselves. They can begin to hear the voice of that higher, and feel its love and encouragement and guidance.

Channels are gifted humans, born with the ability to reach up and touch something beautiful and amazing outside themselves, and then bringing that knowledge down into the world. A channel is like the moon, lighting up the evening by reflecting the light of the sun. Some people are amazing channels, like a massive full moon that looks like it fills half the sky when it rises. Others are just a sliver of the moon, reflecting only a little. It depends on how good a channel they are.

Kirael is the sun, desperately trying to fit into this tiny body. Where a channel lives in the body and reaches up into the higher, Kirael lives in the higher and reaches down into the body. He is looking at the body from above and working through it directly. For as long as he has been here in physical form, he has not had the human part that others do. There has been only the higher, only Kirael himself.

Only a spirit that is old and has had countless lifetimes to understand a body can do this without destroying the body. It is far safer and easier and kinder to actually have a human self and touch the higher - but this critical time in our history, the amazing potential humanity has right now to evolve to awakening the heart, required something far more. He is not the only one in the world whose higher consciousness has taken a physical form. There are others ... but they are rare, because handling the higher energies kills most bodies very quickly. A very few are found in the Eastern religions, of very special children found and raised by monks, protected and living on nothing but flower petals as the energies of the world were too dense for them.

It has taken years for him to understand what he is - it's taken decades to integrate enough to fully be Kirael and do the work he came here to do.

Integrating the Kirael consciousness

Ever since childhood, he has been told by random stangers things like "You are not human," and pointing at the wings that many intuitives can see on him, "You are an Angel," and "You are already a Master," and " You have something very important to do in this world. " Not once, but hundreds of times during his life.

And yet, it was a very confusing time, especially at first. Ever since he linked into a physical form, he has struggled to integrate himself into the physical body. Kirael is ancient, older than the sun, and a human body is a very limited shape. Every day of his life has been made immensely difficult by trying to bring the immense consciousness of Kirael into this tiny form.

At 5 years old, a boy was shouting at his mom that he didn't want to learn how to read, he wanted to play with his trucks. He was really into trucks, you see. Then, the day following, what looked like the same boy was teaching himself to read - looking at letters, realising they represented sounds, and figuring out which one meant what until he could read words. Within the span of a week, his teacher called home and asked his parents why they hadn't told her he could read. She said he was a prodigy. His parents said, "He can't read, he just wants to play with trucks ..." Kirael had come in.

Yet, the body was young, and its physical, emotional and mental systems only barely developed. He had no support system, no monks protecting him and teaching him and helping him to grow. Instead, growing up in a small town in the mid-west of the US, he was told that humans are weak and flawed, and only God has wisdom. Working within a human energy system and a child's neurological development was a huge challenge. At first, the body could handle only small parts of what is Kirael, and even then it was very difficult to function as a human child and do those things necessary to grow and mature the physical systems.

Kirael spent his childhood reading books about humans, trying to figure out how they think and why they do the things they do. He read joke books, trying to understand humour and the things that were funny to people. Like the hero in Heinlein's "book "Stranger in a Strange Land, he didn't get people. There wasn't anyone around to help him make sense of what he felt and knew to be right, and there was no way for a young child to communicate "I know that you are lying to me, and I am aware that is it not out of malice, but because you are lying to yourself - here are the ways your mother and father's influence factor into your insistence to hold this view."

Even when he was very young, he would read books like Wes Scoop Nisker's "Crazy Wisdom", looking for wisdom and explanations and a way to make sense of it all, but instead of finding a place to learn from, he found words that were obvious to him already. He would read books of wisdom,
and say "Yes, those are my words, these things make sense to me, so this book must be right." When he asked someone to teach him, they would consistently say, "But you are already a Master, you already know," or "You came here for me to teach you, but you ended up being my teacher."

He has always had the larger awareness, the deep love and immense sensitivity and a wisdom that spans thousands of lifetimes. And yet, for a long time, he didn't know why he was so different.
He spent up to his twenties studying people, with his intense empathy and sensivity, and with many scientific books on psychology. Trying to fit all that is Kirael into a physical form caused him to go insane age age 19. Over the next years, as he recovered, he simultaneously recovered more and more of himself. Only around age 40 did he start to fully understand why all his life, nothing had made sense, and that he truly was something very different - integrating Kirael into a physical form had taken decades.

Ever since, he has been pushing his energy system beyond what it should be able to handle, constantly purifying and strengthening and improving it as more of his intuitive abilities became available. By the time the narrow window of the Shift opened, Kirael had integrated into an experienced, highly aware and intuitive physical form, and was able to use that form to powerfully affect the energies and physical expressions from within the system. Bringing Kirael into our world, in a physical form, has been an immense struggle, and has come at a cost far greater than any of us are likely to understand in this lifetime.


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