A: Everything is different, and it's a very real change - not just some energies that changed, but the underlying fabric of everything that creates the way this world works. It's the end of war and violence and gender aggression and much more. Real things, in the real world, affecting real people right now.

If you haven't noticed any of what this website talks about, there's nothing wrong with you.

Many of the changes have been intentionally hidden from view. If it had been easy to notice that something was changing early on in the process, those in power might well have panicked at the realisation that their entire foundation was disappearing from under them, and done something drastic. People might have spent years feeling neurotic and scared as they watched everything change around them. People aren't good at change. Now, with the changes only becoming visible slowly and once it's completed, people can simply adjust quickly and easily, sometimes without even consciously realising things are different. 

On top of that, all of the changes have been created bottom-up: starting at the very deepest, most fundamental layers that humans can't begin to perceive, to the structural levels that only the best trained and most intuitives among us have access to, to the deeper surface level that most natural metas can sense, to eventually the top layers of the surface where they become obvious to everyone. Most changes at the moment are just beginning to make it to the surface. 

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