It seemed like a month would be enough to work on sexuality, but our species has tied sex into just about everything - including feminism. Feminism was tied into racism, sexism, almost every kind of -ism, and from there to governmental issues, war in the middle east, the dreaming, and up into higher places. There wasn't a single root of this thing, it was everywhere, so Angel worked to untie the entire knot, lay all new pathways and address the habits caused by this energy.
Watch for the -isms: prejudices based on race or gender, sexual preference, age, all manner of things, both in others and yourself. It should be easier to notice these prejudices in yourself, in people around you and society, and doing these things should now meet with disapproval and lowering of social status. You may not see governmental changes today, but you may if you are looking for it see changes in the people around you very quickly.

Angel, 2014-10-09

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