Humans can be angry, and they can be focused and driven. Usually, they are focused and driven towards hurting each other - the shadow things. When they are acting from the light, they get all weak and wimpy, or polite and quiet. Almost everyone does this. When it comes to the shadow, you're willing to be big and strong, and when it comes to the light, you become little mice.

The light side has guts, it has teeth. It's not frail old men living in the woods raising bunnies. Mythically, the light side is more like paladins. If something needs its ass kicked, they are first in line to do the kicking. The light side is strong and powerful.

Find the light side energy, and do the strong and focused things you're very willing to do when you're angry or scared. Be strong and tell people what to do when it's appropriate, push people around when they need it. If you get weak and wimpy as soon as you're holding light side, this world is going to be a mess for a long time. Only one person has to hold shadow and be out of line, and everyone else sits down and ducks their head because it's not polite to say that this thing is wrong or get in their face. The biggest thing that stops you is this idea in your subconscious, that light side people are quiet and polite.

Learn to be strong, learn that the light side is strong. The shadow is always doing in fear, doing despite their fear, doing in anger ... the light side doesn't do anything in fear. The light side has guts, it has teeth and is willing to bite when it's appropriate to bite. We are not weak and passive and submissive. We are strong, we decide for ourselves, and we do.

Angel, 2014-08-29

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