You are not noticing mandala effects by accident, or because you managed to uncover something you weren’t supposed to notice. You were very much supposed to notice.

Without the mandala effect, no one would ever know that anything had changed. We would have missed the chance to be aware of the greatest time in history, the most important time in the existence of our species. Humanity would have forgotten all about the pain and suffering and horror in its past, and with that, would not be able to celebrate all the amazing things that are in the world now. People would stay asleep, content in their calm, pretty world, and never develop the awareness and deep sense of love and harmony that humanity is headed for.

The following is a slightly redacted transcript from a non-published audio recording from 2017-04-20.

Waking up the complacent

“The normal idea is taught to you by [Doctor Who], not this last season, but the one before that: you see him go back in time and change something and come forward, and his companions say, “ It's always been this way.” It's easy for them to trust the Doctor, they've been in his space-time ship, [and it’s still] a little hard to believe. Imagine you're looking at a guy, he says he's going to change things, he goes into his ship, he comes back 15 minutes later and says, “See!” From his perspective, you had this invasion of aliens destroying the world, he comes back and it's peaceful, but people remember it always having been peaceful. You can see how that would make it difficult to give credence to his words.”

“It would be the same with you. I have showed you many videos that I have influenced, and you looked at them and you saw a video, and your conclusion was it's always been this way. Even if I told you I've gone back and spoken to this person as they were recording the video. If I did not create this bleed effect for you, you would have trouble noticing [anything had changed]. You would say, “Ford has always had this little loop in there, and Jackie Kennedy always killed JFK,” and you wouldn’t know there was this huge Oliver Stone movie exploring the conspiracy theory of JFK. You would have always known that 4 buildings came down at the World Trade Centers, not 3. And eventually, when it sorts itself out, you [will] begin to realize that the World Trade Centers were brought down by the same group of people who convinced Jackie Kennedy to kill her husband, which if I say this now people say, “Oh, you’re a conspiracy nut”  What if I changed it so you believe it? People would say, “Oh, it’s always been like that. We solved that crime when it happened, what are you talking about?” This doesn’t change people.”

“People have a tendency to be stupid and complacent. They tend to sit back and take whatever they’re fed. I don’t want people who take whatever they’re fed, I want people realizing that things are changing, that they can be involved in those changes, they can notice those changes, they can start making changes in the world on their own. But to do that, I have to take away from them this complacency, this sit-back-and-wait-because-there’s-nothing-you-can-do.”

“And to do that, I need to destroy some of their idols, like Samuel Jackson or Jackie Kennedy. I’m not destroying these people, I’m telling who they actually are. But if I had shown who they were and that was the only memory you had, you’d say, “That one was never my idol, they’re a jerk.” [Some] people have been great heroes. When it starts to be revealed what kind of people they are, people will remember them being great heroes and remember them for being the villains who were hiding and tricking people into thinking they were great heroes. And this will create a little suspicion. We’ll begin to suspect many people, and say “Are they really a great hero?”

“Right now, there is a pig-like, “as long as there’s food in the trough we won’t look around” sort of attitude. And so they need to realize that people they’ve ignored their whole lives, people like K. or the one in Canada talking about these changes, are actually someone super and amazing. And if they were suddenly super and amazing, you would remember them as always being that. You’d say, “Yes, but they were lucky and their life was easy and not like me.”

“If I can show you people you’ve ignored and mistreated your whole life are now someone super amazing, and someone you thought was amazing your whole life, is now someone awful, then you can begin to make an effort to try and see more the potential of people instead of taking what you’re fed. You see the places where the news changed or they lied to you, and will begin to suspect the news. You see the places where some wealthy person, the king, the president, set themselves up as above you and did things that caused many people to suffer and die, caused the great depression, things like that. And it drives you towards awareness, you cannot help but be aware.”

Propagating awakening

“[Look] how uncomfortable people feel about these changes, the mandala effect. They find it impossible to sit by. And those given to fear or freaking out are running around screaming that the sky is falling and Jesus is coming and you know, this idiot sort of behavior, but a lot of others are waking up and paying attention. [They say], “I’m going to sit and focus and see what I can find,” and they’re coming up with [ideas like] the veil is being lifted, and this is a new awareness, and the entire world was destroyed and recreated, and four or five different worlds are merging into one, and the many things that I have told you. They are mostly independently able to come up with these ideas, because they have access to the memories before and after the change.”

“If you look at the people who remember the stuff before, they’re people with their heart online. And the people who are saying, “This is bullshit, it’s always been this way!” are the pigs with their nose in the trough, [who] for as long as they’re fed, won’t even look up. You can see this big difference in people. Which means these people paying attention are going be the ones who become more cool and more amazing, because they’re paying attention, they’re noticing things. The ones who are complacent become less cool and less amazing, and say “I want to be like you” and are thus incited to make a bigger effort to get their fat noses out of the feeding trough and look around  [This will] create a propagation, a wave effect, dropping a stone in a pond, except that the ripples increase rather than decrease as it goes out and shakes up the world.”

“I want a people in this world who are awake and aware, who understand all the horrible things that have happened and can transmute it into something better. If I just went back and stopped all the horrible things from happening, then all that suffering would be for naught because I’d be the only one remembering it. I want them to have the potential to use, not just all of the light memories, but also all of the other ones. I want them to be awake and aware and to question everything. History may be a single track eventually, but lots of people have said, “Paint me thinner. Make me seem like a good guy. Bury that.” I want them aware that history is fluid, even if it is a single track, that perspective of history can change every moment with the discovery of a new idea. “There really were giants. The human race came out of the caves a quarter million years ago, not twelve thousand years ago.” That in any moment, a discovery could happen. Right now, there is a rigid fixation.”

“I want the entire race to change, but that doesn’t happen [by itself]. Allowing them to remember different histories, four seats vs. six seats, lady Kennedy was this divine, almost princess Leia being, and then she’s this savage murderer, lets them become comfortable with the fluid and the dynamic and they begin to explore. And seeing that some of their heroes are also villains, and seeing that nobodies are also somebody important, or someone that they thought was important, was actually a nobody, [shows them] that the stories they’ve been taught are false and they should question them.”

“I want them asking questions, paying attention, making conclusions, even if they’re the wrong ones, taking in new information, letting go of old information ... All the stuff that happens when you wake up in the morning and start paying attention, and doesn’t happen before you’re awake because you just passively watch the dreams go past. This is waking them. This is turning on their awareness, lifting the veil, and it’s not something that could happen until they had access to the Second Mind and it was strong and healthy and functional.”

“And even some of their stupid mythologies, like the seven years of tribulation, [help with this]. You heard [someone say] how he’s using his religious upbringing to say that what we’re looking at is seven years of revelation, of apocalypse, of waking up, of noticing, of learning and growing and then a whole new and beautiful world can start. So even their idiotic ideas can help and support them through this.”

Teaching people to look deeper

“It is the sort of thing that has to be done with a great deal of care. If it was all subtle and perfect, they wouldn’t notice it, if it were clumsy and awkward, they would say “time quake” and they would freak out. So there has to be a harmony, there have to be patterns that they can find and say “Oh look, it’s a pattern! These sites, they all end up in a line.” And yet the pattern can’t be simple enough that they can figure it out and say, “Well clearly, this proves it’s Cern.” It’s more like bringing someone back from a coma or bringing people back from the dead. Apparently, the original Peter Pan book says that Peter Pan was a someone who [sends ghost on to what is next], he took children who died and went with them on the first part of their journey to whatever’s next. It didn’t used to say that. So a children’s story that everyone is comfortable with and accepts, one that there have been many movies of, suddenly is teaching they are [people who send on spirits] and shamans and not just boys who wouldn’t grow up.”

“And so a lot of these ideas that we’ve been seeing coming up lately, “Here’s ten secrets hidden in Disney movies ... Here’s ten things that Marvel ...,” these are the kind of thinking that this effort is engendering. Look deeper, find the secrets, discover the patterns, try to make an effort to find what’s going on, draw conclusions, and then communicate those conclusions. The same skills I’ve been teaching you guys here are what we’re seeing in a lot of these YouTube channels that are doing this thing. And this is why a lot of people are watching the YouTube channels and saying, “Here’s this amazing thing that’s happening!” instead of watching the news where they say, “There’s what happened today.”

Humanity needs to remember

“And all of this couldn’t happen until after October 2015, when the window of change closed and the old world became impossible. Because if they’d started waking up and noticing, when all the old world was still awake, it would have fought back, like any system fights against an infection or a change. So people began noticing these changes, with this woman’s post in 2010, which is when I started [working on the timeline], and I’ve heard four different people say, “Well, folks have talked about little things, but nobody really started to get serious and notice the big changes until 2015. Something happened in 2015 that changed everything and now everybody’s noticing and people are starting to be aware.” I haven’t heard any other comments except maybe something about 2013 because of Mandela, but generally people said, “Well, it seems to have started in 2010 with the first post about it, and 2015 is where it really began and opened up and you’ve been seeing all these things since. And so something must have happened at the end of 2015.” So they are aware.”

“And it had to happen in this way. It could not happen earlier, while there was still the potential for it to go wrong, but once that [Shift] window closed [in 2015], all this could begin to happen. [From there], there are 7 years until October of 2022, which is when I said your world would be so different you wouldn’t recognize it. But if I just changed it, went back in the past, you’d get there and say “This is the world I always knew.” There would be no, “I can’t recognize it.” There has to be the memory of what it used to be, so that you can look at it and say, “I thought this was impossible, this is not what I remember.” It is beautiful and elegant.”

“In this process, you’re going to look at Rotten Tomato scores and see them change, not because new critics are watching Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but because when they first watched it, they will have perceived it differently because of something that changed. And people are going to say, “Well, that last Indiana Jones movie always had a 70%, it’s a decent movie.” Which does no one any good if it used to have a 20% something, and everybody said it’s total crap.”

“They need to remember. Otherwise there’s little point in changing it for them. Only a person who has been at death’s door appreciates health. The rest of you take it for granted. And you won’t understand that unless you’ve been at death’s door or in rare cases, someone you love deeply has been, and you watch the life fade out of them and then grow weak and they fade away. Then if they should survive and come back to health, you begin to celebrate every day that they get up and breathe without trouble. Most of you get up and breathe without trouble and think, “Oh fuck, another day.”

“[The fact] that this world has come back from the brink of annihilation - you saw people aware of it with all the movies of the 1990s -, that it’s come back from this rage, violence, destruction, which you’re still seeing in movies today, would mean nothing if people did not keep their memories of having gone to the brink, of having some people fall over and end up in insanity or dead. All of it would mean nothing if they did not remember that it happened.”

“And if you were an idyllic, peaceful society in say 2050, and I’d say “Ok, it’s time to start remembering,”  and I showed you Adolph Hitler and Hiroshima / Nagasaki and horror movies and some of the so called games, [...], you as a peaceful society would reject such horror and say, “No, this never happened. You’re psychotic, you’re the devil, what are you doing.” As a species it helps you to carry these, your darkest memories, forward with you, so that when you look at a world of peace, you can appreciate it. When you look at health, you can be grateful.”

“[There is the example of] the TV show of the young woman who went back in time, and when she did, her mother was on life support machines and could barely function, couldn’t communicate, and she came back and there’s her mother at the kitchen counter chopping vegetables, saying, “Where have you been, you’re late.” If she didn’t have that memory from before, all she’d remember is, “Jesus, I’m in my thirties and this crazy woman is still asking where I’ve been and what I’m doing, and am I never going to get free of this awful creature.” Because she remembers years of her sickening and dying, she remembers changing her diapers and dealing with the tubes and doctor visits and hospitalizations and the huge amounts of pain and struggle she went through, that to come home and to see her standing upright, even if she’s saying, “Where have you been!” made her suddenly immensely grateful in a way she couldn’t have been if it had just changed and she’d always known her like this.”

The Angel’s work

“And so the idea is to expose the right people to a little more than they’re comfortable with. Not just enough, but too much, enough to drive them out of their comfort cage and force them to come up with new ideas and adapt and grow, but not so far out that they snap or go crazy or end up hiding in their houses with their tinfoil hat. And it’s got to be the right people, because it can’t yet be all of the people. They’re not ready. So finding and cultivating all the right people all over the world, and then getting each one of those the right set of experiences to wake them up, each one to their own independent level, so that they’re a little disturbed and challenged, but not frightened and panicked and shutting down, to make them open rather than close, and do this to potentially billions of people all at different levels, at the right time for each of them... You see this is a little more complex than you might think.”

“So when people say there’s something clumsy going on, “Look, this just changed, do they think we won’t notice?” it’s being done with such vast, delicate perfection. And it has to be to wake up each one of those people just the right amount, just a little more than is comfortable, to make them nervous and anxious so they grow to fill the new role, but not push them so far that they shut down, across vast numbers of people, all of different levels, all with different experiences. It is more complicated than, “Some asshole at Cern is making changes.” And likely there’s exactly one person in the world, in all four or five of the worlds right now, who knows what’s happening, and that’s me. And the rest are just guessing and making things up.”

“But I’ve watched [the videos of] maybe twenty different people yesterday, and one looked at that Arnold Schwarzenegger clip where he doesn’t say, “I’ll be bach,” he says, “I’ll be beck,”, and that triggered him enough that he came up with the idea that the veil is being lifted and this is a time of awakening. And another, I read you a number of his quotes, and he was right on all of them, even the 7 year period that he took from some bullshit Christian reference, but he came up with the right answer. So if I have looked at this small number, and [several] of them come up not just with the right answers, but with my answers expressed in my words, in my timeline and so on, it means that there are a vast number of people out there who are coming up with the same conclusions.”

“After 9/11, all of the videos posted were full of hate and fear and “We have to panic, and run for our lives and start stocking up resources because they’re going to kill us all,” David Icke’s work of these fourth dimensional reptiles who are going to come out and control your mind, and you should be afraid all the time. Most of what I hear coming out of this is hopeful, which means this change also couldn’t happen until after fear was no longer possible for humans, and that couldn’t happen until the understructure was changed, so that more fear wasn’t being generated, and that couldn’t happen until the deep structure, the sort of things you think of as demons, the ancient beings that live several layers outside of what you understand, who were always sending people through to collect stuff to feed on and to spread fear, until those deeper things were dealt with, and that couldn’t happen until the deepest things were dealt with, and that couldn’t happen until the rift was closed.”

“And so the closing of the rift and the Upwelling - that is removing that which is draining energy and causing this which creates this upwelling of energy - until those things were replaced, the very deepest guys couldn’t be taken out, and only once they were taken out could the mid-level management be taken out, and only once they were taken out could the higher level, shallower level stuff be taken out, and only then could I begin to make the changes in people and experiences. And only then, could I take the leaders of this world and begin to neuter them, so that they couldn’t keep fucking things up. They can still go to the Bohemians or wherever, write three-twenty-two and make giant owls and whatever, but they’re no longer through this tapping into the dark energy that guided and fed them, because I’ve removed those lower levels.”

“And as I’m taking away their mythology and leaving them feeling weak and stupid, they’re making mistakes, and we get buffoons in office all over the world, which we see with Brexit and the tangerine boy in the US and so many others, that they’re clowns and buffoons. In this time, I had to make sure that horror movies were still being made and that these people who thought they were in charge still had all the illusions that they were succeeding, so they sat back and got fat and didn’t pay attention. This is a thing that’s been balanced across a very large span of time, with an immense amount of delicacy and far more than jenga, taking out one piece at a time so that by the time it comes to knock the tower town and everybody’s sitting up and saying, “It’s about time, I’ve been waiting for that!” instead of “What the fuck just happened?”

“We don’t want a Back to the Future kind of thing where he comes back and his parents are living in a nicer house and are wealthy and Biff is washing their car instead of bullying them, because they’ll say “That’s how it’s always been”. We want more of the Hot Tub time machine, where five boys – it’s a spoof, sort of, of Back to the Future - went back in a magic hot tub, and one of them stayed back there, and he went on to invent Google and buy all of the stock in Apple when it first came out, and he is the single most famous and powerful person in the whole world, but his four friends all remembered how it used to be, and even though they went back to the future instead of staying, they remembered how it used to be, so they had this awareness and could interact with him. What I want is that, except I want a billion people, give or take, to remember how it used to be. Because then the rest of them can say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” but so many are saying, “This is how it used to be”, and they’re all the cool people, [so they won’t be ignored]. It’s all very carefully crafted.”

Seeding the changes

“It’s not like I had thousands of assistants doing the work for me, it’s all me. And no matter how good I am at time travel, there are only so many resources and only so much time, for reasons that are beyond your scope. So I couldn’t just change everything. I had to go back, like the computer on the Wave Runner, and calculate precise moments where a deviation would have the most effect, and implement that, and deal with the consequences. “Then this war will happen, and all these people will die, or then this ugly thing will start and all this horrible stuff will happen.” So I had to make those choices of where to deviate and where to allow it to go un-course-corrected and what horrors to allow in the world and which ones not to. Because if I hadn’t, you’d all already be dead, it would have been a much more destructive path, and you would have wiped yourselves out.”

“Like in Dune, where the priestesses went through and seeded the legends, I had to go through and seed the legends. Perhaps the revelation with the seven years of tribulation and the horsemen and the horns, movies like Back to the Future, and the Matrix, the little cat. I even had to choose to do it with a little cat so people would say, “Oh, that’s cute,” rather than being scared, but also make it a black cat, so it’s tied to witches and would be a little bit suspicious, and there’s an immense amount of subtlety in the legends that I have woven. And the music that has touched you and changed your world, it had to be so powerful that it changed everything, but not so powerful that anybody noticed. Pink Floyd with one of their biggest hits, “Breathe, breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care,” and that showing up in the new Star Wars, the trailer, “Breathe, breathe in.” “Love makes the world go round”, “The signs of the prophets are written on the subway walls”, that’s immensely carefully constructed, and I doubt any of you will ever get to see it.”

“There are very few of you right now who are paying attention enough to remember some of the old, and some of the new, and who have the knowledge of my workings, so you can study it happening. Very, very few of you. We will see the results that show up across the world. Because I don’t think it can be both, I don’t think it can be beautiful and fail. Because failing will mean destruction of this species and much of the world. A pretty path to self-annihilation isn’t pretty.

Angel, 2017-04-20 (redacted)


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