In a 17 minute long audio, recorded on 2017-04-22, the Angel Kirael gives a short explanation of what is going on with the Mandela effect – better named mandala effect – and how it ties into his work in this world. He also explains to some extend why certain people are remembering and others are not, and why there are differences in what people remember.

Here you can find the audio, published through Soundcloud, and a full transcript in case you prefer to read it.

People for now are calling it the Mandela effect. I have called it the mandala effect. A mandala is a complex pattern which you study, whose purpose is to bring you awareness and help you understand, a greater comprehension of what's going on. So it really is a mandala effect, not a Mandela effect. 

Now people are saying this is the end of the world, everything's going to go wrong, we're all going to die, oh my god, oeh hoo, boo hoo. A lot of nonsense about this. And nobody seems to know why it's happening. Lots of people saying, "Well, it's because of Cern, they're got the Flash running around in there too fast, and that kind of nonsense. And a surprising lot of people are saying, it has to do with the Flat Earth, which it doesn't. Your world isn't flat, not in three dimensions.

Kirael’s work across time

The reason is, and I am the only one who has this information, so I'm sharing it with you, the reason is my work. I have told you that when a change is made, it takes a certain amount of time to integrate into the world. So if I make the change on a certain date, you'll see a kind of normal distribution of the effects of that change, back from when it first started and the world began to change so that this was possible, and then once the change is made weaving forward until it's integrated, and the time system is complete again. And I spoke over the last 5 years of a number of times you wouldn't believe, that I have gone back into the past and made changes. And I've described some of these changes, like introducing a particular pretty girl to a particular king of England, in order to bring down the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church and create the Protestant reformation. I've described some of these specifically. I've talked about the dinosaurs and my interaction with them. I've talked about changing the shape of the human body and how it's put together and how it functions, because it's immensely inefficient, or it was. I've talked about going back and making these change. I've complained about images like the Mona Lisa, and talked about Rodin. If you look now, many of those things, the Mona Lisa, the hand touching from god to Adam at the Sistene Chapel, the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel, Rodin's "The Thinker" and several others are significantly changed right now. And because this last year was the year of revelation, that is, the removal of the veil, people are beginning to notice the changes in their world. So what you're seeing is just the results of my changes.

That might confuse you, but I taught you a year or so ago through an example: "Here are these five boys singing a silly song, here's what's wrong with the energy of the song, can you see it? Watch it, study it. Now I will go back in time and change this thing before they recorded this video. Now watch this video again." And you saw this thing we had just spoken of wasn't there anymore. And I said it was never there. I changed it before it was recorded, so the only thing that was recorded was the one you're now seeing without this. The only reason that you are able to see the difference, because normally I go back and change something, you remember: "From the time I was born it was always this way." The only reason you could see this particular change is because I put you in a kind of bubble and protected your memory so you could perceive it. And that was a preparation for this time. That experience, this time. 

The lifting of the veil

What's happening is now that the veil is being lifted, some people are noticing that the world has changed. But it's important to understand that most of these changes, like the Sistene Chapel, Rodin, the Mona Lisa, King Tut. The headdress of King Tut now has two little creatures on the front instead of just one. It used to have a little snake, now it's got a snake and a bird. Snakes and birds don't hang out. But anyway, it has two, side by side, it looks really weird. This change would have had to have been made before they made the mask and buried the guy, so that when they dug it up, this is what they saw, and they remember this is what they've always seen. It's the only way it's been. Are you following me? 

So the first outstanding question is, obviously, "Why are people noticing?" If it's always been this way, why are they noticing? If there's suddenly a new island in the Pacific or Australia has moved, you'd think everyone in the world would be saying, this is insane. There's suddenly a new island north of Norway, that's part of Norway and it's almost as big as Norway, and a lot of people don't remember Svalbard. And this is the island that has the whales with unicorn horns, and a lot of the people who are having trouble because they're remembering different things, don't remember the Narwhal. They say, "No, there's never been a whale with a unicorn horn." And others are saying, "There has always been, you're not paying attention." The place the majority of those Narwhals live is around Svalbard, this island that nobody remembers being there - well, that those who are paying attention don't remember. But if it's there, then it's always been there, and the Narwhals have always been here.

Remembering from the First Mind and the Third Mind

So again the question, why is it that some of you remember the changes? And it's very very simple. I found this last night, and I'll attempt to make it simple for you. From the monkey mind, from the First Mind, everything in this world is real, and that's all there is. There may be hope for the afterlife, but all there is is this world. But by the time you get to the Third Mind, you start to be able to reach out and remember all of these pieces from other lifetimes and incorporate them and you get the sense of who you've been across multiple lifetimes, not just who you are now. So you may not have access to this yet, but at some point when you have access to the Third Mind, what you can do is go back and look at the spelling of Chic-Fil-A or the Target sign or one of these change things, and put all of your energy in your First Mind and look at it, and you will remember that it's always been this way. Put your energy up in the Third Mind, and you remember that it's changed. If I put all my energy down here, I remember that Chewie didn't get a medal. If I put all my focus here, in the Third Mind, I remember that big fellow having to bend way down so she could get that blue ribbon over his head, because he got a medal too. In the First Mind, you can't remember. In the Third Mind, it's easy to remember.

Now, you understand that. So logically, those who are remembering this change, are people who are remembering from the Third Mind, not the First Mind.

A world full of walk-ins

Next obvious question. Wait a minute, it takes years to clean up your guts and get your heart online, and it takes years after that for the Third Mind to begin to be active, how can so many people, and some of them are total morons, how can some of them have access to the Third Mind? And there are two reasons. One is people like my list of potential C-level boys, who are here to be something much bigger, but that's a very small list, that may be 50-200 people around the world. So for the most part, we can ignore them. Out of the millions or tens of millions who are remembering the different versions, 50 people is irrelevant. When I take these people out, what I find is basically 100% of the people who are perceiving these effects are walk-ins. The ones who are not perceiving these effects, are not walk-ins. I told this to Rohaa, and of course she was being difficult, but she said, "Well, that person's not a walk-in!" And I said, "Well, that you know of!" Not that long ago, about a third of the population of the planet left, and a whole new group of people walked in and took over their lives. Some people have gone through this, and their husband has gone through this. This is not uncommon. There are about a third of the population of the world that are walk-ins. It's probably more, because there have been more since then, but somewhere between a third and a half. That's a lot of people.

And if you're aware of being a walk-in - many people aren't, so they integrate naturally. They're sick, they're confused, they've messed up memories, they struggle for two years until they finally integrate back into their guts. Those who are aware of the transition realize that they're kind of hanging around up here in the Third Mind, because that's where they came in, but they have no access to their guts, which is why they're sick. They're not in their guts, so they're not grounding, and energy's not moving. This is why walk-ins generally go through near-death experiences and then spend a couple of years struggling. Those who are aware make an effort to bring their consciousness down and integrate the First Mind. To get to that place, they live in the Third Mind and in the Second Mind, and they're just beginning to integrate the first. That doesn't mean that they're people who've made the First healthy and then the Second and so on. This may still be a wreck, because if it hadn't been a wreck the last guy wouldn't have left, probably. So they still have to get down here and repair the roots and then build the trunk and then eventually the rest of the tree, but in that time after the walk-in, they live mostly in the Third Mind and then down into the Second, until they finally settle in and accept that, "I'm not an outsider, this is my body, it feels weird but this is me." Eventually they accept it. 

So effectively, for practical purposes, 100% of the people who are remembering the changes are walk-ins, and almost 100% of the people who are not, are not walk-ins. So we would predict that ultimately, when people start paying attention, about two thirds of the people will remember it's always been this way, and about a third will remember the changes. The reason is that reaching out from the Third Mind, they're tapping into other lifetimes and other potentialities, and they keep track of these complex higher mathematics and have an access to the other information, where the monkey mind is too simple to do that. This make sense? 

Emotional vs. Intellectual encoding

There are two other pieces that matter. One of them is the landmasses, we'll get to that. Because those are not me making changes in the past that are propagating, not exactly. It's not like King Tut or the Sistine Chapel. The monkey mind encodes things with emotion. So we've got the changed and the it's always been this way, we've got these two perspectives. Did Chewie get a medal or not? Did they ever say, "Beam me up, Scotty" or not? One is, it's always been this way, and the other is, it's changed. And the walk-ins are the ones who have access to "it's changed." So if in your childhood, in the childhood of the body you wear, there was a strong emotional attachment to a thing, to the before, to the it's always been this way, then right now you will not remember it's changed, because that emotional encoding is so strong. "I was in love with Pikachu when I was a baby in the 90s, and I know what Pikachu looked like." Then when you see Pikachu now, he'll look just like you remember, because you have this emotion encoded which means you're reaching into the First Mind and remembering it from there, you're not remembering from the Third Mind. If there's not emotion, and there's no awareness - you never saw Pikachu, you don't know what he looked like, then there will be no awareness. You won't have this dissonant perception. So one, you have this immensely strong attachment, then you'll remember it's always been this way. Two, you don't know about it, so who knows what it's been, who cares. Three, it's made a strong intellectual impression on you. If you got pulled over for running a stop sign, you're going to remember that stop sign emotionally, because you were pissed off at the cop who did this to you, or whatever. But if you're a person who installs stop signs, I'm sure there's someone who does, or a road planner or something like that, intellectually you know you put that specific stop sign there, so you're sure it's there. If you have an intellectual knowledge, you're much more likely to remember the change. Because this thing has made an impression on you, and so you've a much greater chance of knowing it. Or if you've seen in many times, if you've done it a lot, you'll have this memory of it being the way you've done, and when it changes, and people say it's always been this way, you'll say, "No, I have much memory of this." So these two effects, the intellectual encoding and the emotional encoding, will balance off. If you encoded strongly enough emotionally, you'll remember it's always been this way. If you can encode it without emotion, but with a lot of perception, like a dish soap - no one's emotional about dish soap, but you see it a lot - then you're more likely to remember it's changed.

And this reason right here, the emotional encoding vs. the intellectual encoding, or perceptional awareness encoding, is the reason why a person may remember this mandala effect but not that mandala effect. I saw someone say, "I get all these Mandela effects right, I know all these things, but this one, you're wrong, because I don't remember it." So you'll find that. A person may remember these three, but not those two, or remember these two but not those three. When that happens, it's because it got encoded with a lot of emotional impact, like the country you live in, for instance, or the colour of Adolph's eyes. If it was encoded with a lot of emotional impact rather than just something that caused a great awareness, then you will remember it's always been this way, because it pulls you into the First Mind. So it's always First Mind vs. Third Mind. But strings with strong emotional connection pull you into the First Mind. Things with a lot of awareness just make you more aware, and you approach it from the Third Mind. Make sense?

The only other thing is the changes in landmass, and I'm going to talk about that separately, but with that understanding you can understand why that effect is happening, why some people are remembering and some don't, why it's inconsistent. All of this stuff fits into a nice, neat model with these simple ideas I've just given you, the walk-ins and emotional encoding.

Angel, 2017-04-22


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