This is the most amazing thing to happen in your world so far. In a few years, war will be a thing that humans won't be able to consider. Violence against another sentient being will be outrageous. There will be a greater harmony with animals and nature. Humans are taking an evolutionary and meta-intuitive leap to a whole new stage of humanity, and it's happening right now. For more than a million years, changes have been happening. The Mandela Effect is people starting to notice the changes.

Things are getting better, every second, every day.

If you want to study that, you can't trust your graphs, because the Mandela Effect is happening. From the first of the timelines, the darkest one, things have changed an immense amount. There are many signs that your world is getting better. Every second of every day, your world's getting better. And yeah, maybe you're seeing more of the dark stuff, but that's only because it's becoming more obvious, and you're waking up. Some people are saying, "I want this Mandela Effect to end, and I want the old world back." And these are people not paying attention. They don't realise how much improved their body is, how much improved the world is, how many things have changed. But they want what's familiar back.

As this is happening, you need to choose joy. You need to find the beauty, and not get focussed on Niburu or the Anti-Christ or finding 666 in every logo. This kind of nonsense is going to hurt you in the long run. Holding on to fear, you will create more ugliness in your life. The Mandela Effect is provoking your anxiety on purpose. Because if you come up with fear, if you panic, if you create anger, hatred, self-loathing, violence and abuse towards others, then this Mandela Effect can focus on that and start going back and removing those pieces from your life, so going forward you won't have fear. And if you respond with joy, it can start bringing you more and more of the good stuff. But the only way it can do that, is to provoke that fear on purpose.

The world has taught you from the time you were a child to be scared. Your parents taught you to be scared of going in the street because you'd be run over by a car. Everybody's taught you not to talk to strangers.This sort of training has gone on as you've grown up. This has become a habit. The only way I know to replace a bad habit, is to replace it with a better habit. What the Mandela Effect is doing for you, gently and kindly and with great love, is causing you to face your old habits of being afraid of everything, and to offer you the chance to make a better choice. Until that final stage is reached, these changes will continue to provoke you. They will continue to take the things you know and challenge them, and the more that you study the Mandela Effect, the more familiar you get with it, the bigger changes you can face. And the more that you notice, you will begin to realise that in every instance, you're being offered a choice to be afraid, or a choice to find beauty and joy, harmony, community, curiosity, celebration, all the wonderful things, the things that make it worthwhile to take and to live a life as a human being.

You came here for a reason, and the reason is this change. Don't spend this sacred, and beautiful, and unbelievable, and incomprehensible and amazing time, constantly trying to create more fear. Instead, start using this time to build your awareness, to become curious, to become alive, to communicate this to others.

This is the time the Hopi spoke of. This is the time that my own heritage, the Blackfoot, the Crow, spoke of. This is the time that the Mayan Calendar spoke of. This is the end time. This is the apocalypse, the revelation. This is the time where all of the old, the ugly, the Shadow, is being removed, being wiped out. And people are becoming younger and healthier and happier, and life is becoming more beautiful.

Angel, 2017-06-17


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