If there were a dark cabal, there would be people of great power, who are immensely manipulative, who you would believe in totally and think, "Oh, they're going to save us," as they lead you like a pig to slaughter. And what we're seeing all over the world is buffoons in office. This is on purpose. People have been so afraid about their leaders, it wasn't enough to put a nice leader in there, because people would say, "We just haven't discovered their dark stuff yet." So we get this last US election between two cartoon characters. You had sort of Smurfette on LSD and Goofy. If there were a dark cabal, the Mandela Effect has played a trump card on them, and all of their efforts are being wasted, because their people all over the world are morons. It has taken the scariest, most powerful people in the world, and made them into caricatures of themselves, or cartoon characters.

It looks like the moon landing was faked. And it looks like the ISS is fake, and it's not even subtle. Some of the things are so egregiously bad, you'd have to be a child to believe that it's real. Why are they faking these things so badly? It's under the same envelope of things that were scary of threatening or awkward, things that made you feel weak and powerless, but are suddenly made to be silly.

Changes are happening to holy books all over the world, and people who are devout are saying, "No, our book hasn't changed. It's always talked about this girl getting her tits groped by these guys and loving it because they had dicks the size of donkeys and they came like horses, and it is the word of god." That's just silly. If you believe in the Christian god, you have to believe in the bible, and the bible talks about unicorns and manticores and dragons and so on. Jesus is suddenly coming out in favor of slavery. Religion has become as preposterous as the ISS.

Even though a few years ago we were told we were all going to die because the North Pole's melting, it just disappeared, and the water levels haven't changed anywhere in the world, and yet all the thermometers they have built for this have shown no change in temperature over the last few years. Nothing's changed. And if it were 5% less of the pole, you could still be afraid, possibly, but it's 100% gone and nothing has happened. The whole global warming thing suddenly looks silly.

A lot of the stuff that looks scary, are going to suddenly start becoming silly. I predict you will see this with more, with cancer, with AIDS, with a lot of things that have been terrifying for a long time to people. The big super-volcano under Yellow Stone that could supposedly erupt and destroy us all, the mysterious planet X Nibiru which is they think is going to wipe out humanity. It's going to be silly. And it's going to happen with everything of power that would lead you to fear, because fear leads to all of the stuff of the darkness, and joy leads to the light.

And as these scary things become more and more silly, even if you spend your whole life enslaved to religion, or afraid of politics, or enslaved by scientists, eventually, probably soon, people are just going to be shocked, and at first offended, but eventually they're going to be laughing. And you're going to look at these things, and you're going to find it very difficult to be afraid. This what the Mandela Effect is doing for you. All of this is going to change, until the control structures that have kept you in fear, the religion that says, "You will go to hell if you don't do what we say", the governments that says, "We'll drag you off to Guantanamo if you don't do what we say", the banks that say, "We're going to kick you out of your home and take everything you own if you don't do what we say", all of these institutions of slavery, of control, everything you have been afraid of in your life, is moving towards silly. And it must, because you must move from a place of being grounded in fear, to a place of being grounded in joy.

Angel, 2017-06-15


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