According to the memories of many, Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s, yet he survived and became president of his country and led it into an age of greater tolerance and peace. The unidentified man who stood in front of approaching tanks at Tiananmen square in the 1990s is often remembered as being run over, yet he survived and inspired and gave hope to millions. Fidel Castro is often remembered to have died a few days before he did.

On a personal level as well as on a political level, the mandala effect seems to be shuffling around the birth- and death-dates of people all over the world. People in the time stream we are currently experiencing have died sooner, or later, or are of a different age at key moments in their life. Some people weren’t born at all, or haven’t died yet. While not all are of obvious importance, in many cases it’s clear how these changes have made the world a better place.


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