Right now, if you can figure out where to look, you can find evidence for many of the mandala effects. The location of Australia may have changed, but you can sometimes still find old globes in books, TV shows, or drawings. You can find the changes from one way of spelling to the next by looking at Google trends. Online picture searches will sometimes give results from both the before, the current, or any time in between.

These inconsistencies are not going to be there forever. While our timestream is in the process of adjusting to its new course, you can find “glitches in the matrix”, places where the world doesn’t seem to know exactly what it’s doing yet, and you can try to prove that these effects are happening.

Time has a tendency to anneal itself, to heal inconsistencies, to harmonize. Eventually, when we approach the path through time that has been laid out, the inconsistencies will disappear, and there will be only one version of history.


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