As a result of the continued nudges, tweaks and adjustments to our timestream, changes may be made to the same thing many times over. Darth Vader’s mask, for example, has changed 4 or 5 times by now. New islands in the Pacific Ocean have been showing up overnight for months.

These repeated effects don’t always work in the same direction. They are a result of higher mind math, and may shift seemingly directionless for a while. A change, once made, may shift back to its original, or go all over the map before finally settling on something.

This means that we cannot talk about the old “reality” or timestream and the new one. Everything we know in the world around us is still in flux, and depending on when you last paid attention, you may remember one version or another or multiple. It also means we should not stop paying attention to a chance once we’ve noticed it, because it may well change again in some important way.


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