I am a spiritual teacher who has been working with meta-things for over 30 years. I have traveled all over the world and studied with great teachers. And some of my most important teaching comes from the Shamanic traditions in the American Southwest.

And in that time, I have learned to pay attention. I was very nearly killed by a hedgewitch in New Orleans, by a skinwalker when doing dream work, by a group of individuals that attacked me at a meta-level in my living room just a couple of years ago. And this has gone on for thirty years of my life. The reason that I say this, is to say that I am someone who pays attention. She, this woman, nearly destroyed me in New Orleans, and it took me 6 months to recover, to be able to breathe freely again, because I let my guard down. And life has taught me to pay attention to every little detail, because I never know which one will be significant.

And lately, I've been paying attention to the Mandela Effect. I've heard all these people say, "Oh, it's so weird, Febreze is spelled with too many e's or not enough e's. It doesn't even say breeze anymore, it says breze." And I've watched this and listened to it, and I was confused because I had never heard of Fabreeze. Now, currently, I live in Europe, in the Netherlands, and I thought maybe this is some weird European product I just haven't run across, but one of my students here, one of my more advanced students, when I told her of this, she said, she had never heard of Fabreeze before the Mandela Effect, and assumed it was some sort of yank product, US product. So myself and one of my best students have never heard of Fabreeze. It's not that it's spelled different, the entire product is a Mandela Effect.

So what? Well, I'm about to jump to CERN, and I wanted to give you the shape of the landscape.

See, I was a computer security engineer for many years ago. I have been a professional hacker, I have traveled the world and done some very intense computer things, and I started working on the internet back in the very early 90s. So I know a lot about the internet, and I was excited when I started working for the Standford Reserach Institute a few years back, because these were one of the first two nodes on the internet. The internet was set up between there and UCSD.

Well, a couple of years back, CERN showed up, and I had never heard of CERN before, even though it's apparently been there for 50 years. And apparently, they created the internet. That doesn't match my memories. And this is an area in which I have great expertise. That is to say, CERN itself is a Mandela Effect. Yes, it's 50 years old, but a few years ago, it didn't exist. It's just shown up. It is a Mandela Effect.

Why does that matter? Simply because if CERN is a Mandela Effect, then CERN isn't causing the Mandela Effect.

Angel, 2017-06-15


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