My intention is to be very brief here, and to give you a way to know, with all of the many videos on YouTube about the Mandela effect. A month ago there were a thousand, and now there are a hundred thousand, and if you look back at the history of YouTube, it's been going up all along, but this is a mandala effect as well. Suddenly there are lots of videos on this subject. And they're all saying different things, and it can be tough to know which ones to pay attention to and which ones to ignore. And I know I made one of these recordings recently, saying if it's something that makes you afraid, it makes you feel weaker, it makes you feel smaller, then it's coming from a place of darkness, of shadow. And if it's something that makes you curious and that makes you want to explore more, helps you to feel joy and be happy and to grow, then it's probably something coming from light. So I've talked about this, right? But there's another here I want to speak about a little more carefully. And what I'm speaking about, the best word I have for it is one I'm hesitant to use, because it was one I was taught as a small child in the first time through this timeline shifting, and I was taught by a bunch of very conservative, racist, ugly religious people who are the people who raised me when I was young. And the word they used was discernment: telling what's good for you and telling what's not. Maybe you know this word, discernment, if not you can just look at the words: -ment just meanst it's made a participle of the root cern, to tell good from bad, and if you look at the word dis- means not. And CERN, well, they're the evil people causing all this, right? So dis-cern is proving that CERN's not actually at fault :) That's not actually what it means. It means telling good from bad. Discernment.

And something that may be hard to understand, but if you go into your fridge and open it and the milk's gone bad, and you smell it, it smells stinky to you. You don't want to drink it. This is a way your body has evolved, that many of the things that are bad for you, they smell stinky and you don't want to get close. And many of the things that are good for you, like a freshly sliced fruit or freshly baked bread, they smell really good because they're good for you.

I'm going to very loosely call it beauty. Those things that your nose says, "Oh, that's beautiful" are generally good for you, and the things that your nose says, "That's ugly," generally that's bad for you. This is true for a lot of things in life. There are a lot of things which are visually ugly, or they taste ugly, or they sound ugly, and you withdraw from them. And others, you see them and you're attracted to them. It's how you date, it's how you get involved with people, there's something about that person that's attractive to you. And this is simple, physical biology.

What I want to suggest to you is that there is what some call an ascention or a waking up going on. This is a time where the human species is reaching the next level of what they can be, which is why we're seeing all this crazy stuff going on. This is the time of rapid change. And one of the changes is that that ability of discernment based on beauty, on attractiveness, that you've had your whole life, is evolving as well. If you hear someone talk, and think, "Wow, that just sounds so ugly," maybe you hear someone saying something really racist or really sexist or just really full of hate, your response is not going to be, "That sounds pretty." When you hear it, your shoulders come up and your chest tightens and your hands kind of clench up, and when you describe it, you say, "Well, he just sounded so ugly. She just sounded so twisted."

What I'm suggesting to you is that this isn't just some fluke of speech. As you're evolving from the First Mind up to the Second Mind, this change humanity is making, your biological, your monkey level sense of this is attractive and that's stinky is reaching a meta-level, that at a meta-level you can sometimes look at a thing and say, "That's attractive. That's repulsive." This sort of innate, not conscious thinking discernment, but innate, deep inside discerment, that when someone starts talking about something that is just wrong, and your whole system rebels against it, you just get impatient. It's like, "Ugh, I can't stand to listen to that person, they're so afwful." And then you find yourself correcting, and saying, "I've no right to judge them, I don't know them." What I"m suggesting is you do have a right to stop listening to them. This is a biological discernment from a newly evolved set of skills you don't understand yet. If you look at a picture of someone and you say, "I don't know what it is about that person, but they look ugly or twisted," don't listen to them. Saves you having to listen to the whole video and figure out the truth from the lies.

And I know that done improperly, this could lead to more discriminiation. Looking at some person with a lot of make-up and nice clothes and saying, "That's true!" The news has used this to deceive people or years. Or carsalesmen, using a pretty girl to sell a car. So used improperly, this can get you in trouble. Don't let this be your final arbitor of truth, but at least begin to trust it, and test it. When you see something that your gut response, your inner response is, "Ew, that's ugly, I don't want to deal with that," don't. And if you see somebody being kind of a jerk, and you think, "Well yeah, but he's a nice guy," or "But she means well," then you don't write her off, maybe she's being a jerk for some reason and you just need to talk to her. But if you see somebody being the same kind of jerk, and your immediate response is, "Ugh, make them stop, I can't stand to listen to that!" Well, that's the response your nose gets when it smells the dead possum under your porch. It's that biological revulsion against things that are unhealthy for you.

Begin to trust the discernment of beauty. Don't rely on it completely. You're a toddler, taking your first steps here, but least begin to explore this and trust it, and it will make your life easier, it will mean you have to watch a lot less YouTube videos, it means you'll have to put up with a lot less politicians' bullshit. The moment you listen to it, and say, "No, that's just ugly, that feels twisted, that feels wrong," maybe it is. Begin to explore that feeling and begin to trust it, that discernment of beauty.

And a little side-note that is totally useless but entertaining, I think, is that this idea of a discernment based on beauty is something I read about in a book, many years ago when it first came out, called, "Interview with a Vampire," which is now a mandala effect as well.

So, something that you can play with, and may make your life easier.

Angel, 2017-05-26


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