There are so many different ideas going around about the Mandela effect, that it can be very confusing to try and figure out what is going on, especially when you are new to the effect. In just a couple of minutes, the Angel explains that if you have to believe something, there is a good guideline for which theories to pay attention to and which to ignore.

There are so many people talking about the Mandela effect. The apparently really confused or really stupid people, who think that if ther's a curly on Ford, it means the world must be flat - that's just nuts. I just saw a video - I didn't watch it - saying the reason things have changed is because the Archons or dark lords that are ruling this world realised that we'd figured out the world is flat, so they moved us to a new world. And I just shake my head at some of this, I just don't get it.

But see, if you're looking at it, and I tell you Australia has moved maybe 2000 km from where it was, and that it used to be 90% desert and now it's 18% desert, that maybe doesn't sound any stranger to most people than "Dark Archons have moved us to a different world because we figured out it was flat." Maybe your average person looks at those two and thinks, "Well, those are both really weird."

And so the question probably many people have us, what then do I believe? How do I know what to believe? And you can predict my first response. My first response is, stop believing. Believing is dangerous. If you believe Ford doesn't have a curly in it or it always has, then you'll get angry and you'll fight and you'll struggle as these things strange. Is it Tidy Cat or Tidy Cats? Don't believe. Just keep your eyes open, listen, look, be aware, and make the best decisions you can. Don't believe.

However, since that probably goes right over everybody's head, this is simpler. This is a simple idea. If you see a video, read an article, listen to some people talking live, any other presentation of information, if in that presentation they are spreading fear, then ignore everything else they're saying. Because that which comes from fear leads to hatred, violence, suicide, homicide, war. Fear is the root of all of the darkness in your world. It doesn't matter if they mean well, if they say, "Oh, I'm so nervous about this Mandela Effect! I just don't know what to do! You need to be very afraid and start saving bottles of water in your basement!" It doesn't matter that they mean well, they're spreading fear, close that video, close that article, log off of that chat. That person, while they may mean well, is an idiot who is giving false information. Nothing that comes from fear leads to the light.

Find the ones who are approaching it with curiosity, with excitement, with enthusiasm, with joy. And there's no guarantee that that's right. You may find someone who is completely convinced that the world is flat, and they are singing and dancing and happy about it. I haven't found any yet, but if you do, that's great. If it comes from joy, maybe there's some truth in it. If it comes from curiosity, if it comes from anything that makes you feel more open when you listen, more open, more aware, more alive, listen to it, and then decide for yourself. If anything in it makes you shut down, fear, be violent, then turn away from it.

Angel, 2017-05-21


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