First, I have suggested big changes could come out of this Mandela effect, and you came up with the question that you said others had asked as well, of "Why should I even bother to be a good person anymore, it doesn't matter, everything's changing." And I find that a deeply offensive question, for what I think are obvious reasons. But I feel like I should re-iterate that I am very careful with my words, and I did not say that we would have the internet at the time of the Reformation. I said we could have.

The only thing that I have promised, from what I perceive, is that by 2025, this change will have happened, the world will look so different you won't recognize it, humanity will have evolved and no longer consider violent solutions. I have promised that radical change will happen, that those changes have already shifted in the past, but none of you understand the mathematics of this thing. It may be three-hundred or four-hundred years into the future before the people of this world have risen up to a high enough level of awareness to handle the biggest changes.

I have two choices: slam these massive changes in the past into people like a tidal wave and risk breaking everybody who's more enlightened - I don't want that, I want those people awake and leading this world into a better future - or simply change you all so you don't remember any of it - but I feel having gone through this horror, it would be unkind of me to remove all memory of it. We would be, I feel, evil, manipulative types if we simply took this away from everybody, this wisdom that they've earned, the potential for joy that they've developed through the suffering.

So the narrow path, between scylla and the charybdis, the either and the or, this narrow place between the monster on one side and the monster on the other, is that these changes will come in in waves, small waves at first to get people used to the idea of changing, and when they move past responding with fear and stupidity, violence and aggression and begin to handle it in a healthier way, then larger changes. And when they can handle that, then larger changes. This is the path that I have personally chosen, because I don't want to take this away from people - the wall on one side - and I don't want to destroy people's minds by hitting them with too much - the monster on the other side.

And so you may see only minor changes filtering into your life. If those larger effects have to happen to fit the equations together - and it is a very complex and subtle mathematics - then they will happen, but they'll happen much later on, when people are more mature and able to handle those changes.

So you may see only minimal changes until this time window in the 2020s. I feel there are already much bigger changes happening, but you may not see them. You may be very sensitive to Mandela effects of the trivial kind, but Mandela effects of the mid-level you might miss because they would rock your world. And Mandela effects of the deepest kind you won't even be able to consider.

So when people say, "It's all going to change so much, why should be bother?" My suggestion is it may be 10 or 20 or 300 or 1000 years before you really see the repercussions of this change, before the world's ready for it. And so these changes from the past propagate in, a series of tiny waves at first, and then larger waves, and potentially a thousand years before that hugest things are changed. Which means maybe not even in your lifetime. And so if your response is, "Well, I'm just not going to do anything because it's all going to change," you're going to spend the rest of your lifetime with your thumb up your ass and possibly creating Shadow and making the world worse, when you could have been making it better.

Angel, 2017-05-21



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