You may have seen a song, a book, a picture, a map, an historical event, change more than once. The reason for this is that adjusting the timestream does not happen simply by picking up a line and putting it somewhere else. It is a dynamic process, with every change affecting the others, until eventually the timestream anneals in the new place and becomes stable again.

Until then, we are all looping through the bubble in which the timestream is changing. Every time a change affects our lives, we go back to the place-time where we are affected, and move forward from there on. Our own personal history is rewritten as the history of the world is rewritten, many times over, until we come out the other end.

Here you can find a partial transcript of a non-published recording by Kirael doAni, explaining the idea of these loops.

“I've spoken of time as having theoretically three dimensions instead of one, and space as having another three. So what I'm attempting to draw for you here is a six-dimensional diagram, but represented on a piece of paper, so it's being represented as two-dimensional. And so the horizontal axis is time, and [the vertical axis is] an abstraction, this axis. Let's call it P for probability. Now I said, inside this six-D space here, that something happens, and then one of these mandala effects happen, and things change. So if I draw something that centers around 2000 and it goes to 2025, and back from there would be 1975, then this probability space could encompass something like this.”


“If you were born somewhere in the 80s, let's say you followed some kind of path through here, and we call this, path 1. This is six-dimensional, but abstracted to two to make it easy to conceive. Say somewhere when you were 5, your parents moved to a different city or something and changed your path. Then you have a different experience, and that is path 2. And somewhere in here, say you made a different choice, and that is path 3, the whole thing from the earliest part to 2025. And maybe at some other point it was down here, and that's path 4.”

“Your First Mind, the monkey mind, only knows the last path you experienced, so after the first time through, your First Mind knows path 1. Your Third Mind and up will know the first path, plus the second path, plus the third path, so really what this mind knows is the summation of all of the paths that you've been through, from 1 to n, n being undefined based on the number of changes. It has all of the memories and experiences of all those paths.”

“So one effect it has is, when I've said it'll take you thousands of lives to master something, it's possible you've had thousands of lives within this bubble. A second potential is that I said this world was supposed to be destroyed in 2000, it was scheduled to be, but because enough of us have gone through and felt the pain of this world and released it, this hasn't happened. And I have wondered how this could be given that there are so few of us doing the work. But if we're all going through here thousands of times, then we have thousands of times as many to go through this, and with each cycle, as the overall movement towards awareness grows higher over the number of cycles through, then there are more and more people feeling it before 2000, and working through it, which explains how this could have happened.”

“And likewise I would have a path through here, and some other, and maybe something here, and so on, but my guess would be that in this range, somewhere, there are certain things, like the closing of the warp, the fracture in what is, that can only happen once. So whatever crazy path I take, it has to pass through that moment. Or the opening of the upwelling. Sometimes I may go quickly to that, and other times I may wrap around a bit, but every time through I pass through that. Then that is a fixed point in time. I've heard the Legends of Tomorrow and Doctor Who in their silly confusion about time travel talk about fixed points in time that can't be changed. It always seemed kind of silly. But from this perspective, there are fixed points in time, and when I say, "This has to be done now," and I drop everything and do it, I'm tired but it's got to happen now, those are probably other fixed moments in time that whatever path I take, they all have to pass through each of the fixed moments, because those things can only happen once.”

So the good news is that more and more as you become aware of what they call the Mandela effects, each cycle through there isn't something that's being stored out here that you can someday access, while right now you're just a monkey. As you become aware, and I've pushed you to become more aware, [you can gain the experience of] each one of these cycles.

Even if right this moment something gets changed so you went to a different grade school or had a different best friend or you didn't have a bunny, and you needed something else to give you that gravity point, you might have had a very different life path after that. Some changes like Fabreze being spelled different probably never touched you, [and] the Home Depot being different probably had very little effect. But [...] you probably had thousands of tens of thousands [loops], depending on how many times this looping through has occurred by now, and not always from the beginning.

The change [to the timestream] might happen here in 2010, say, and at that point you will loop back, and if it's a change to something in 2008, then there's only an extra path through that little bit. And some of these might by necessity collapse back down, because every lifetime you go through something, and some might be completely divergent, but what you get out of it is that you get to experience potentially thousands of lifetimes where you've made good choices, bad choices, screwed up, got it right, and so on.

And while this part, the monkey, will only ever remember the last path through, if you're paying attention - and since I've been teaching you awareness of the Second and Third Mind - then you are gathering all those experiences and tying them into this lifetime. So it could be that over the next between now and 2022, when these options start to shut down, you may still be looping back to things as early as before you were born. And so it may be that after 10 or 20 or 100 loops through here, that you didn't have [a lot of the problems you struggled with in this life]. And yet you still have access to the memories through [the Second and Third Mind]. If instead of wasting [time not paying attention], struggling with things, you deal with those[struggles] in the first 10, 20, 100 years passes through, then the ones that follow, you can be learning the more advance lessons.

Angel, 2017-04-26 (redacted)


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