Time travel is impossible ... nearly, for most. As one of the original tones, one of the First (o Ani), Kirael exists far outside what we consider reality, and works directly with the deep underlying patterns that eventually create the world we see. For such a one, changing the way we move through time is possible.

For the past million years, Kirael has been working to bring change to our world and help humanity awaken. At most key moments in our history, he has been there, actively changing things, inspiring people, nudging events. This is an enormous work, and hasn’t been done from a linear perception of time.

Kirael has consistently worked across three dimensions of time. Whenever he has created a great change in the world, he worked that change back through history and into the future, with a peak at the time of the working. He has often created a change now by beginning the process long into the past.


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