There are so many metaphors to explain what is going on in the world right now. So many theories and prophecies try to explain what is changing in humans and why. It can be very confusing, because they all sound like they are talking about something completely different. But all the metaphors, the ones about awakening as much as the ones about destruction, are all one. They are all the same, and from the right perspective, they are all accurate.

The many metaphors are all one. Had you been a physicist and not a biologist, I still would have destroyed you faith in your field. Had you been a religious person, a monk, I would have done the same. The taror card the tower, the Hopi and Cherokee talk about a great river flowing, the New Agy folks talking about everything transitioning, the people saying we've all died ...

I described it once as like a tidal wave. It doesn't slowly creep up. It washes over a tiny village on the beach and destroys it. And that beach is a tiny town, a tower made by insects in a great valley, and that tidal wave rushes through that valley and creates a great river, but it's not one wave. It's a massive, implaccable flowing. And it batters against the tiny town's towers. Because everything is changing, and for everything to change the old must fade away, and all who build their fortresses of what they know and what they believe, they hide in those fortresses. Their tiny towers are being crushed and shattered by this massive change that's flowing past. And any who manage to hold on to the rubble, like tiny creatures hanging on to the rocks at the bottom of a massive river, any who don't let go will get stripped free and be carried down stream.

Eventually, that flow, that tidal wave, it passes, but it doesn't leave a post-apocalyptic wasteland with little creatures in the ruins of their towers. It's more like some probability storm out of fantasy or science fiction, that when it passes by it leaves nothing behind it. Everything that was is just gone. Everything reduced back to mere potential, emptiness, void. And those who insisted on holding on are unmade, along with everything else.

And this, the moving forward and the things left behind perishing is the metaphor, the parabel of the airlock. It is the great doorway in space, that was seemingly past in October or so of 2016. But it's not a moment, it's a probability distribution with finite ends. And as your towers are being destroyed and you're being tracked downstream, you panic and you fear and you say, "Everything I knew is gone, it's not fair." But if it weren't gone, you would be stuck there holding on, and you would be unmade. The destroying of everything you have built to protect yourself from change is done to protect you from being lost when the old worlds are lost. It is the image, like a diagram sentence, from Back to the Future, when he says he'll go back and change the past, then that entire timeline where he used to be will end, and it will all fade away as if it never were.

There are no echoes, no shadows of it. No residuals, no foolishly called dimensions. When a timeline is ended, everything beyond that point simply ceases to exist, becomes void, probability, substrate, mere potential. And for what is to change, this world but so much more than this world, for it to change everything must change. Whether that moves you to a different part of the galaxy or re-arranges your planets or your stars, this vast wave of change, like a tidal wave, like a rushing river, it sweeps over and it carries everything forward.

And it may seem you're battered, it may seem your global warming and your son of god and all this bullshit are destroyed, but that's ok. It's not destroying the things, it's only destroying the bastions you've built against change. And this you cannot fight, you can only be carried into a new and beautiful world. Something astounding and beyond anything, so much deeper than three dimensions, so much larger than one tiny planet or your tiny life. You can only be stripped from what you know and carried into the change, or for a very few, who are strong willed enough, you can hold on to the ruins of your tower, but then you simply fade away. And it's as if you never existed.

Every metaphor that's been used for this Shift, whether it's tens of thousands of years ago, something in the Mayan Calendar, the Hopi Prophecy, the great words of the Cherokee, the Aboriginals, the New Agy, the people who are terrified about the Illuminati taking over the world, it's all the same metaphor. The Illuminati means those of the light, and those of the Light have not just taken over your world, they have destroyed it in a great tidal wave of change. And carried you to some place you can thrive, like a return to the Garden of Eden, but on a much larger scale of beauty and harmony and peace. But the only way to do that was to pick you up and move you, and to unweave every anchor, every solidity that held what was from moving into what now is, and is becoming, and has been changing, has been happening. It's all one single metaphor, and maybe that doesn't make sense, and it doesn't matter that it does.

But all these people arguing for their metaphors, for their sciences, for their lies and deceptions and confusions and self-delusions. They're all telling a tiny part of the same story as they're being tumbled head over heels, down this courseway that has been forever layed out for them. And the time for this change is come, and it's gone, and it's here.

It's all happened and happening. Whatever metaphor you use. The rapture, it's happening, you've all been taken up, you've been taken up by this river and carried to a new world, which is what the rapture say would happen. You'd be taken up and a new world would be created, a world of peace. And it doesn't matter if you see it as Muhammed on a white horse or the son of god on the clouds or the son of man walking among you, Hanuman or Ganesha or some powerful force that can't be comprehended, some yin and yang, some dao ... it doesn't matter. It's all happened and happening. It's all the same metaphor, whichever one you used, and it's already happened.

And if you look around and panic because you say it's still changing, relax, you're probably just using the wrong metaphor, or too limited a metaphor. The tidal wave of change is already happened, the old world's unmade, and now it's just waking up and stretching and realising we're not broken and battered, that where we're hurt, any of us, it's not the Shift which has done it, it's our holding on to the past. And because the past is destroyed and we can no longer hold on to it, not even in dreams or delusions, that we can no longer by hurt. And so even those self-inflicted harms are rapidly healing, and it's all here.

All of it, everything you've thought and predicted and feared and hoped, because it's all one, it's all the same story. And it's finished.

Angel, 2017-05-27

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