It has been clear for quite some time now what our world is going to look like 300 years from now. What has been undecided is the path humanity will take in getting there.

Originally, the world was scheduled to be destroyed around the year 2000 - it had become unavoidable given the destructive tendencies of humanity and the development of advanced weaponry over the past century. Through the work of many people in and outside of this world, that likelihood was averted. Possibilities were opened for our world to start on a new path.

While for a long time it was uncertain if we would make it through the 2010-2015 Shift and make the subsequent leap to the light and to awakening the heart quickly enough, our new course was a done deal by the time the Shift window was closed in October 2015.

So much has already changed. All of the underlying processes are in place right now and have been for years. The energies of the Light have been weaving into everything, and even the most dense, hateful and violent people have been changing into people who know joy and kindness. More and more of the changes are coming to the surface. A decade from now, our world is going to look and feel so different, you won't recognise it.

The transitional period

Change takes time.

Even at times of incredible change, those changes are not visible over night. Our world is a complex system, a carefully balanced equation of billions of lifeforms working within existing patterns and flows. Such a system does not handle sudden, extreme change well. It prefers change that is organic and gradual.

It is because of the organic nature of our world that we are not yet seeing a world that is completely different yet - even though the Shift has happened, and all the underlying energies are now those of the light, beautiful and expansive and healing. When we look outside, we still see many of the same behaviours that have torn our world apart for such a long time. What most people fail to realise is that those behaviours are only habits now - the underlying ugliness that was creating the habits is no longer there. People are just very used to doing things a certain way, and it will take them a little while to catch up.

We are in a transitional period now. We live in a time where everything is different, all the energies are changed, the underlying rules of the game have changed as well, and even the people have been re-wired from within. It will take us a while to get used to the new. Some of the changes are still hidden from view, but the protective veil that has been keeping us a little numb during the transition is already lifting, and if you know what to look for, you can see more and more of the new Golden Age that will soon be fully realised.

During this transitional period, some things you can expect are:

* Waves of change; the process is organic: sometimes, you'll feel strong anxiety when a wave is about to hit, followed by intense emotion, and sadness when change has happened. As these waves wash over, you'll find things in your life suddenly changing, and you may have times where you're more tired, hungry, excited, etc. To keep track of the waves, keep an eye on twitter.

* Confusion as people realise that many of the foods, clothes, hobbies, movies, music, and even people that they used to like don't interest them anymore. There will be a time of adjustment as people begin to explore who they have become in the new energies, marked by the end of many relationships and careers and the beginning of new ones.

* Quick and noticeable consequences of doing anything based in Shadow (fear, anger, hatred, all the things that make yourself and others less instead of more). All the world is encouraging the Light now, and those who insist on holding on to the old energies will find themselves getting dark rings under their eyes, look pale, feel tired and apathic, get sick more often, get stupider and have other people like them less and less.

* Similarly, things noticeably going better for those coming from Light (joy, life, light, love, silliness, play, all the things that make yourself and others more). People holding these energies will start to be healthier, have more energy, look more beautiful, get sick less, be more popular and get smarter. Things will start to magically go right for them. This applies to people, but also to companies, projects, or entire business industries.

* Confusion in healthcare, as people are getting sick and getting better without clear physical cause. Medications will not work as expected, and people will be less tolerant of medicine as they become more sensitive and intuitive. Doctors will see new illnesses and not be able to explain why they happen, and see people with chronic problems suddenly get well.

* A loss of interest in violence, horror, fighting, death energies like zombies and vampires, and all movies, tv shows, books and games based in these things. Similarly, a loss of interest in games of competition and conquest. Themes of cooperation, exploration, skill, building, creativity and beauty will become much more popular.

* More and more people awakening to the heart. For the first time in a long time, you will hear people say "I love you" and mean it. You'll also hear a lot more of the words "fun", "beautiful", "light", "pretty", "adorable", "lovely" and the like.

* A revealing of secrets. Both interpersonally and on governmental and corporate levels, secrets that have been kept for a long time will start to come out. Secrets of corruption, of lies told and information hidden, but also the secrets of those who have been in love for a long time but never said anything, and those who are doing amazing work but have been unnoticed.

* Increasing demand for complexity, creativity, plot and character development both in entertainment and personal lives. As people awaken the heart and move to processing from the second mind, things that before seemed interesting, will suddenly start to look boring, stupid and full of plotholes.

* Animals starting to act differently towards each other - being kinder, less aggressive, less predatory. You'll start to see animals of different species that traditionally didn't get along suddenly hang out together amicably.

* A strong shift in attitudes on relationships and sexuality. People are going to be much more open and accepting of all expressions of sexuality, and a huge number of people will explore same-sex sexuality.

* Intuitive gifts becoming much more widespread and accepted. It won't be strange to hear people talk about empathy, or that the internet crashes every time they are upset, or that they remember a past life. Initially, these gifts will still be mostly erratic and out of conscious control, but as the energies come back and people become more healthy and stable inside, more and more of the potential of intuitive gifts will start to show.

A new Golden Age

In the period from 2022-2025, the changes that were made during the Shift will have created a new Golden Age, a world in which everyone is fully living in the heart and in which war, violence and poverty are things of the past. Imagine everyone in the world experiencing the feeling of falling in love, not just for one special person, but for everyone around them. Imagine a politician in love with the land they are leading, a doctor who deeply loves his patients, a teacher who loves the children they are responsible for.

In this Golden Age, some of the things you can expect include:

* The return of true magic. Everyone will have access to their own intuitive gifts, and will be able to use them fairly easily. Everyone will have at least some degree of empathy (the ability to feel what others are feeling) and be able to tell when others are lying. Many different kind of gifts will begin to surface and become a normal and beautiful part of life.

* The end of war and violence. When everyone has empathy and is living in the heart, it will no longer make sense to anyone to resolve conflict through violence and abuse. Wars will end very quickly, as will inner city violence. People will stop carrying guns and other weapons. Verbal violence will no longer be tolerated due to the strong negative response people feel towards shadow, and domestic abuse will be noticed and stopped very quickly.

* The end of religions and religious institutes. Most religions will disappear completely, or transform so much they will be hard to recognise. Religion has been very much a first mind experience, focussed on fear, control, and exploitation. Once people are living in the heart, they will have no interest in repressing themselves or others, in creating moral rules, or in giving control of their lives to a God being.

* Most people (98%) will be homosexual and openly exploring relationships with the same gender. It's going to become rare for a man and a woman to fall in love, get married, have several children and have an exclusive relationship until they are old. Only a small percentage of people will be having children, and as such children will be much more cherished and better taken care of. It is a beautifully organic way for our overcrowded planet to return to a more sustainable population size.

* Sexuality in general will be considered a normal and healthy thing, not so different from sharing a meal or giving someone a hug. As sexual repression disappears, people will begin to explore sexuality more freely and safely, and no longer feel the need to hide themselves, their bodies or their sexualities inside their own homes. Children, seeing adults around them enjoying it, will be familiar with sexuality from early on, and grow up confidently and with a healthy sexuality of their own.

* Social reform. With everyone being able to tell when someone is speaking truth, all of politics will change radically. People will be selected to lead based on ability, and held accountable for what they say and do. Respect and obedience will no longer be given to those who are older, richer or more powerful. Instead, people will listen to those who are working from emotional maturity, with an open heart and with joy, with passion in their expression and with well developed intuitive abilities.

* A single world in unity. From the heart, borders and nationalism no longer make sense. People will once again start seeing all others as fellow humans, as family, and insist on treating everyone with the same kindness and respect regardless of race, gender, nationality, or other separatisms. People will be judged on who they are inside, not what they are outside. Isms (racism, sexism, feminism, etc.) will disappear. People will no longer allow starvation, poverty, oppression or other abuse, no matter where in the world it is happening. In a very short time, we will have a shared world, without lines on the map, where people all speak the same language and are solving problems together.

* As the population drops and resources are better distributed, people no longer need to work to survive. Work will be done from joy, from passion and an interest in expressing and making a difference - which will improve the quality of work. Everyone will have much more time for personal interests. Changes in the job market. Many existing career areas will cease to exist, including marketing, law, and the army. Many will change radically, such as psychiatry, police & science. Rather than arrest and lock up people who have committed crimes, the police will be watching and sensing for troubled individuals and make sure they get they help they need before they escalate into violence. New careers will emerge.

* An increase in technological development. With (corporate) secrets coming out, people getting smarter, resources being distributed sensibly and a much larger part of humanity having access to good education, there will be a huge expansion in technology. We will develop better, cleaner, and healthier ways of taking care of basic needs, and have resources and time left to invest in more creative ways of quality entertainment, travel, and aesthetics.

* Educational changes. Our current educational systems are broken; they are damaging the minds and spirits of our children. The system will change radically, with a focus on allowing children to grow and develop healthily, will a well-rounded set of skills including communication, kindness and the basics of the intuitive arts.

* Healthcare reform. The current systems of medicine and healthcare are still very primitive, and essentially based in either cutting out problematic parts or poisoning them. Health will mean more than only physical health, and new methods of healing (including those using magic) will be developed that include spirituality and the path you are walking in life, your energy system, as well as your emotional and physical health. Much of medicine will be replaced, change utterly, or become obscolete. Obesity and several other current illnesses will disappear entirely.

* Whole new areas of scientific research. With magic becoming obvious enough that even slow-changing systems like academia will recognise it, whole new areas of study become available. How do the intuitive gifts work? What energy do they use? To what extent has magic been a part of our past? How can we use these abilities to re-check existing ideas and get more depth and understanding of areas we've been stuck with? Both the areas we study in science, and the methods we use, will change in important ways.

* Re-exploration of history. History has traditionally been written by the victors, and the victors weren't always honest, or complete. As more and more people begin to remember past lives and scan intuitively what is true and what is not, many of the lies in our history books will become obvious.

* As humanity comes out of the Shadow and begins to change into a sentient, compassionate species, the other races that have been watching our planet will reach out and make contact. We will take the first steps towards becoming functional members of a much larger interplanetary system, and learn about other cultures, technologies, and ways of life. With the knowledge that we are not the only intelligent species out there (as if!), we will begin to see ourselves very differently, and start looking towards what we as a species can become.

The long term

In 300 years, and beyond that over the next ten thousand years or so, the world will be in a fairly stable place.

For the long term, some of the things you can expect include:

* A much lower population size, down to approximately 10% of what it is now. This is an obvious consequence of dropping birth rates and the increase in homosexuality.

* The end of huge cities. As transportation becomes much easier, faster and cheaper, people no longer need to live packed together. Most likely, people will come to cities to work and for entertainment, but most will live outside the cities, in smaller places surrounded by nature.

* People will raise children in small groups of 6-10 loving adults who have agreed to live together and support each other for a time. In this way, children will have access to many role models, and get all the care and attention they need. Parents will have the support of loved ones, and no longer be exhausted and overwhelmed during childrearing, and those who do not want children of their own still get to be exposed to the young and be involved in teaching them and playing with them.

* The use of magic will be so widespread that it will start to replace technology in some areas. It will play an important part in making life easier and more fun, and in helping people to connect to one another more directly and fully. There will be a single world mind, a shared consciousness people can connect to and get information from much like the internet works now.

* A slowing down of technological development. After the initial burst of technological development, growth in this area will eventually stabilise as we have created the technological assists we need and want, and do not feel a pressing need to keep improving it. For example, if new compression techniques let you store all the data you could possibly want on 50GB, and you have free access to all the knowledge of the world, you do not need to push for development of devices that can carry over 500 TB of data.

* The end of creatures such as mosquitoes, parasites, and poisonous snakes; species such as this, that are based so strongly in the shadow energies of taking, destroying, and poisoning, will change radically, or will go exinct. Many species of bacteria and virusses will change radically in the way they affect the world around them.

* The end of deserts. Deserts were created a long time ago by interference of the Anu. They are not a healthy part of our world, and as the system begins to correct itself and find a new balance, deserts will disappear from the planet.

* Humanity will go out into space, and interact and trade with the other intelligent races out there. We will be considered young and impulsive and still fairly primitive, but over time humanity will challenge the other, longer lived species through our boundless creativity and imagination. Humanity will bring change and beauty to many other species.

You can read much more about what to expect for the future - the upcoming decade, the next few centuries and thousands of years from now - under the Golden Age menu of the rest of the site.

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