The heart is where love comes from. It's the centre of our body, and in many ways, we want it to be the centre of our lives.

The word love

For hundreds of years, humanity has talked about love. We've talked about the heart, about falling in love and having our hearts broken, and yet, have we really felt love?

We think we do.

And yet our actions show differently. The way we treat our loved ones is generally not from the heart, but from one of the lower processes: from the animal needs and desires, from emotions of comfort and safety or insecurity, from a need for social security and stability. Too often, we end up abusing and controlling the ones closest to us, all the while using the word love.

We think about love. We use the words, we write the stories, but traditionally there has not been the energy of the heart in it. Only a very few of our most evolved mystics have ever come close to touching the energy of the heart, the true feeling of love. Give that a moment to sink in: what you've thought of as love ... isn't.

Love is something far more, far deeper and more beautiful and glorious than anything humanity has experienced up till right this time in history.

A not-so-sentient species

If you're willing to be honest, it's hard to look at our world and the behaviour humanity has been showing over the past centuries and still maintain a claim that we are a highly evolved, sentient, intelligent species.

If you look past the technological advances to the actual behaviour, in many ways humans are still mostly monkeys. We show primal behaviour in how we take care of survival and procreation, and we show tribal behaviour in how we live in groups and interact with one another, yet we show very little actual intelligence.

We have great big schools of learning and we have scientific discoveries, and yet when we have a disagreement with someone, the first thing we are likely to do is scream and fling excrements at them, and if that doesn't work, we hit each other with sticks. When it's not individuals, it's countries going to war with each other over perceived insults, lines in the sand and each other's territory.

Humanity is not as advanced as we like to believe. We're not that far away from the other species on the planet in our basic functioning. In our basic functioning, we have been largely animals, rather than a sentient species.

This is now changing, as humanity is making the leap to what is universally considered "sentience".

Evolution of the energy circulatory system

In order to understand the evolutionary leap humanity is making right now, it helps to understand a little more of the human energy system.

the meta-circ systemThe energy circulatory system, or the meta-circ system, is as important to sustaining life as the physical body, and the two interact in many ways. In a human system, energy comes up from the earth into the feet, and then up into a series of energy processing centres. Each of these processing centres has its own function.

The first energy centre regulates the physical body. It's the centre that deals with the physical condition, but also with primal level things like survival instincts, fighting and reproduction. Animals like snakes and lizards only have this centre activated. Cats, as well, live mostly from this energy centre.

The second energy centre regulates the emotional body. This centre is a processing centre: it takes information and processes it to come to conclusions. Species that work from the second energy centre are much more advanced than those who only have the first centre online. It is all about emotions, creativity, and sexuality - it's where tribal interactions happen. Most animals that live in groups, such as many rodents, deer, but also dogs and primates, operate at this level. Even over the past few centuries, humans have largely been creatures operating from the second energy centre.

The third energy centre regulates the mental energies, those things involved in logic, structuring and organising and making laws. Throughout history, this is the highest humanity has managed - we simple had not evolved to a place where we could sustain an energy system that came up higher than this. The law and the rules that we've written down are what we tend to value most in our societies. However, humanity has never developed this energy centre in a healthy way - it was impossible while we lived in a world of shadow to bring the energies up high enough.

The fourth energy centre is where the energies of the heart come from. It is here that love starts - a love so deep and intense that the feeling you get when you fall in love with somone is only a pale reflection. With the exception of a very few mystics who spent decades dedicated to their search, humanity has never felt a love like this. While the other energy centres can function when the energy in them is rooted in fear, the heart will now allow it. It cannot function if it is fed with fear and anger and hatred.

Now that the tear in the fabric of the universe has closed and the shadow energies have been draining out of the world, however, joy has been returning to the world, and with it the possibility for the heart to finally awaken in humanity.

The awakening to the heart is a jump as significant as the transition from reptiles to tribal animals - in many ways, even more so.

 Growing up to love

When the heart comes online, something happens that is far more transformative than a slow process of growing up.

If you've ever been in love - really, deeply, truly in love - you may have experienced for yourself how it changes everything about the way you look at the world. Colours are brighter, everything looks beautiful, and you cannot imagine why you would do anything less than care for and support and hold and encourage the one you love. You would happily give anything you have to put a smile on their face or take some of their pain away. Your world feels more amazing and alive when you are with them.

What happens is that for a moment, because you are finding so much joy in being with this other, you are running enough healthy energy through your system that energy manages to get up into your heart. When the heart opens, you love - easily and fully. Later, when the initial excitement has worn off, you find you cannot sustain this level of energy, and you drop back down to the third, or the second, or in some cases the first energy centre and continue to function from there. You call it, falling out of love.

In a healthy world, and in species that have evolved to this level, the heart naturally comes online somewhere around puberty, as long as children grow up with joy and get everything they need to develop. They can then go out into the world with love, kindness and compassion for everything they meet, and have loving relationships with others. As they do, children that grow up in such a society grow up knowing they are safe and loved and supported, and can dedicate themselves to supporting others and creating beauty.

A great leap

 The evolution to the heart is not just a step from the third to the fourth energy centre. It is also a leap from the first mind - the animal mind, which is all humanity has ever known - to the heart mind (see image above). It is something completely new and unfamiliar. When people are talking about a shift in consciousness, higher dimensions or expanded awareness, this is what they are talking about: the leap into the heart.

Because the heart is a processing centre, species that have evolved to function at this level are much smarter. They are able to take in more information, look deeper into themselves and the world around them, and make better conclusions. As their energy is centered in the heart, it is not as strongly influenced by simple primitive impulses, or even by strong emotion. They have left behind functioning as an animal and are functioning at a whole new level. The more they relate to each other in love, the more they create time and space to explore new things, to follow their dreams, to think and imagine and develop ... well beyond what was possible before. Societies in which people function from the heart or higher tend to be very stable, as the deprivation and abuse that causes violence, wars and repression ... simply do not happen.

It is difficult to explain the implications of evolving to the heart in terms of words. Words, logic, linear thinking, these are all expressions of the mind which is the third energy centre. Explaining love to someone who has never experienced it, would be like explaining pack hierarchy to a snake, or explaining calculus to a monkey. There has been nothing like this in our world until very, very recently.

A heart centred world

As of early 2016, we have already made the leap. The majority of humanity has already, whether they are aware of it or not, grown up and is living solidly in the heart.

We are slowly beginning to see the changes.

More and more people are realising they don't love what they are doing, or who they are with, and are looking for a change. Increasingly, people are standing up stong - not with anger, but from passion - and refusing things that are not in harmony with the heart.

Both old and young people are experiencing love for the very first time. As they do, they are changed forever.

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