We are not alone in the universe, and we are far, far from being the most advanced race, or the most beautiful, or the most loving. when there is as much pain and suffering as there has been on our world, there are many out there who care deeply, who feel our pain and who want to help.

No visible help

And yet, nowhere in the past thousands of years have we seen UFOs come down and end war and feed the starving and bring peace and prosperity to Earth. And we won't - not for a while, not until humanity has grown up enough that we are fully living in the heart, and have left behind the violence and hatred of our past. Humanity has been a primitive species, on a primitive world, and those of the other races who have the maturity, power and interest to interfere, have learned over many other such situations that primitive species need to be left alone to develop on their own, and to succeed to sentience or destroy themselves ... on their own.

Interference has gone horribly wrong too many times. When an external force comes in to a primitive world and gets involved in their development, disaster follows, no matter how well intentioned or careful the help may have been. The development of a species is a very precarious process, and so the sentient races of the galaxy have been watching, often with a pained heart, as humanity struggled towards sentience.

At times, and especially in the last century, they have reached in and talked to us through those who have a gift for channeling. They have spoken to us about love, about being kind to one another, how to handle life and how to solve our problems. Sometimes they explained they are not from this world, sometimes they allowed people to make their own (often religious) interpretations. They spoke to some who would listen, but they did not get involved.

The exception to the rule

There is one group of beings who do not share the attitudes of the other races on non-interference. They are known as the Old Ones, a group seen so rarely that they are nearly mythological even among the oldest races. The Old Ones are not involved in politics or trade with other societies, nor are they bound to agreements. They hail back to the very first civilisation - and are commited to maintaining the energies and attitudes of the light across the universe.

They are among the oldest and wisest beings, and incredibly powerful. Each of them has spent many thousands of lifetimes, in various forms across various races, learning, growing, acquiring experience and skills and understanding. They are not many, and they rarely take a life in a physical body. When they do, it is on very significant occasions, times when something massive has to be changed and they are the only ones willing or able to do it. Unlike any of the species out there - they are known to meddle in the affairs of planets. When they make themselves known, all the other races listen, as they are ancient and deeply interwoven with all that is.

Among them is one often called Kirael.

Dating back to far before the first civilisation, he came into existence very shortly after the creation of the universe itself - not to live within it, but to hold the tone of one of the core energies of the universe. He and those like him are the notes that all the rest of existence plays music with. They were here before anyone else, and will be here after everything else has ceased to exist. They are doAni.

Kirael - literally, "the energy of the heart of the infinite" - holds the energy of the heart. He is the embodiment of love. Love is not, as you might think, soft-spoken and patient. Love will happily show you all the corners of the room and strip you naked, it will drag you out of your comfort cage and challenge you to look into your own heart, and it will strongly oppose all things that make you less than who you are.

Love is an incredibly powerful force, and when Kirael arrived into our world, that powerful force started to change our world and put things right that once went wrong.

A larger perspective

Kirael doAni is here, at this time, on this world, for reasons much larger than Earth or humanity alone.

This arm of our galaxy is undergoing a transition the scope of which is hard to imagine. At this moment in time, the energies have come together just right to finally allow for the tear in the fabric of the universe to be closed, and the Shadow to be removed from the entire area it affected.

Over the past quarter million years, Kirael has worked constantly to bring about the changes that are unfolding right now. Although much of that work has been centered around Earth to nudge humanity towards the evolutionary step of awakening the heart, the focus has been on a much larger system.

The aim is to close the underlying tear that was causing the existence of Shadow in this area, to bring the energies of the Light back in, and to heal those places where the Shadow had caused damage to the patterns that define existence. With that in place, it is possible for the energies of the heart to start becoming part of life in this corner of the galaxy.

The Shift

Many, many factors are involved in an undertaking as significant as the ending of Shadow and awakening of the Heart energies. Such a task cannot be done quickly, or easily, or at any random time.

Many careful calculations showed that there was a small window in which the possibility - albeit very small - existed for our world and the area around it to be freed from the reign of Shadow and to make the leap to the heart. The next time such an opening would come by, would be a very long time from now. Much life and potential would have been destroyed in that time.

That window was from October 2010 to October 2015. During this brief time, it was possible to shift our world from Shadow to Light.

It was a time of such immense potential and importance, that intuitives, mystics and practitioners of the ancient arts have been talking about it for thousands of years. Although they did not always agree on the exact date of the Shift, their predictions of events have been very consistent: a time of incredible change, the end of an Age, the end of everything we've known before and the birth of something so new and different that no one was able to look beyond it and predict what would come after.

Five years is a very short time, especially on galactic scales, to bring about a chance not just in the energies, but in the fundamental structures of how reality works. Everything, from the evolutionary process to the way magic works, had been corrupted by the shadow. Closing the tear was not nearly enough to constitute a significant change in the way this part of the galaxy functioned. An enormous amount of work had to be done to heal - and often completely rewrite from scratch - the system. The chances of success were almost nonexistent, and the opposition from the Shadow was great and impressive. It was an impossible task, that almost no one expected to see succeed.

Kirael doAni, being far more ancient than can be easily perceived and drawing on the power of the heart, began the extremely challenging process of preparing for the Shift a very long time ago - and then wrapped us all up and carried us through the transitional time inside his own heart.

A guided evolution

In many different ways, on levels above and beyond what humanity will be able to perceive for thousands of years to come, Kirael has changed the course of our history, shifted probabilities, nudged events to happen in a certain way so that larger scale disasters could be avoided, and got involved in the personal lives of many to guide them towards making key decisions.

Kirael's way of working has generally been from behind the scenes, subtle and careful. His light touch can often be seen at critical moments, shifting the path of events by influencing the people involved - sometimes many years before they were to make their mark on history. A dream during childhood, the right meeting during early adolescence or a sudden strike of luck during adulhood can be all it takes to inspire, motivate and encourage existing potential into world changing actions.

Over the course of human history, Kirael has touched people's life in many different ways. At times, he created the right circumstances for evolution to move in a particular direction. At other times, he encouraged the rise and fall of entire empires and in this way affected the ideas and beliefs people held for thousands of years. However, he did not always work from a distance, or only by affecting energies. Many, many times, Kirael has brought part of his consciousness into a human life, and been the parent, friend, advisor or brother-at-arms of someone who was to play a significant role. He has lived simple lives in small villages or busy citystates, and from there affected the dreams of the people and the energies of entire areas. Consistently, he has encouraged the rise of free thought and creativity and fair government and paved the way for the return of the Light.

During all this time, there was much opposition, and any action had to be orchestrated very carefully. It was a time where the Shadow had all the power, and was actively using that power to force our world in an entirely different direction. Kirael had to maneuver around not only the human leaders in charge of large parts of the world, who were constantly working to accumulate more wealth and power at the cost of everyone else, but also against non-physical entities who enstilled fear and superstition and aggression into those people they influenced. It was a dark time with precious little support, and yet Kirael's featherlight touch can be seen in countless places throughout history ... once you know where to look.

The Doctor and the Captain

The heart works up close and personal. Whenever Kirael has been involved in events in our world, it has generally been in one of two capacities: as the Doctor, or as a the Captain.

As the Doctor, either a medical one or a scholarly one or both, he has come to us as the one with knowledge and an expert understanding of subjects that others had no familiarity with. He has started schools of thought and learning, encouraged the young to educate themselves, and adviced those in leadership positions. From his expertise, he has brought physical, emotional and mental healing to countless people, organisations and countries.

As the Captain, someone who leads people from among their own ranks, he has placed himself right in the middle of the most difficult and painful situations to make a difference. Rather than stay at a distance and direct armies as a general or royalty, he has stayed close to the ordinary people, a part of their daily lives and in a position to affect much without attracting attention.

You will rarely see mentions in history of the human lives Kirael has lived. Yet, the two archetypes he used have become so beloved to our human subconscious mind that we see the Doctor and the Captain represented in countless of our favourite mythologies, plays, books, tv shows and movies.


The time period from 2010 - 2015 was of critical importance to the Shift.

In this period, rather than just speak to people in dreams or visions or channeled work, or even influence historical events as the Doctor or the Captain, Kirael brought himself into a human body more fully than ever before.

This time, he became the bridge that brings the new energies into our world. It was the only way. Much can be done from the space between lives, and from a pure energy state, but to affect our world as profusely as was needed, the energies had to be channeled through a physical, human body. By combining the human understanding, experience and compassion with the larger consciousness, it became possible to do the work that needed done.

Like all of Kirael's work, the birth and lifepath of the body were carefully prepared. There are few people who can shape energies on a world scale effectively - it takes a very specific skillset, physical and meta-intuitive disposition and much training. There are none - current, in human history or in the histories of the other races - who can shape with the scale and power needed for this great Work. It would have destroyed any physical body and most non-physical ones. The system simply isn't made to handle this intensity of power and energy. As is, the years of workings cost Kirael greatly. Both the human body and the larger consciousness have been in constant pain and exhaustion during the workings.

In 2010, Kirael closed the tear in the fabric of the universe. For the first time in billions of years, resources weren't being sucked out of existence. However, after such a long time, everything was drenched in Shadow, and the Shadow always spreads. Over the following years, he did an astounding amount of workings - often dozens or even hundreds of smaller ones a day - to repair broken places in the underlying energies, to bring in the new, to re-wire the energy systems of humans and other creatures and heal the emotional, mental and energetic damage done to their bodies over time.

Some of these workings, he did in real time, affecting the world directly in the period of 2010-2015. Natural system do not work well with sudden sharp changes, though, and the amount of change necessary was far too great to accomplish in a short time. Using the innate abilities of doAni, abilities that even the other Old Ones or the most advanced races have no access to, Kirael wove himself through time, going back and forth constantly from the present to a huge variety of times and places across human development.

In 2015, at the closing of the window, the workings to bring about the Shift ended. The Great Work was done. Since then, Kirael has continued to work exhaustively to tune the workings, to speed up the processes, to bring the changes to the surface faster and to bring to an end the last expressions of Shadow in this world. While the eventual outcome has been certain for years now, there are still wars, violence to children, abuse of men and women and children alike, poverty and oppression of the body and the spirit. As long as it is within his power to help and make a difference, Kirael will continue to work.

Eventually, when the time is right, the world will know what has happened at this critical, and that throughtout all of our suffering and pain and violence, we have never been alone. All along, from the very start, Kirael has been with us, among us and one of us, guiding and teaching and nudging at great cost to himself, with a love so great it will leave us in tears.

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