Magic, natural to humanity, is coming back into our world after thousands of years.

With it, people are discovering their natural intuitive abilities.

Magic is real. It is the ability to sense and shape and move the world around you by your will and your inner power. It is a natural, inborn ability that with the right training, can allow people to do amazing things. Not everyone is born with intuitive abilities, and not all those who are have the same abilities.

Magic works through energy, rather than through the physical world. It can affect the physical, but it cannot be measured or explained using only physical characteristics. Without the energy of magic, even those with natural abilities will not be able to use them, just like much of modern technology doesn't work without electricity.

Cycles of Magic

Not all species in the universe have access to magical intuitive abilities. Some do, but others - even very advanced races - have no affinity for it. Whether or not a species is aware of the energies and the meta-intuitive abilities depends to a degree on the place in the galaxy where the species originated. The environment around us affects our evolutionary development. In some places in the galaxy, the energy of magic runs abundant, while in others it is absent.

Periodically, our solar system moves through one of those places in the galaxy where the energy of magic is freely available. When the solar system enters this zone, the energies start to come into our world like rain after a long drought, and those with natural intuitive abilities find they are able to sense things and do things they were never capable of before.

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For approximately 1500 years, the Earth remains solidly within the energies, and magic is freely available and commonly used. These are the Golden Ages.

Then, eventually, as our solar system continues on its orbit, we leave the energies behind. For a while, they are still commonly available within our world, and while the magic isn't as strong or as easy to use, it is still a normal part of everyday life. The world has entered a Silver Age.

With time, more and more of the magic starts to fade, and only those with the strongest gifts are still able to use it. People start to turn to technology to replace the fading abilities. This is the Bronze Age.

Many thousands of years after the solar system left the energies behind, the last of the magic fades from the world and even the largest pools of energy dry up. The Ages in which magic was common become only a distant memory, a myth, a fairytale. The Iron Age has begun.

It continues on until eventually, 13000 years after the start of the last Golden Age, the solar system once again enters that cosmic river of energy, and magic once again returns to the world in full glory.

Our forgotten heritage 

It has been a very long time since magic was strong in our world. Roughly 11.500 years ago, Earth moved out of the river of energy, and magic has been slowly fading ever since. Even our ancestor's ancestors would not remember a time anymore in which the magic was powerful and real.

The first recorded written language dates back to only 5100 years ago. Before that, there were cave paintings and inscriptions in stone. Some of these told us of extraordinary things, of supernatural abilities and magic, yet the concept of magic is so foreign to us now, that we have called it superstition, mythology, sometimes even fantasy. We do not remember a time when people just like us had access to magic.

But our global subconscious remembers.

An awareness of magic has been making its way back into our culture and into our dreams for a while now. Stories of superheroes have become popular, first in the comics subculture and now in mainstream books, movies, and tv shows. As the magic is coming back, something deep within us is beginning to call for it, to long for it. More and more people are beginning to feel not just that magic could be real, but that it should be.

Increasing abilities

Since 1952, the energies of magic have been coming back into our world. The most sensitive among you have watched it come in and slowly, ever so slowly, soak into the planet, the trees, and eventually in recent years, into the people.

Just a few hundreds years ago, metas - those who have natural intuitive abilities - were rare. Perhaps one in 100.000 or even one in a million would have a gift strong and clear enough that they could use it consistently and reliably. In some groups - the Irish, the Roma - the gifts were more common than in others.

Over the past decades, this has been changing. More and more people were born with natural abilities. At this point, every child born in this world is a meta, even if its parents never showed any ability. Even adults - including you - are increasingly noticing that their abilities are waking up.

With some understanding of what is going on, and some basic training to handle the gifts, even if your lifetime people will be starting to use real, demonstrable magic. It has returned into our world.

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