All throughout history, Earth has been a place of shadow. Since before life evolved in this world, the basic motivation for almost anything has been fear: fear of not having enough resources, fear of being eaten, fear of not finding the right partner, a safe place to live, of not being loved and respected and heard.

It isn't supposed to work that way. In most other places across the universe, it doesn't work that way. Here, in the world we live and the space surrounding it, something has been very wrong.


A very long time ago, the fabric of reality was torn. Through a rip in the underlying energies of what is, very destructive energies started to come into the arm of the galaxy in which Earth is situated.

Much like an open wound, festering and inflammated, everything around this tear became corrupted. Life, instead of expanding and growing and creating, started to constrain and break apart and destroy. Where there had always been light, suddenly there was shadow. And like an infected wound, it was spreading outward.

The damage had been done at a very deep level, beyond the physical manifestations we are familiar with, beyond even the deeper energies that some of the advanced races in the galaxy work with. The wound was immediately noticed ... but the fabric of existence itself is not something that can be accessed by those who live in it. If it were, a stable existence would be impossible.

What followed was billions of years of pain and suffering in the arm of the galaxy that Earth is situated in.

The Shadow and the Light

The Shadow and the Light are not abstracts - they are not ideas without a physical or concrete existance. They are very real, and have a huge effect on both the energy and the physical world.

The Shadow is everything that comes out of fear. Fear leads to anger, to hatred, to violence and abuse. In the shadow, people seek to control others, in order to feel less scared and helpless themselves. In the shadow, anger, lies and hatred are used to have more power - over others. Abusing others, intimidating them, enslaving them and tearing them down, are often used to keep people small and under control and to take resources away from them.

The Light is everything that comes out of joy. It leads to healthy emotions, to creativity, passion, compassion and love. In the light, people find joy in who they are and what they do, and find and celebrate and encourage the beauty in others. In the light, people share what they have freely, so all have time and energy available to share their creativity and passion with the world. People seek power within themselves, to be free to make their own decisions, and work to help others find power over their own lives. The light is expansive, it encourages growth and change and an increase in all the things that are of the light.

Here's the problem. The Shadow, by its very nature, makes everything less. It spreads - it has to. Constantly driven by fear and a sense that there isn't enough, the Shadow takes from others to give to itself. It lashes out in anger, hatred, bitterness, causing fear and anger in others, even when those others are neutral or trying to hold the light. Even those who have power in the Shadow are becoming less, as their fear grows and they have less and less control over their own self, their decisions and their life.

A long history in Shadow

 As life evolved on Earth well after the tear in the fabric of the universe, it has evolved in Shadow. Almost everything in the history of our planet is based in fear.

Our animal instincts have been telling us to worry about survival, to be scared of not having enough money, or time, or energy. They have been telling us to hoard and control and bite those who act in a way we didn't like.

Our childhood traumas have been telling us to be afraid that people will take away those things you like, that those you love will yell at you or ignore you or abuse you and that nowhere is safe.

Our social training has been telling us not to be different, that when you are real, others will mock you and exclude you. We go to work not because we love expressing out passions, but because we're afraid of not being able to pay the rent, or get a bigger car.

Our countries have been telling us to hate our neighbours, to fight bloody wars over lines in the sand and who owns what and money and the egos of those in power. They have taken our money to make weapons to threaten and kill other people, and refused to help those who were starving and sick and helpless.

We have been violent to those who are different, not because there was anything wrong with them, but because we were afraid we ourselves weren't good enough. We've hoarded what we didn't need out of fear, and we've given to others in hopes of feeling better about ourselves, or gaining the approval of our peers. We have talked about love, and meant control, abuse, jealousy, ownership, blackmail and deceit. We have used pretty words, and at the same time critisised ourselves and everyone else, every hour of every day. We have lied and cheated and savaged and torn people down, over and over and over, and we have come to think of these things as normal.

We are, as a world, as a species and as individuals, almost entirely unfamiliar with the light.

This is now changing.

The first rays of Light

Very recently, during the years of the Shift (2010-2015) the tear in the fabric of reality has been healed. The wound has been healed. Finally, the light is returning to our world, and to us.

Of course, in a world that has only ever known Shadow, the process of healing doesn't end there. Much damage has been done over the past billions of years, in the ways we think, in our physical and emotional functioning, the ways we relate to one another. All of our habits are of Shadow. Everything we have been taught, everything we watched our parent figures and heroes do for generations, has been of Shadow. We are only slowly beginning to realise this. In time, we will learn new, healthier habits and be better, shinier examples to the ones who come after us.

Now that the time of Shadow is ended, billions of people are experiencing genuine joy for the first time. We are beginning to realise that it is possible to find beauty around us, and to suppor each other. It is becoming easier to smile.

Over the coming decades, as the light becomes stronger and expresses more clearly, everything around us is going to change. Without the fear, we are finally free to breathe and explore and be all that we can be.


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