We are, right now, living in very special times. It is a time of massive change, of a huge evolutionary step in the development of humanity and of a Shift in consciousness in our planet.

This Great Shift from the old times to the new Golden Age has long been prophesied by your wise men and women, your mystics, your artists and your wide variety of storytellers. For thousands of years, people have looked ahead into the future, and sensed this time, right now, as a time of great change and the beginning of a whole new Era in the history of Earth. Many stories are told about what would happen, and how it would happen, and who would be the ones making it happen.

Today, you no longer have to look forward to catch a glimpse of this very special time. All you have to do is look around you. You have already made it through the transition time, the Great Shift, and are solidly living at the very start of the new Golden Age. You have a unique change to see major historical events unfold before your very eyes.


So what, you might wonder, is this New Golden Age? What is New about it? What makes it Golden?

Three major vectors

There are three important things you need to understand in order to answer those questions.

1: The Light

Our world has been a world of Shadow for a very, very long time. We have grown so used to everything being based in fear and anger, that most of us forgot that there is another way of doing things. This time of Shadow has ended. For the first time since life evolved on our planet, the Light has come back, and with it everything and everyone in our world is beginning to come from joy. You can imagine, perhaps, the implications.

2: The Magic

Our solar system moves through an area in space with a very strong, very special energy twice every 26.000 years. This is the energy of magic, the energy that allows the use of meta-intuitive abilities. Since the very beginning, Earth has periodically moved through this area in space, and many species including humans evolved to be able to use it. The last cycle ended roughly 10.000 years ago. Now, the energy is coming back, and with it the magic.

3: The Heart

While we might think ourselves evolved and intelligent, one look at the state of our world should be enough to show us we are not. Humanity has been a species that lived in the tribal stage of development and barely made it up to conscious thought. Right now, humanity is making an evolutionary leap up from being mostly-animals: we are becoming creatures of the heart, a species of real sentience.



We explain more about these vectors in the following articles.

A Golden Time

All of these three vectors are coming together right now, for the very first time in the history of this world. If it had been only one of these, it would still be an interesting time to be alive ... but it would not have the epic scope of the change we are experiencing right now. With humanity finally letting go of fear, beginning to rediscover magic, and rising up to a level of sentience from which we can love one another and explore who we as a species truly are, so much becomes possible.

Imagine the changes in society just from the eredication of fear. So much of what we do is based in fear - the fear that people won't love us, won't like us, may hurt us. The fear that there won't be enough resources to survive. The fear that something bad may happen. All of this fear leads to anger, to distrust, hate, abuse, which in turn leads to more fear. 

Imagine, for a moment, what changes when people let that fear go, and begin to find joy in themselves, in each other, in the world. It changes everything about relationships, self-image, the way we lead our lives and organise our societies and relate to others all over the world.

Imagine what happens when everyone in the world suddenly begins to be intuitive. When everyone can tell what others are feeling, and no abused spouse, hungry child or frightend pet will be ignored any longer. When the magic we have been craving in our dreams, starts becoming reality.

And if you can, imagine a world where everyone is centered in the heart. Where every person you meet in the street looks at you with love, and genuinely cares about you and your well-being. Where every person in power, making decisions, is looking out for the better interests of others, and constantly looking for new ways to let people feel safe, find joy and express their uniqueness.

This is why upcoming millenia will be a new Golden Age.

A very complicated process

There was the potential for everything in our world - in the arm of the galaxy that Earth resides within - to make this massive Shift ... but it was not a certainty. There was only a very small window during which all the right things lined up to make it possible. It had to be exactly this time, for reasons that take advanced cosmic mathematics to understand, and everything had to be prepared just right. It was an incredibly difficult last 6 years, and a very complicated process, but we have come out the other end.

The Shift happened from 10 October 2010 till mid October 2015. The transition was made successfully, and all the processes are in place to continue on this trajectory for a very long time to come. Right now, we are living in the new Golden Age, and within just a decade, we will look back and not be able to recognise the world we grew up in. 

That's a lot of change for a very short time, and people generally do not handle change well. The adjustment period is going to be a little messy, but it is also going to be so incredibly exciting. Kirael has named 2016 the Year of Revelation. It is the year when the changes that have been made over the past 6 years are going to become obvious. Secrets are going to come out, hidden truths will be uncovered, and even parts of yourself that you thought were buried are going to resurface. Now is when everything changes.


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