In this section of, you will find a recounting of the memories of Kirael doAi of the events that took place over the course of the last 300.000 years of human history. It is not a complete story, but great effort has been put into scanning everything from a deep intuitive place. This is as close as it gets to the real story of the Anu involvement in humanity’s history.

Should you believe any of this story? Of course not.

We encourage anyone hearing this to scan it, to sense it, to feel it. See which parts actually feel right, what might have some truth to it to your own senses. Search for pieces of your own past, your own dreams and nightmares that support it. Don't believe it blindly, but also don't disbelieve it blindly.

Once you get rid of that primitive attitude of burning-people-at-the-stake for having different ideas, you can begin to scan the available data for yourself, and with some work begin to build a picture that you trust. You can look at geological sites that make no sense, read some of the alternate histories, do some internet searching, watch your tv-shows for places where they talk about extra-terrestrials and gods in human history, and put the pieces together. What you're going to find is that a story will come out. And if enough of you do this for long enough, with the ability to scan and actually sense what's true and what's false, what you'll find is that you all come up with the same story: a story very similar to the story told below.

Take the story of the Anu and work with it, so that it makes sense, so that it begins to fit for you and you can start to remember some of the buried trauma. Start to put together the pieces you uncover, so that the gaps in human evolution and the really strange pieces in human history that don't make any sense, can start fitting into a more complete puzzle.

As people slowly remember these buried pieces of trauma in the human species subconscious and begin to release it, people won't find themselves shaking and quaking and have trouble breathing every time someone brings up any of the trigger words or images.

We need to remember this so we can let this trauma go, and begin to forgive and heal - so that over the next years, we can begin to explore space and interact with the other species that are out there without the baggage of our past affecting us and preventing us from playing and exploring like children.

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