I told you a story a long time ago, a story I remember from another lifetime, of coming to this world as a non-human. A story of coming as a scientist to explore this world and study its people. I suppose that would make us anthropologists. But in a way it was more religion than science, because we respected sentience, the ability to think, above most other things. And so the arising of sentience in a species was a miraculous thing. We had lifespans that could easily go half a million of your years. We were an older race, by your standards, and our technology had gotten rid of most diseases. Accidents were uncommon. So we could go a place and study there for 100.000 years and not think too much of it, anymore than you think of working in the same job for 40 years. It was just part of our lifespan.

And so they came here to study for 100.000-200.000 years, and watched as humans struggled towards sentience. It was a really big deal.

Things went wrong. I've told you what went wrong and helped you to understand why it happened. One of the things we did, was to meddle with human DNA. To interfere with the process of arising sentience. Clearly, something was wrong, because that was the greatest travesty for us. And so we meddled with human sentience, we forced them to arise ahead of time, not because it was good for them, but because something was going wrong and our people were going crazy and we wanted a labour force to go out and go into the mines and collect certain metals - specifically gold - and do the labour for us because there were so few of us. In terms of that race, it was a totally unacceptable decision, and even in terms of the way most sentient species in the galaxy. Even your species can understand this: you don't interfere with the development of a species. This is not a difficult concept. But we did. And this was the arising of homo sapiens on your planet, from homo erectus to homo sapiens. And a lot of drama and a lot of stupid stuff happened.

I remember after I left the main group, after I was kicked out, the smaller part of the group, the third or so that were remaining, meddled a second time to shift humans. This was only 130.000 years ago. They did it to make humans physically weaker, to make them less intelligent, to make them more aggressive and less powerful. There is an idea that shows up in the fiction of your world, of the homo erectus tribes being sentient and having language, but they didn't build structures because they lived in the trees, and they spoke to the trees, and the tree spirits and the waters and the plants. They basically had magic, they were a primitive magical tribe. These mythologies come up because they're true. I don't know how sentient homo erectus was, but they did have an innate connection to the land. They could tell when an earthquake or a tidal wave was going to happen the same way animals can. They could tell when it was going to be an early snow, or some natural disaster was going to occur. Their size, their strength, their longer lifespan, the fact that they were fairly peaceful, these things made them dangerous. They bred fast, and pretty soon would have covered the entire world, and all spoken the same language and gotten along. They would have been a powerful and peaceful race, that was in touch with nature and as a result had what you might call magic. They could talk to the animal herds, and the animals would sacrifice someone so that the humans could live, or they could talk to a river and cause it to change its course. These were very dangerous abilities. If there is only a very small number of you and there is a population of the enemy, even if they are not super smart, that's rapidly growing towards the millions, and they have long lifespans and they are strong and durable and they have the magic to shape things ... Imagine if they directed a river so that the water no longer came to your camp, and your people were all starving or dying of thirst? Or if they did as Hercules did, and directed a river to actually flood your camp. This was dangerous. The second reworking was to take away human power. It made them less strong, less durable, shortened their lifespan, made them more vulnerable to their environment so they'd die out faster and the population wouldn't grow, it made them more aggressive and more sexual so they would fight amongst themselves and control their population, and it took away their magic.

I just ran across a mythology: the evolution of the term soul mate. One of the Greek gods cut people in half, and so you spent your entire life looking for the rest of you. I realised that that is what happened. Not that you have four arms and four legs and two faces, that's the adaptation of the mythology for the children at the time, but rather than humans had great power and potential in their connection to nature, in their empathy with one another, and that was intentionally broken down. So all the humans that are seeking magic now, reading Harry Potter and so on, they are coming to a place where they are craving again that wholeness they should have had, that was taken away by that shift from the early, primitive homo sapiens to the modern homo sapiens sapiens. And this is why humans have had so much trouble finding magic, why you hear so many people say that something's missing and they don't know what it is. This is the root of the behaviour of all mystics, a sense that there is something far greater that they can't find, and they're seeking it. All of this because of the forced evolutionary step to so called modern humans. This is where humans lost magic, and so in regaining it, it is not enough for us to want it, it is not enough for humans to lay the groundwork by making changes at the meta level. There is going to be a need to find the part that was cut off by this last shifting, by what the others did when they took away something, probably not intentionally, they weren't smart enough, that made humans unable to feel the planet, to sense one another, to communicate more directly. They took that away from them. They may have done that on purpose. My memories say that this other race was able to communicate directly, without words, from one mind to another. They had evolved that way, and so they probably understood very well what part of the brain that came from. And they separated it. Much like the early cure for epilepsy, where they split the corpus collossum and left you with two totally separated brains, brutal and ugly but humans did this to one another in the name of helping. In effect this was done to you. Some large part of you was cut away, and I don't feel that it was removed from the system. That kind of thing would have been too damaging. Rather, it was just separated, so that the two separate parts can no longer touch. And so in the ability to regain magic, we will need to develop a way for people to begin to put these pieces back together, and as they heal this in themselves, then they can begin to re-touch the energies of nature, the spirits out there, to speak mind to mind with one another. Yes, we're touching the fringes of that now. I feel the reason we're not having more success is because of the work that was done approximately 130.000 years ago, that changed the biology. So we are going to have to find a way to repair that damage in each of us, and in doing so, regain access to the things we lost so long ago.

Angel, 2014-04-14

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