There is a Doctor Who episode in season 5, where digging deep underground they discover an ancient city, buried far under there. A city of very advanced technology with a huge population of saurian, reptilian humanoids, and it is explained that they ones ruled the world, but they were afraid of a major catastrophe from space, and so they went into hibernation. These saurians, they call all humans monkeys, speak of them with great disdain, feel they should be exterminated, talk about hunting them for sport because these primitive monkeys have no right to exist. When they're in their glass fronted suspension chambers, the images should be ones that are very familiar from other sources Angel's referenced.

They have two casts: they have a science cast and they have a warrior cast, and the two sides are strongly opposed to one another but the warrior cast, being stronger, tends to take over.

And so the Doctor manages to capture one of these. She's wearing a metal mask, and when she's caught, the doctor reaches out and removes her mask. You can guess the first thing he says to her. "Wow, you are really beautiful."

This was the first thing Angel said when he saw a picture of a reptilian in a book on alternative history.

Angel, 2015-06-20

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