A third of a million years ago, this group of people who evolved from reptiles rather than rodents as your people did, came to your world. I said that they were a race of very soft spoken intellectuals, who as intellectuals didn't have a religion, but had made a kind of spirituality out of intellect, that they considered the intellect the highest attainment. They were in attitude perhaps a bit like Spock.

Spock or his species the Vulcan had a time when they went into a reproductive state and it was not a quiet, gentle, peaceful state. It was intense and passionate and overwhelming, and they became something other. This was always something buried inside them, but they kept all this passion and emotion buried by an excessive devotion to logic and science. The Anu were like this. They evolved from primitive creatures, just as humans did. The only difference is at their world, the dinosaurs weren't wiped out and the reptiles grew up to be the dominant species, not the mammals. They're not the only ones, there are many races out there, but they do tend to fall into types. So there are other reptilians who have evolved on other worlds who are different, but at a glance you might think them very similar, even the same race. Just as there are other forms out there similar to humans. These others, these Anu, being very technologically advanced, had figured out what caused ageing and slowed it down to where they could live half a million years in terms of our Earth years. Effectively, they didn't die. In addition, they all shared not one mind, but they all communicated mind to mind. This actually helped - if one of them started to become savage, the others would notice and stop it. This way, over a very long time, they eradicated or buried most of the savage deep within, and they were just these cold Spock types. It also made it impossible for them to kill one another. Being so closely linked, if one of their people died, many of their people would be killed in the shockwave of it. So they left most of their violence and savagery behind and evolved into something like the ultimate idea of the human scientist, brilliant but without passion, working, devoted, day after day, year after year, in a white lab coat ... and then just put green scales on them, make them a little taller, give them a tail, and you've basically got the Anu.

They came to this world because the primitive race that was here at the time - this was about a 3rd of a million years ago - was waking into sentience. And they didn't have a religion, but they had this almost religious devotion to intellect, so they came to study that awakening. It was a sacred moment, and if you live half a million years, spending 100.000 years watching such an impressive time doesn't seem like such a big deal. It's no different than Jane Goodall going to live with some hairy monkey creature for ten years. They took a chunk of their lives and came here to watch humans awaken.

Angel has spoken of a cycle that this world and much around it goes through. Over many thousands of years, there's a sudden influx of a lot of energy. It stays for a time, and then it fades, and then it awakens again, stays for a time, and then it fades. This energy is something that humans have evolved to be able to work with and to use. Your stories of magic come from using this energy. The Hindu idea that there are great ages comes from this. When you enter into a place where this energy returns, it begins a golden age, and you begin to remember the magic and the technology, you begin to take energy more directly from the world and don't have to eat as much. You have more resources and awareness, so you lose much of the savagery that causes you to fight your endless wars and violence. When you come out of this, your world is like a lake in a desert, with lush green all around it, but the water starts to evaporate, and eventually it gets to a place where the water is all evaporated, and the lake is just a lake bed. And next year, when the monsoon comes, the lake bed will fill again, and all the creatures that have been in hibernation will come out, and it's this life, vibrant green thing. And it will slowly fade. It will happen again and again. This cycle is like that. When this energy flows in, you have a golden age, and then it drops off and you get to a silver age, and then there is less of it and you get to a bronze age where technology becomes more important and technology is fading - this is the time of the Lord of the Rings trilogy - and eventually the magic fades almost completely and you enter the darkest of the ages. In this time, the only magic that is left is in a few very deep spots and people fight and kill to control these spots. People kill and torture each other to steal one another's life force, and use that as dark magic, and this is all that's left. And in time, even that fades, and what's left is a bunch of kids reading stories of D&D and playing with ouiji boards because they think there should be magic there somewhere, but all the secret societies and such have become either drugged out of their mind old men, or power mongers seeking to control financial power because there is no more energy. And then your world enters this golden age again.

We have entered a golden age, in the 1950s, 1957 perhaps, this world began to re-enter the cloud and this energy started flowing back in. For those who are aware, you can see it in pictures. From the time before till the time after, how colour and life and energy seem to start coming back into things. And you can see it when you look out the window now. There is a story that when Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings, he did it to talk of the end of the 3rd age and the rise of the dark age, the 4th age, because he somehow knew that this was the time of moving from the 4th age back into the 1st, and he wanted to reawaken these memorise. And so Sauron and Gandalf and the little hobbit people, according to this story, were all real and have all simply faded away because the magic has faded.

It might be reasonable to ask, who cares? If we are re-entering this golden age - and I don't seen any evidence that we are - who cares what happened in the last age? Who cares what happened in the past? Here is why it matters, referencing a book "Catastrophobia" by Barbara Hand Clow. She says all these people afraid of a catastrophe wiping out your world, are not predicting the future, they're remembering the past. The catastrophes have come and wiped out your race, and you need to remember them. Why? If you went through a traumatic experience in the past, your mind has a way of burying that, so that you don't have all your resources handling the trauma. It pushes it down and lets you go on with your life. And that's fine, if you life three to ten years, as many animals do. But if you live a long enough time, those buried memories start to leak back into your life, and you feel paranoia or obsession or anxiety, and it eventually takes over your life. The way that you recover, is to go back and recover the memories of what happened. You bring that back into awareness, and feeling it, and expressing it, and talking about it, you un-bury this thing, and by un-burying it, you can remove it and begin to clean things up. This is the nature of all of modern psychology's regression therapy and talk therapy. They are trying to encourage you to recall the buried places of your past, so you can find the traumas, the stuck places, and let them go. This isn't some mystic voodoo, this is how modern psychology works, that by recalling a trauma, you let the energies of it out into the light and they don't poison you anymore. Barbara Hand Clow, in "Catastrophobia", says that your species has gone through catastrophes, and that you have a global mind - something Jung postulated in a global subconscious - in which those traumas are buried. You need to bring them out and remember them in order to let them go. These people are, at least in part, correct. You humans need to remember the stories of the big traumas in your past, and in remembering them bring them into the light, and then they don't only come out in your nightmares, in your obsessions, in your anxieties. So this was Tolkien's effort, according to one story, to bring up the memories of the past Shift, from the bronze age into the iron age, in order to start remembering some of your own past so you can more effectively handle the shift from the iron age into the gold.

Along those lines of thinking, Angel has released the story of the Anu. They are perhaps the biggest external influence on humanity in the entire history of humanity. Until you can go back and start remembering those things, you can't let the traumas go.

Bunch of big lizards in your back yard who came to study humans, what's such a big influence about that? Well, humans evolved in this world, so when it goes through this cycle into a golden age, all this energy flowing in, they can use it. The Anu didn't evolve here. The first time they hit it, it was like a scientist using cocaine. Suddenly you're up all night and getting work done and ohh it's so exciting. But repeated exposure to it, to the point where you're using cocaine all the time, every day, maybe start using speed or meth or something ... it makes you more and more nervous, neurotic, anxious. You quit eating, your health fails, you get obsessive, nervous, twitchy, you start suspecting everybody. You lose your stability when you start obsessively using a drug. If it's only every thousand years that these cycles happen, you might think that that's hardly excessively using a drug. But understand that while one cycle may last 12.500 years or so, for the majority of that time, the energy is here. It's only in the final iron age where it fades completely, and even then there are tiny pockets. The world is inundated with it. Imagine a desert species who can't handle water, they find water toxic - there is a recent silly movie about this - finding this wonderful desert world, and a short time later, torrential downpours begin. For a hundred years, everything's wet and there's humidity in the air, and then it fades and for 20 years it's desert again, and then torrential downpours begin. The majority of the time, this energy is there, and it may not be toxic to the Anu, but it causes lots of energy to circulate inside. If you have taken the savage reptile piece inside and constrained it, you can live your life in safety. If you suddenly start feeding lots of energy into it, that savage reptile starts trashing around and doing all kinds of damage, and can even get lose and take over. This is what happened to the Anu. Through repeated exposure to the cycle, the savage beast inside got loose, and they became more and more neurotic, obsessive, paranoid, angry, dangerous and destructive. They broke up the commonality, the shared mind between them, and began to kill one another and plot against one another. They took 2/3rd of their number, the more peaceful among them, and stranded them on the planet surface without any technology, forcing them to live with very low standard of living. They actually had to grow crops and stuff. If you're used to living with a sort of star trek replicator for food and suddenly you've got to dig the earth with your hands and grow corn or whatever they eat, it's very difficult. The most crazy and dangerous 1/3rd remained, and those continued to fight and plot against each other and steal from one another and trying to accrue power. You can find this reflected in the Babylonian or Sumerian myths, of the gods stealing the Mai from one another or seducing one another or getting one another drunk to gain their power.

The upshot of it was that all of the ones on the planet surface were eventually wiped out and killed. The ones who continued to have their technology, there was a smaller and smaller number, until there were only two: a male and a female, who worked together to gather all the power and destroy or enslave the few who remained. And those two have been a part of this world's history for as long as this world's had a history.

Let's take a step back. The Anu came to study humans, to study proto-humans that weren't quite humans yet, to watch them evolve. What they found when this energy came, was that certain metals could work as a kind of shield against it, to decrease its effectiveness. One of them was gold. And so they started mining. They had fairly advanced tools and dug out great caverns, but still somebody had to be down there directing the machines. And to a people who are used to wearing white lab coats and never getting their hands dirty, suddenly being underground and surrounded by mining and noise, it wasn't appealing to them. It was very unsettling. Scientists don't like to get their hands dirty, they like pristine conditions, they're fussy. So what they decided to do, in their increasing lack of sanity and conscience, was to re-engineer the resident monkey race on the planet, the one they had been studying, to force sentience to happen faster and to encourage them to breed faster and spread out and take over the world. They used these as a work force. But the humans turned out to be very smart and bred very fast, and even though they could put leaders in charge, there was a chance that the humans would rebel. There were just too many of them, and they were developing technology too fast. You find echoes of this in the story of the tower of babel.

And so the gods, these Anu, had to do something. What they did was to go back and re-engineer humanity. In modern scientific terms, think of it as a retrovirus, something that went back and re-coded their DNA to shorten their lifespan, to lower their intelligence, to make them more sexually obsessed to make them breed faster, and to make them more violent. So less smart, more violent, more primitive. And these could be easily controlled, and these were the ones used in the mining operations. These are the modern humans. This is the story of the tower of Babel, where everybody is suddenly speaking a different language. This "retrovirus" (it was actually something else, but like it) made the kind of language they all used not available anymore, the intellect to understand it wasn't available, and they were all just making weird savage gruntings and had to develop language anew. With it came obsessive animal behaviours, increased sexuality, increased violence and the unity of the human race shattered into primitive, violent, warring tribes from which your modern world evolved. Most of you think that you were monkeys until you evolved into primitive warring tribes and then into modern humans. You missed this incredibly important part of your history. Important because this trauma is encoded in you, and until you can remember it and feel it and let it go, it will continue to make you nervous and anxious and frustrated and angry and aggressive and stupid. So this missing step, this time between 150-100.000 years where humans were fairly advanced, where there was global maritime culture and so on, is totally missing from anything but some of the alternate histories. All your mainstream histories ignore it or fail to notice it even though the evidence is all there.

As the Anu went more and more crazy and grew weaker, they learned that although they couldn't use the energy as the Earth spun through these cycles, because it tore them up inside, they could take energy from humans. A sort of energy vampire thing. So humans were a sort of sentient cattle. They could be raised in large numbers, they were incredibly stupid, they were easy to manipulate, and you could just feed on them and throw them away when they were dead. This is how the Anu survived for a very long time. As a side note, gold helped deflect this energy as it was flowing in. If they could take and scatter it, it would be weaker. One structure that is effective for that, is the pyramid. You could take a great pyramid for its wedged shape, to scatter the energy coming in, put a stasis chamber underneath it, cap it with gold, and then these Anu could hide underneath it and avoid the worst of the chaos. So during what we would currently call a golden age, they could go into stasis in these places. If they were in their ships orbiting this world or on their base on the moon, they were very vulnerable - though there is a pyramid on the moon, you may have seen pictures of it. This is the origin of pyramids in your world. It's not like a bunch of savages suddenly decided, "Let's make a bunch of rocks into a pointy hill. Why? Maybe we'll bury our king under there." That's a silly idea. But if you find the idea of anything but a human being sentient, then you have to find a way to explain how these pyramids came into existence. "A bunch of people living in the mud of the Nile and growing crops suddenly decided they wanted huge pointy mountains." Silly.

In the times that weren't the golden ages, when the energies were less, the Anu were still active. But if you spend a few thousand years in stasis and you come out, everybody's forgotten you. And when you look like a monster ... The greeks are said to have worked with a god who came up out of the sea, Oannes?, who brought culture and civilisation to them. But when they describe him, they don't describe him as a beautiful being, as people do their gods. They call him the abomination. There are stories of this all over the world, of these people trying to walk your world, but your people were saying, "That's ... scary, whatever that is." And there is only so much you can do. Maybe they only have sticks with pointy things on the end, but when there are hundreds of thousands of them, it's a problem. So what they learned to do very early on, in cities like Er, cities in ancient India, North and South America, Asia, is to set themselves up as gods. They created the mythology of the god: that there were humans who are petty and trivial, and these infinite beings. And if you live half a million years, to something that lives 40 years, you live forever. So there are these immortal beings that their parents and their grandparents and their great grandparents had seen, and talked to them. It was easy, given their long lifespan and their technology, to set themselves up as gods. Think of the phrase "May god strike me dead if I'm lying." A god who has a satellite in space who can track every human being is not such a strange idea. Humans do it now. You advance that technology a couple hundred thousand years, you could launch a small projectile from space, or a beam weapon, and just strike somebody dead on the spot. This isn't scifi, this is stuff you on your primitive level have already been talking about, and the Anu were much more advanced.

So they set themselves up as gods, and people worshipped them. While initially there were many of them, in the end there were just these primary two fighting it out. They were in some backwater parts of the world, where these two didn't have a stake - they couldn't watch everything - and so some of the lesser Anu set themselves up as deities there. And thus you get the first gods all over your world. And these two, you might know them as Yahweh and his Ashara, show up again and again all over human history. Every single mythology has these two in it. You can find her, the female, in the goddess of love and violence, or sex and violence, who shows up again and again in every mythology out there. You can find him in the father figure god, who's the head of the gods. All of your mythologies are shaped by these two reptilian aliens. They continued to feed on humans, and they continued to meddle, and so on.

Your society is trying to remember these buried things, so that it can bring them up, and bring them into awareness and let go of the toxins. Your society is insanely religious in its rejection of aliens. Back as early as the 1950s you could be fired from your job and blackballed so you didn't work again, for saying you'd seen a UFO. You were basically branded a heretic and throw out of society. Your society, run by your scientists, has a religious devotion to the idea that there are no others out there. Most people hearing this are so caught up in this sort of religious devotion to try and scan it. I would encourage anyone hearing this to scan it, to sense it, to feel it. See which parts actually feel right, what might have some truth to it. Search for pieces of your own past, your own dreams and nightmares that support it. Don't believe it blindly, but also don't disbelieve it blindly. This scientific religion which enslaves all of you ... you have this science-based superiority saying that anyone proposing such idea has to be a person of very low intellect. And so you're all blind. But not that long ago, you had homosexuality labelled medically as a kind of insanity, and anybody who was gay you wanted to lock up and subject to electroshock and straight jackets and sticking a scrambler up their nose to scramble their fore brain. You guys did this to one another until very recently. Now, in just a few years, your world has evolved to where most sentient people on the planet recognise homosexuality as either a choice or as a precoded thing. Increasingly, even your scientists, who are usually the most narrow minded people among you, the most unwilling to accept new things, are saying homosexuality is something you're born with. It has been observed in just about every animal species studied. So in a very short time, you've gone from the idea that "This is clinically insane" to "Oh, this is normal." Increasingly it's even become a thing you honour. It's time to make the same kind of transition with the idea that there are things smarter than humans out there. Humans are not the smartest thing in the whole of the universe. I encourage you to move from the blind hatred of the idea of extraterrestrials to a kind of tolerance, and then a celebration of the idea. It's good that there are smarter things out there, because you guys aren't doing so great! You've nearly wiped the world out on multiple occasions. You've nearly killed off every human with the weapons at your disposal. You've got to hope there's something smarter out there.

Take the story of the Anu and work with it, so that it makes sense, so that it begins to fit for you and you can start to remember some of the buried trauma and put them together, so that the gaps in human evolution and the really strange pieces in human history that don't make any sense, can start fitting into a more complete puzzle.

All that to introduce the simple idea that you're trying. If you have water leaking out the end of a hose, you have a puddle. If you try to stop the water, the more that you press down, the more that the water will spray out in all directions and there'll be water everywhere. This has happened in your world with the awareness of non-humans, of extraterrestrials. When you first began to consider the idea, you thought it's cool. Look at the religious ideas of the renaissance. Many of them have images of UFO's in the skies. Since then, you've tried to repress the idea that there are extra-terrestrials who have meddled in the history of humanity, but rather than facing these ideas, you've repressed them from the top and they sprayed out all over. There vast numbers of movies and books and television shows and video games that are exposing this idea now to every child. Every child in the world can download video games, from one of the earliest ones like "Space Invaders". The obsession every child has with being an astronaut. Some of them, put out by more sensitive people, are actually very close to the truth, they have a lot of the truth in them. If it were coming in from the top, it could be filtered, because from the top the idea's been repressed. Some of the things coming out are true - the difficulty is telling which of the things coming out are true, and which are nonsense, because they're mixed together. Really, you just need to scan them for yourself, and then talk about it with other people and begin to build a picture for yourselves.

One of those mythologies he's mentioned, and it's not the mainstream ones like Star Wars, is Stargate. By the time it gets to Stargate Atlantis and the later things, it's mostly cheesy, it's how do we make more money and push the franchise. But in the first few seasons, there's an incredible amount of truth coming out of it. And you can find it, and you can feel it in there. I just mention them here, but I'm going to talk about Earth: Final Conflict. It's so atrociously badly acted and horribly written, but the fans were really fanatical, and the reason Angel went back and looked at it is that he did a huge working around Dec. 2011, and after he did it, Rohaa said, "The story you just told us of the work you did, I've heard this story before." She mentioned an episode of EFC, and when I went back and watched it, an astounding amount of things from that episode were work that I had done. It was very far to the end of where EFC ended. In the next season they went to a much more popular theme of body snatchers and so on. While it should have been much more successful, all the fans said "This is crap" and quit watching it and the show went off the air. The reason is, they tried to make money instead of tracking the underlying things. In all of the other seasons, they are tracking something of deep truths, and the most sensitive ones among you have watched it and said, "I don't know why but I LIKE that, that feels right to me, I want to live that life, I want to be part of that." You could feel, scan, the truth that was in there, and when they switched to making it something that should have made lots of money, you the sensitive ones said, "I'm not watching this garbage anymore" and you stopped. But before that final fading, there's a lot of amazing things in there.

The Atavus were a precursor race, and some aliens actually meddled with their DNA and created the Jaridians and the Taelon, but both of them still have the Atavus inside them. This is oddly reminiscent to the StarCraft mythology, where an alien force came and meddled, and created the savage bug race the Zerk and the intellectual Protoss. At some point a group of the Atavus travelled to Earth, and left behind technological devices such as regeneration chambers. Once there they began to adopt the practise of feeding on the energy of primitive beings, such as the native humans. They set themselves up as masters of Earth. During that time they altered the lifeforms in the ecosystem and even introduced a few of their own, such as bio-engineered human kind. They contributed some DNA to the developing humans, which allowed their biologies to recognise one another even if their minds did not. They genetically engineered early humans in order to create intelligent life stock. The dominance of the Atavus came to an end when a danger from out of space engulfed the planet, which forced the Atavus underground in order to preserve their race. This allowed humanity to evolve unchallenged, and they forgot about their gods that once ruled their planet. They were hiding in underground stasis chambers scattered across the world. One such chamber was discovered by a knight, who killed one, and the other couldn't survive the temperatures underground and had to go back in stasis - this only makes sense for a reptile. One of their kind travelled through time and became regarded as a demon in human mythology. Another was a famous Egyptian, a sorcerer of great power, who taught Imhotep the secret of creating the pyramids.

The Taelons, who are the Anu here, recognise that they have the Atavus within themselves, but they reject it due to its savagery. However, over the course of millions of years it was believed that the savage piece was extinct while the Taelons prospered. However, the Taelons still possessed the genetic legacy of the Atavus within their DNA, that is, deep inside them they still had this savage beast. They crafted the commonality, the shared mind, to help themselves control the Atavus inside themselves. If any Taelon, or Anu, is cut off from the common mind they revert immediately to savagery. In this they have it wrong, but you can see how they got to that. Da'an has vowels, humans speak with vowels, but Taelons don't, they speak like reptilians, it's all hisses and vocalisations and stops, so Da'an ... is'nt as humans pronounce it. The episode where Da'an gets cut off and devolves into an Atavus and promptly starts feeding on humans, is the entire history of the Anu put together in one episode so it's easy for children to understand. The Taelons shared this commonality, and it made it impossible for them to kill one another. There's the idea throughout the entire series that there is only a small number of Taelons left and they're facing extinction. In fact, there's a vast number of Anu out there, on their homeworld, on many others, on research projects all over, but when the Anu became aware that some of their people had gone mad, they didn't know what had caused it and couldn't bring them back, for fear that it was some sort of disease that would infect all of them. And they couldn't come and study it, because coming and studying it was what drove the first guys mad. So what they did was quarantine the area around the solar system - actually, not even the whole solar system, partly through it there's a band that keeps the Anu from leaving. And every year, every century, they were getting more crazy, and they were slowly dying. They were killing one another, or killing themselves, or going mad and becoming non-functional. So the Anu have this desperate desire to escape and this fear of demise because it's getting to close. And you see this showing up in the Taelons, that they're constantly worried about their own extinction and don't have the life force to continue. Everything they're doing throughout the whole series is to try and save their dying race. This also is the story of the Anu. The show wasn't worth watching, except for the deep story beneath it. And so the only people who watched it were people who were sensitive enough to hear echoes of the deep story resonating within them, and they said "There's something there. I feel it."

There is a scene of one of the Taelons sitting in a meditative posture, holding a mudra with his hands, as being the father of Buddhism and Christianity and several other religions. That, too, is relevant. All of the world's religions were created or co-opted by the Anu, and so the idea of a primitive Taelon fostering and developing all the world's religions is highly relevant. The Anu only ever cared about control. There were so few of them by the end, perhaps only 6. Because they were so few, and humanity to vast, they used any technique they could to control, and one of the easiest and most successful was religion. Because once you implanted the idea of religion, the leaders would then take over enforcing that for you and torture and kill everybody who disagrees and force everybody to blindly follow and everybody would follow their leaders. The religion required it. Eventually members of a community would ostracise a heritic or even burn at the stake someone who didn't follow that religion. It was a very effective control technique.

As the Anu got more and more crazy, they spent more and more time in stasis, and they've gotten more and more weak, no longer being able to bring in healthy energy and process it. As they've gotten more weak and more crazy, they've had less and less effect on human kind. Why, if a species was presented with interstellar technology, did they not start developing their own? If a more powerful country takes over a smaller country, all of their technologies will start being used by that smaller country until that country is brought up to the level of the invading country, and they will have created an enemy that can actually chase them out. That technology spread is a common part of your world. Here is an invading race controlling your people with a vast technological advantage, why didn't your people use it? Why didn't they develop that technology? I suggest that they did. On many occasions they started to develop this technology, stories like the sinking of Atlantis or the destruction of the tower of Babel because of technological advancements. On many occasions they began to develop this technology on their own. Humans are curious, they explore, they put the pieces together, they try things. They began to develop technology, and in every case they were basically bombed back to the bronze age and kept there for a very long time. In the past few thousand years, as the last of these Anu have gone into stasis for an extended period of time and become so weak as to be ineffectual, they could no longer repress human technology. And so perhaps there was a last great effort at the onset of the dark ages, where the religious people went out and burned all the libraries and killed all the scientists and doctors and dentists and every intellectual. Humans drove themselves back into a bronze age that lasted for a very long while. But humans are resilient creatures, so eventually they began to come out of it and say, "Why did we burn our libraries, this is stupid, we could do so much more." All it took was one country anywhere saying they weren't going to do it, and the renaissance began. And as soon as it did, they had the best ships for trading and were healthier and had the best warships for fighting and the best technology for arms, and all the other counties would want to compete and begin to do the same. And this is the initiation of the renaissance. It explains why most of your world was still in a very primitive state when Europe went into the renaissance and began to discover all these technologies. It could theoretically have happened in many places, but it had to start somewhere, and once it did, it spread outward from there to the United State, Canada, Australia, South America, Russia, Asia. The technological spread has continued. This was only possible because the Anu were now too weak or in stasis, that they were no longer destroying technological progress, which has allowed your world to reach where it is now.

And all of you want to say, we're the end product of evolution, we're the best and brightest and smartest, and it's nonsense. You're simply a stage in evolution. You're just a part of the process. When you start seeing yourself as part of the process, instead of some god-imbued empowered end product that is the smartest and most glorious thing in the universe ... your awareness could finally expand to realise the sun doesn't rotate around you, and from there it has expanded outward until you began to realise how big the universe is, and thus the likelihood of other intelligent species. This allows you the option, the opportunity, to begin to recover these things. The only thing that stops you at this point is this sort of religious indoctrination that says the earth is flat and the sun rotates around it and there can't be anything else like this. This core mindset is what causes you to say, "You believe in aliens, you're crazy." You're just like the people who are trying to kill Galileo for saying the solar system was heliocentric. It's that same insane, primitive mindset that tries to batter into submission anyone that says that you're not the centre of everything. So when you can get rid of that primitive, burning-people-at-the-stake for having different ideas and actually begin to scan the available data, look at geological sites that make no sense, read some of the alternate histories, do some internet searching, watch your tv shows and put the pieces together, what you're going to find is that a story will come out. And if enough of you do this for long enough, with the ability to scan and actually sense what's true and what's false, what you'll find is that you all come up with the same story. I predict that it is the story I'm telling you. In this way you will begin to remember these buried pieces of trauma in your human species subconscious, and let go of the trauma, and you won't find yourself shaking and quaking and have trouble breathing every time someone says Shaqaravaa or something like that - because you'll have remembered these pieces and let the trauma go.

Angel, 2014-05-26

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