This recording talks about racism, genocide, war, and slavery. If those things bother you - don't listen. Similarly, if you are a feminist, tune out now.

Slavery is incredibly bothersome. It is the greatest horror, the greatest savagery that one sentient or one species can do to another. The only places in this world where slavery is still happening, is in children's games, and in the most savage and primitive wealthy people who still try to get away with this under the radar. Society recognises that slavery is a corrupt and ugly thing. Yet there are many games of space exploration, made for children and young people, in which slavery is an intrinsic part of the game. The only way you can grow your colony in one of those, is to catch people and put them in jail till they join you, or to buy slaves from a slave ship. And nobody playing these games complain or object - they see it just as a game mechanic, no big deal. This isn't the only one, there are at least four recent space games that all involve slavery as a game mechanic, without anyone objecting. This is deeply disturbing.

Cats, if they were to grow up into a sentient species, would keep slaves. They have this attitude of "I am god," this arrogance. Dogs, would not. They are creatures of the pack. Slavery comes from the female energy, not from the male. There is male savage energy, but it leads to things like kids torturing animals and vivisection and nazi's experimenting on people. But concentration camps, slavery, war, genocide - those things come from the female energy. This is what is there if you can sense deeply enough.

There are several ways through which the female energy and slavery are connected. The feminist movement has repressed male energy over the past decades - if these games were showing savagery that came from the male energies, people would object to it very strongly. They don't object when the savagery coming from the female energy is expressed. Feminism has left a blind spot to the savagery and the flaws in the female energy, in the goddess energy so many people adore.

Another way through which it connects, is in that all of these games that play with slavery are space games. The reason is this: we learn by imprinting on our parents. The most intense imprints are the ones no one knows how to deal with, they just get stuck and get passed down generation after generation. Humanity is an engineered species, engineered from Neanderthals by an extraterrestrial race that used humans as slaves. This is where the savage places in the male and female energy system got broken. It is not the fault of women or of men that these things got encoded on the female side. Because humanity hasn't remembered this trauma of slavery, much like in the book Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow, it and the savagery associated with it comes up in people still. Until we can find a way to acknowledge this trauma and treat it, it's going to keep showing up in children's games.

Humans are concerned that aliens are going to come and invade us and make everyone slaves if we don't have big enough guns, but the fact is that we're not fearing the future, we're remembering the past. We need to remember the past where aliens came and humans didn't have big enough guns and the aliens made slaves out of people. We need to remember this so we can let this trauma go, and begin to forgive and heal - so that over the next years, we can begin to explore space and interact with the other species that are out there without the baggage of our past affecting us and preventing us from playing and exploring like children.

Angel, 2015-04-13

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