Everything, from the to the way people relate to each other to song the world itself is singing, has changed over the last 6 years. And yet, you haven't noticed. A protective veil has kept you asleep and unaware. This veil is now slowly lifting and you are in for a transformative and beautiful awakening.

During the Shift, literally everything in our world has changed. From the closing of the tear in the fabric of the universe, which almost no one noticed, to the end of the war between the genders, the end of fear and hatred, the return of magic and the awakening of the heart, everything about the way we relate to ourselves, our world and each other is very different now.

And yet, we don't see much of it yet when we look around us.

Part of the reason is that most people don't know where to look. Another part is that while people have changed fundamentally inside, they are still acting in large part from their old habits. If you are only looking at the way people behave, you will see them act out much the same behaviours as they always have - but since you have also changed, you will see much more clearly how ugly many of these habits really are.

It may look like the world is the same as ever, it might even look like it's getting worse ... but what's actually happening is that it's getting better every day. The veil is just keeping you from seeing it.

A change too intense

So very much has changed over the last few years. So many of the underlying processes that shape the way we function have completely shifted around. Almost nothing works the way it used to anymore. It may take a little time, for these processes to work their way up to where they are really obvious in everyday life, but we are talking years here, not decades. A generation from now, everything will be so different that children will not believe the savagery, the cruelty, the hatred and anger and abuse that have been so normal in our world.

We have never seen a transition as sudden and intense as the one we have all been going through these last years.

The Shift dealt with a huge amount of different processes and energies. Sexuality - a wonderful, healthy aspect of our lives that has been so corrupted by fear and shame and guilt and aggression - has changed inside every single person, and our attitudes on sexuality have changed in our societies. The relationships we have with our parents have been changed, and links we have had for a lifetime are gone. Along with it, much of the pain and anger and repressed emotion from childhood has been sorted out for us. The skeletons in our closet have become harmless dust piles, and the monsters under our bed have turned into bunnies. The controlling behaviours we have always used to cope with situations that were scary or uncomfortable suddenly don't work anymore.

We've become more empathic, more intuitive, which means we suddenly feel more emotion than we ever have. We are processing feelings we last had in childhood, and remembering the dreams we used to have. We are remembering past lives, too. We are facing the mistakes we have made and the pain we have caused, and we are facing a world in which all the rules have changed and no one has handed us a manual -- or if they have, we haven't read it yet.

A bumpy ride

It has not been a smooth ride. Making all these changes happen in the world, in society, in every individual and every animal, was not a simple straightforward process. The changes have been coming in waves, rarely allowing people to integrate one part before moving on to the next. Many of the changes were woven back into time, leaving us to deal with a past that didn't always match our memories. Every single person who is alive at this moment has experienced more change in their lifetime than the previous twenty generations before them together.

We've been pulled in many directions at the same time, with no solid footing. We had built our lives around our unhealthy links to others, around our skeletons and our inner demons. All of our communication was built around ways to get more attention, to be heard by some and not seen by others, to control the world around us so we wouldn't get hurt, so we wouldn't have to deal with our fears. The face we wore in public was a mask, protecting who we really are from the indifferent cruelty of others, to the point where we forgot what our real face looked like.

The Shift took away most of that, and often not gently. Those things that we used to hurt ourselves with - and there were many - got taken away. It left us defenseless, in a time when we didn't yet realise it was safe. It changed everyone around us, to the point where we didn't even know them anymore, and didn't know ourselves. We might have looked to music and art and food for comfort, but our tastes have changed and we don't like most of the things we used to like. We have no idea what we like, or who we are, or where we are going, or how to handle any of this.

There wasn't time to go slowly - every day that our world continued the way it was, was another day in which a child got abused, a mother saw her child starve to death, a father saw his sons sold in slavery, a family lost their loved ones to war, to disease, to hatred, teenagers killed themselves because they saw no more hope in the world, and the elderly wasted away lonely and forgotten while those who could have made a difference were spending their days in fear and violence. This change has been going as fast as it possibly could. Any faster, and we would have pulled apart. As is, it has been very hard on people.

Protected by a veil

People don't handle change very well. It makes them nervous, anxious, and if enough around them is changing, they start to panic. Panicking people make stupid decisions. They get angry, they stop thinking clearly and act irrationally.

If we had fully noticed every one of the changes that happened in the last years, at the moment that they happened, every one of us would have gone insane. It would have been far too much to handle. There would have been chaos, and a lot of people would be getting hurt in the process of adjusting.

We would have noticed the massive walk-in experience in 2016, where a third of the world population walked out and new people came into existing bodies. There would have been an enormous panic and religious madness. We would have noticed the huge percentage of people who are now gay, and without their biasses fully gone and energies underlying anger removed from the world, things would have gotten ugly. We would have realised all the ugliness we had done in our world, even when we thought we did right, and been guilt-ridden. We would have looked inside and had no idea who we were. We would have looked at those around us, and found we did not like them. People would be quitting their jobs and their relationships left and right, leaving not just families but society as a whole in chaos.

To carry us through this intense period of change, we have been protected by what you can think of as a veil over your eyes. You can see through it ... but only a little. It's the same thing we do for service horses who have to move through busy streets. We cover their eyes, so they are not so easily startled into panic. This way, they can move through a crowded street full of noisy cars and be fine.

This veil has been over everyone, for years already. It is why you can read much of the above, and think you haven't seen much of that in the world. It's why you still think the world is in trouble, and that things are getting worse every day.

The "don't look here" effect

This protective veil works much like the "someone else's problem" field in Douglas Adams' "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" novel. The easiest way to make something invisible to people, is not by carefully hiding it from the scrutinising eyes, but by distracting people away from looking too closely.

When you look in the direction of something you are not ready to deal with, you run into a "don't look here" effect, and you promptly look somewhere else. Imagine you see someone you know well act totally different from one day to the next - perhaps instead of playing violent games and cursing for hours on end, they suddenly play games with dancing cartoons and seem to be holding a contest of how many times in a minute they can use the word "love" in a sentence. The veil will have you shrug and say "Oh, there's nothing strange here, they're just like this." If you have always been into the opposite gender, but suddenly you are dreaming of having sex with those of your own gender, the veil will have you think "I've always been bicurious, it's no big deal", even if you've never had a bicurious thought in your life.

You may see any number of signs that the workings of the Shift are coming to the surface, and happily not notice any of them at all. When you do eventually notice, you simply assume it's always been like that, looking away from the jarring mismatch in what you see and what you've always seen before.

You can notice the effects of the veil if you look too closely at something that is not ready to be revealed. You may be trying to figure something out, but suddenly you are doing something else. You may be trying to write about something you noticed, but make no progress at all because you can't quite seem to look at the subject at hand with any clarity. You may be about to feel unsettled by a big change in your surroundings, or start to put some of the pieces together of trends you've seen in the world, but suddenly feel a need to go re-organise your sock drawer and forget the whole thing. You may see a thing very clearly one moment, and wonder how it is possible that the entire world can't see it ... only to wonder if you were crazy the next day, because you can't see it anymore.

If you are looking for the experience of the veil pushing your attention away from things, there are several places you can study - but only for a very short time, until the veil lifts entirely. The recent Docter Strange movie is a great example of a place where the veil is strong. You can also sense it if you study the return of magic to our world, the changes in personality that have been happening to so many people, the shift to a predominantly homosexual society, or even the sense that something very big is about to happen in our world that will change everything.

Personal and societal protection

The effects of the veil are beautiful, and it is because of the veil that your life is still as stable and relatively normal as it is. It is because of the veil that you have not spent most of the last years panicked and in alternately in tears or screaming. It's kept you sane and functional at a time when it was almost impossible to keep functioning. It has been an anesthetic while your entire system was getting rewired.

For you personally, the veil has been - and continues to be - a very good thing. For our world as a whole, it has possibly been even better.

The Shadow has been running this world for a very long time. Practically, that means a small number of people have been using fear and the ugliness that comes out of fear to control and manipulate the population in order to get more power and resources for themselves. It is not a strange idea that wars are fought not to protect citizens and maintain freedom, but to further the financial interests of a country - i.e. certain companies within the country who would benefit from a war.

Those in power have been known to go far to maintain their power and control over the rest of the population. If they had caught on six years ago that they were starting to lose all their power, that all the tactics they had used for centuries were rapidly becoming impossible and that soon their entire powerbase would collapse, they would have panicked. They would likely have acted rashly and drastically, moved up their time table for global destruction and hit big red buttons that shouldn't be hit. With the veil in place, no one noticed that the Shadow had lost all control over this world until it was already a done deal.

Even now, those running the show are just barely starting to become aware that things are not working as they should: dark rituals have lost their power, people are responding differently than expected, technology is inexplicably breaking down, information keeps leaking, events they predicted and were sure about happen entirely differently, and bad luck keeps striking. By the time the veil lifts enough that they realise what has happened, the entire foundation that all of the Shadow was built on will have collapsed completely. In the mean time, the Light is hijacking more and more of their Shadow undertakings, using projects meant to inspire fear and hate and violence and using them to help people grow and develop and unite. 

The averted fallout

The protective veil has kept us from noticing how much we ourselves, those around us and the world as a whole has changed over the last half decade. It has kept us from perceiving most of the effects of the workings of Kirael doAni, so that we would not fight and struggle like small children trying to hold on what was familiar.

One of the areas Kirael has put a lot of emphasis on is openness, transparency, the revealing of all that was hidden, that was lies, that was manipulation and deception. In the Light, there is no such thing as lying. Communicating something you know to be false is an ugly thing. Yet there is much, very much, in the history of our world that has been hidden and kept from people. There are medical advances that never made it to market, cures for diseases like cancer that have been available for decades but that have been suppressed by big pharma. There are many events in history that were never reported, or reported falsely. Secrets in politics, military, and business are so commonplace that we've come to expect it.

As the veil starts to thin and eventually drops away entirely, humanity is going to become aware of all those things that have been hidden, covered up, lied about and twisted for hundreds of years.

When people start to realise that there was a cure available all along for their mother, who they watched slowly waste away from cancer, they are going to be very upset. When people realise how many children were slaughtered in foreign wars, when they uncover the evidence to show that it was never about protecting their country or fighting for freedom but only about making some more money for certain companies, people are going to be very upset. When people get very upset, especially if those people are trained in combat and weapons, things get out of hand.

There is a huge potential for violence and riots if people were to suddenly realise all the truth on all the different areas in which they have been deceived. It would be ugliness, fighting in the streets, assassinations and hatred and outrage, the pain of which it would take our world decades to recover from. The veil is allowing us to become aware of small chunks at a time, when we are ready. In the mean time, we are already processing much of the anger, the fear, the strong feelings of outrage and upset, and because the veil is keeping us from noticing its true cause, we think it is over small stuff like what some celebrity did or what happened ith some movie or some relatively minor situation. By the time all the hidden information comes out, we wil have already largely processed the emotional fallout, and will after a short period of chaos be able to integrate the new information and move on with building up our world.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

The veil is allowing us, both in our personal life and in the world as a whole, to mostly skip the second stage of violent opposition entirely, and to smoothly transition from "Change, what change?" to "Oh well obviously it is this new thing, what else would it be?" in a very short time.

A carefully balanced process

Like all of Kirael's workings, the veil is an incredibly subtle and well balanced process. It takes into account many different factors, and works on each individual differently depending on where they are at in their own process and what they most need at any given moment.

Some trends exist across the entire world, things that we are not yet ready to notice. Some kinds of perception will be easy for some people, but will be very difficult for others to notice, depending on their personal situation.

The veil does not just work on global events and great secrets. It works on interpersonal relationships, on movies and tv shows and other forms of entertainment, on trends on the internet, on your own behaviours and preferences, and countless other subtle things that would cause fear and anger if they were noticed too quickly or by the wrong people. It causes you to look away when you get too close to noticing things inside that you can't handle yet. Perhaps you have caused much pain in the past, and facing that pain at this moment would break you.

Perhaps you have changed so completely that you are hardly the same person, and the realisation of that would destroy your life or your enjoyment of your life. Perhaps you have a deep calling to be something huge in changing our world over the upcoming decade, but you are still too deeply buried in your own insecurities and habits to be able to answer that call, and so the phone is not ringing yet.

There are many reasons why the veil may be protecting you from noticing certain things. You can be sure that in each of these cases, it is looking out for you, helping you through a period of intense transition that would cause you to be afraid, to hurt yourself, to panic, to handle things badly, much like a patient during surgery. When the greatest change is done and your system and the world start to stabilise in the new, you will slowly come to. The veil will begin to lift, and you will be able to look around and see yourself and your world clearly again.

Looking at the veil

In the mean time, what you can do is watch for the effects of the veil, this sense of being distracted, of banging our head against the wall, of forgetting clarity you had just moments ago, or just not being able to find an answer that should be incredibly obvious. When you run into these things, consider that you may be dealing with the veil.

You don't have to fight with it. It doesn't help to struggle and to fight, and you'll likely just end up tired and with a headache. It's ok to trust, and to back off. Perhaps this is something you don't need to be looking at right now. Perhaps it's ok to wait and let things unfold, and focus instead on things that are more easily within your grasp.

But if you really want to look through the veil, you can. You are not a powerless, blindfolded victim here. It's just a veil, a distracting field that is telling you to look somewhere else, nothing to see, move along. If you come at it from the right energy, from a sense of joy and curiosity and with an open heart, you've a good chance of perceiving things easily that were hidden before. It still takes a good dose of focus and awareness to not get sidetracked, mind you, but it can be done if you have enough enthusiasm. If you come at it from frustration or suspicion or fear, however, you are wasting your time. You're not ready. Relax and let things happen in their right time.

There are amazing things happening right now, and even more astounding things that have been growing and developing steadily over the past six years, and very soon, we will all start to see how much we ourselves, and our entire world, have changed. After some initial chaos and confusion, we will be able to breathe easier again, and look at the beauty and magic around us, and start finding the drive within ourselves to get busy and be an active part of putting our world on a new course.


For more on the lifting of the Veil, check our article on the Year of Revelation.

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