2016 is the year of Revelation. It is the year in which all the changes that up till now have been happening at a very deep level, or hidden behind a protective veil, are coming to the surface and becoming obvious to even those without intuitive abilities.

It is the year where magic starts to make it back into public awareness, where the Light starts to shine through all the old habits we've been hanging on to, where the secrets we've been hiding are coming out and where more and more people start to look around and say "Hey, things are different. What happened?"

So much has changed in our world since 2010.

For the longest time, people have been sleep-walking through life, stumbling from habit to habit, barely looking up even when they bump their head, driven by fear and anger and greed, never even realising how dark a world they lived in.

Now, people are beginning to wake up from their dazed sleep and slowly open their eyes to the world around them.

A slow and sweet awakening

Waking up is not easy. Waking up means realising everything is different from anything you've known before. It means realising that much of what you've been telling yourself all your life has been a lie, a polite half-truth at most, and that you don't actually know what's real and true at all. It means finding that what you've done all your life suddenly isn't working anymore, and people are responding in ways you can't predict. You're encountering strange situations you don't understand, and it's all very confusing.

To make the process of waking up to a new world easier on people, much of the changes have intentionally been hidden from view. You don't have to wake up with bright lights glaring into your face and alarm bells ringing loudly around you. You got to sleep in a little, and now you're starting to hear some birds chirp and you may smell fresh coffee.

The year of revelation is the time where people all over the world are starting to wake up, rub the sleep out of their eyes, and begin to see what's around them. Without having to go through years of crazy and intense change, without any fear, they get to slowly discover that their world is more beautiful and colourful than it has ever been, and that the things they've been too shy to hope for are coming true. They are beginning to smile.

This isn't the year when aliens are going to come down and reveal to us that they have been watching us for hundreds of years, and waiting for us to grow up enough that we could communicate with them like adults - probably.

This isn't the year when people realise magic is real and children in school are levitating in their classrooms while talking to each other mind to mind - not yet.

This isn't even the year when the majority of people figure out we've gone through a major transition, and they are living in a totally new world - though these things are starting to happen in some places.

It is the year when things that have been hidden are starting to make it to the surface. Initially, you'll see it mostly in personal situations, but you can also see it in corporate, government and social situations.

Personal revelation

On a personal level, you are being revealed ... to yourself.

Part of this is that you will start to realise how much you have changed in the past years. Even if you are not yet consciously aware of it, many of your attitudes and preferences have changed. Maybe you will realise that the colours in your house or your wardrobe bother you now, or that you don't actually like the food you've eaten all your life, or that you're bored by your favourite music or movies or games. Just as easily, you may realise that the people in your life aren't right for you (anymore) or that you are unhappy in your job and career choice.

You may also start to re-evaluate your sexuality, or suddenly find to your own surprise that members of the same sex seem a lot more interesting. You may well find that even though you used to be fairly traditional in your attitudes, you've changed to be much more open to trying new things in the area of relationships and sexuality.

It is not just the changes in you that are revealed, though, it is also the past, the present, and the future.

You may start to realise things about yourself that you kept buried for decades. You may suddenly remember that as a child, you used to deeply care about people, or that you had a dream to become an engineer, a doctor, a career singer or entrepeneur, and somehow in the messiness of adolescence and early adulthood, you lost track of your dream. You may realise those dreams have never died in you and look for ways to pursue them. Perhaps you will suddenly recall that thing your mom or dad once told you, that puts years of your childhood in perspective and allows you to let go of decades of pain and resentment.

People tell lies about themselves, to themselves, constantly. Part of the revelation is that it is now much harder to keep lying to yourself - about how happy you are in your marriage, but also about the things you feel and want and crave and believe.

If you've been a cruel, hateful person but you've told yourself that you are just keeping everyone else straight, you can expect a sudden realisation that you've been a horrible person. If you've been screaming at your partner or children for years, controlling them and belittling them, you may suddenly realise that you're the problem, not them. If you've told yourself that you're sweet and nice and that everybody likes you, but it's been a lie, you can expect to have it revealed to you that people don't actually like you or your behaviour. If you've been racist or sexist but tried to hide it from yourself and other, those parts of you will suddenly be revealed and you will have to deal with them.

Similarly, however, if you've been telling yourself all your life that you're no good at anything and that you suck at the things you would secretly love to do, you may well find some hidden strengths inside yourself, talents you didn't know you had, areas in which you're much better than others and abilities you can use to make your dreams come true. If you've told yourself that you don't matter, you may experience situations to show you the impact you have on the world around you. If you've believed that no one loves you or value you, it may be revealed to you that many do.

Interpersonal revelation

On an interpersonal level, what will be revealed to you are the people around you, and the way you relate to them.

The most obvious way in which this will express are romantic relationships. It will become much more clear this year how you and your love interest feel about each other. Maybe you or they realise suddenly that you haven't been happy in a long time, and that somethings needs to change. Perhaps you find you no longer want to be with them, or that the situation you've been in has been abusive, oppressive, or just empty. Perhaps you find you yourself have been abusive or oppressive, and you want to change that pattern.

If there are secrets between you and your loved ones, expect them to start coming out. This includes secrets about love affairs - now and in the past - but also secrets about sexual orientation, who the father of a child is, how money is being made and spent, and important events that have never been talked about. It could be something as simple as "I've always wanted to try this fantasy in bed", or something as difficult as "I only married you for your money/body/convenience".

If there have been people in your life that you thought were your friends, but that were secretly working against you or gossipping about you, you are likely to find out this year, either because you start to have suspicions that something isn't right, or because something happens that makes it really obvious what they think of you. Similarly, if someone has secretly had a crush on you, they may well suddenly blurt out their feelings. Those who have admired you from a distance may well make it known now -- but so will those who have a problem with you.

Beyond that, prepare to start realising things about those around you that you never knew. Perhaps it will suddenly be obvious to you that this one quiet collegue is dealing with the loss of a child, and is suicidal, and needs help. Perhaps you will find out one of your friends of acquintances has exactly the skillset you need for a project. In a more vague sense, you may suddenly really like certain people, and dislike others. The revealing goes both for aspects of the relationship between you, and for details about them as a person, what they've dealt with in the past, what they're capable of (in both positive and negative sense) and how they relate to others.

Given these revelations, you may well want to re-evaluate the relationship you have to those around you. Some people likely no longer have a place in your life, while others you may have undervalued. With most, you will begin to create a new dynamic between you as more of the hidden truths come to light.

Social revelation

This goes beyond interpersonal relationships, and to the way society as a whole works. It may not be obvious, but there are many things on a social level that are hidden from view, many situations where a greater awareness is much needed.

For instance, much of social inequality has been hidden from people, either intentionally or because we have gotten so used to it that we no longer see it. Starting in the year of Revelation, these inequalities and hidden problem areas will start to become obvious. We will no longer be able to ignore the homeless and hungry - regardless of whether they are in our own neighbourhood or half a world away. We will start to realise that those of a different race, or a different background, are human as much as we are, and we will start to act like it.

Within society, many processes have changed during the years of the Shift. The need for these new ways of organising society from the Light will begin to be expressed by many people. As people awaken to the heart, it will suddenly feel self-evident to them to care for those around them, and to want to give freely to those in need - not from pity or a need to act like a good person, but from genuine love for the other, from seeing their value and potential and wanting to give them a chance to live well. You can expect to see many outreach programs pop up - more likely initiatives of regular people than organised institutions - to help those in need. In a short time, it will become obvious not just that we should look out for one another ... but also that people have changed, and that as a result, all of society is changing for the better.

New social ideas have been growing in the underlying energies, such as the idea that no one should have to be afraid for their own survival, or spend most of their lives fighting to make sure that they have something to eat and their loved ones have a roof over their head. Basic survival (including safety, resources, and health) should be freely available to all, as well as education and the ability to express oneself. As these ideas work themselves to the surface, more and more people will be calling for social reform, and new ways to distribute resources and take care of each other within a society will be explored.

None of this is, of course, limited to Western society.

In the same way as interpersonal revelations made the people around us more visible, social revelations will make our cultural standards and viewpoints more visible, both to ourselves and the countries around us. We may begin to recognise that our society is not as tolerant and open minded as we like to believe, or that we are ourselves oppressive while calling for freedom. The world may come to recognise that this society's reputation for stupidity is undeserved, and that society's reputation for aggression based on lies. There will likely be some chaos as different societies examine and re-define themselves and their relationship with surrounding cultures.

Corporate / governmental revelation

On a corporate level, you can think of the revealing of corruption, bad business practises, foul actions towards employees or customers, the use of child labour or toxic materials and so on. It will be increasingly difficult for companies to use marketing and PR to keep up a nice image of themselves to hide behind, and many of the secrets that have been kept for decades will start to come out.

Similarly, trade secrets will start to be revealed. Technological and medical development in our world has been held back importantly by patent and copyright laws, and by companies that hide the advances they have made. There is much technology and medical knowledge already available that would solve many of the world's problems, and yet they are hidden from the public for military reasons, or to maintain a coporate advantage, or to benefit existing financial powerhouses. Laws protecting such secrets will start to be overturned. Technological advances will be shared openly. Medical discoveries will be increasingly be made public and suppressed medical and scientific findings will to come to the public's attention - through a change in attitude by the companies involved, or through leaks from people within these structures who no longer feel it is right to hide information from the world.

In government, which is not always as far removed from corporate as we might like, you can expect a much greater transparancy and accountability. In both current legislators and future election campaigns, there will be in general a much greater focus on truth and facts. The public will no longer tolerate lies in their politicians and governmental leaders: politicians, presidents, governers and any other officials who are found to be lying will start to be called out on their lies this year. The public will start to do their own fact checking, and begin to question information provided by the government that they have up till now blindly accepted.

You will start to see the surfacing of hidden truths, back chamber deals, money streams, and other forms of corruption. Politicians who have been bought to push the agendas of third parties will be exposed. Questionable or downright offensive decisions made in the past - such as support for wars, funding oppressive regimes or careless pollution of nature - will become public knowledge. Knowledge that the government has had for decades but has hidden from the public - likely including knowledge of extra-terrestrial life, ancient civilisations and health concerns - will start to either be made public intentionally, or be leaked by inside sources. You may expect quite a number of political scandals in 2016 and the following years.

In religion, which functions as both a corporation and spiritual government for many people, you can expect revelations of the same type.

Just as personal relationships will be redefined as people learn the truth about each other, official relationships will change radically. You can see this in the public's relationship to politicians in general, but also in the alignment of people to political parties. Parties may radically change their views as hidden information comes to light, or the public may radically change their support of certain (or all) political parties as their dealings in the past are revealed. The consequences of this may not yet be as impressive as you might like, but over a very short time (years rather than decades) the revelation of dishonesty and corruption in government will lead to radical changes in the way the system works. Laws will be passed that require government officials to be honest, and for their words to be checked routinely. Those found to be lying or corrupt even once will be banned from office.

Global revelation

One of the most important things that people in our world are going to notice in 2016 is the return of magic. Initially, what people will notice is that children are getting more sensitive, more aware of non-physical things. They may notice that they themselves have gotten a lot more intuitive as well - you have feelings you can't explain but that keep being right, you know what others are feeling, the things you want suddenly and mysteriously just happen to you, technology responds strangely to your moods. You will also start to notice these things in the people around you. While initially you may be able to chalk them up to coincidence, it will become increasingly clear to many people across the world that strange magical things are happening - things that cannot be explained easily by existing science or religion.

In line with that, it will be revealed to people that holding healthy energy sourced in joy makes them healthier, more beautiful, smarter, and luckier, while holding an ugly energy sourced in hate and fear makes them sick, ugly, stupid and causes bad luck. There will be cases of people getting sick after months of having been really ugly, and instead of such illnesses being a mystery, people will start to recognise a direct correlation. You will start hearing phrases like "Sick again? I'm not surprised, you've been so negative lately" or "Don't get angry, you'll feel terrible in the morning" or "We've having such an amazing time, this is going to be a great week!" This is an important revelation, because once people make the connection between health, beauty, brains, luck ... and the energy they hold, this world can make the transition to the light much faster and easier, and people will have a much greater power over their own life.

Across the whole world, knowledge will be revealed that has been hidden to humanity for a very long time. In our shared human subconscious, much pain, sadness and horror is buried from a past that we have collectively suppressed for thousands of years: the involvement of the Anu in the history of our world. The memories of these past events are starting to make it into conscious awareness and being expressed through many channels who are sensitive to the shared human subconscious: those people who create games, tv, movies, books, art and more. While a full understanding of our species' history is likely still many years away, the year 2016 will start to see these buried memories come to the surface.

Finally, the realisation will start to dawn on people that we are all one people. There is no such thing as race, or nationality, and division and separation have no business still being a part of our world. Some have realised this already decades ago, but they have been the hippies, the spiritually inclined, or those who say it, but who do not feel it inside. This year, as most people unconsciously made the jump to the heart and are beginning to process from there, it will suddenly be instinctively clear to many: we need to start handling our problems together, build a better world together, and work towards unity not just with the rest of the world, but with our Earth itself.

Gradual awareness

Some of the things above, you may have already noticed. We're already partway into the year, after all. Others seem impossible, until they make their way over to public awareness, at which point they will seem so obvious that it will be hard to believe things have ever been different.

Awareness is perhaps the most important part of any process of change, growth and development. You cannot respond to things you are not aware of, and if you cannot see where you are and what is going on around you, you cannot set a successful course for the future. You end up just acting from old habits. And yet, awareness of too much change too fast can cause fear, panic and chaos. Many of the revelations described above could cause massive disruption of personal identity, families, friendships, companies, and society as a whole. There is was need for change to happen as fast as possible - with as little chaos as possible.

The year of Revelation isn't going to hit like lightning from a clear sky. People aren't suddenly going to realise, from one day to the next, that their entire world is different, that they're not even the same person anymore, and that all the rules have changed. The transition to awareness of the changes is happening very gradually. That is the beauty of the year of revelation: the way in which it makes a radical transition barely noticed, and then smoothly accepted.

There are three main reasons why there are no bigger shockwaves from all this change and from the awareness of this change.

One is that the changes have been coming to the surface only gradually. The deeper changes to the fundamental energies underlying our world were made in 2010 already, and have slowly been working their way up to the surface. Many changes were made on the structural levels and the surface as well. There are a huge number of things very different, but they are appearing gradually and organically, to each individual at their own time and in their own way.

Two is that there has been a protective veil over everything in this world, preventing us from noticing changes that are right in front of our nose. For years now, every time we've seen something that wasn't ready to be revealed, there has been something like a "Somebody Else's Problem field" as Douglas Adams jokingly describes in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. All of us have noticed amazing, shocking changes in ourselves, our attitudes, our lives and the world around us ... and then shrugged it off and said "Eh. What's for dinner?" In the year of revelation, this veil is lifting so that we can finally see what's in front of us.

Three is that any organic system does not like sudden changes. Even if a transition was started and finished in the 2010-2015 Shift window, the echoes of it bounce back through time, and it will appear to us like it has always been this way. In many cases, the changes themselves have been worked back through time: they were initiated in recent years, but actually happened (sometimes far) into the past. Timey wimey stuff. So instead of being freaked out at a huge change ... we shrug and say "Well, I've always been like that, right?" We may even remember it as having always been like that.

Even when transition is happening gradually and smoothly, it can still be uncomfortable. You may feel waves of chaotic emotion as things change in the world. You may feel anxious and twitchy before a big change happens in your life, or when a big change is about to come into your awareness. You may feel very sad, a sense of mourning, once the change has happened. This may for some even lead into feelings of not wanting to live anymore. You may feel confused and aimless and stagnant, unsure which direction to take or whether you should act at all. Many of us are waiting for things to settle down before we take further steps. Others have a sudden urgent sense of needing to do something, go somewhere, but have no idea where.

There is no huge rush. The work is complete and the transition has already been made. All that is left is for our world to gradually adjust to the changes, and for people to become increasingly aware that things are different.

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