A: Life has never been as exciting for three reasons:

  1. It is, after millions of years, the time of the return of the light. Our world has lived in shadow for so long, we do not even in our shared consciousness remember a time when it was different. We think violence and hatred and living in constant fear for survival, fear of not having enough, is normal. We've learned that people using one another, going to war over childish squibbles, ignoring the suffering of others, is normal. It's not normal. We have been living in a damaged, sick world. It's finally healed, and we are learning for the first time to live in the light.
  2. It is, after approximately ten thousand years, the time of the return of magic. Magic is the ability to use the natural intuitive gifts that have always been a part of humanity. Only in times when the Earth is in that part of its astronomical cycle where the energies are freely available do these gifts come to expression. We have entered into the energies around 1952, and they are finally beginning to make it down to the planet strongly enough for everyone to notice and to start experimenting with their gifts. 
  3. It is, for the first time ever, the time of the evolution of humanity to the heart, and to sentience. This transition was not possible until the return of the light. While we think that we are a very intelligent species, in most ways we still function very much as a tribal species - like monkies. When we are upset, we throw feces at each other. When we can't resolve a dispute, we scream and bully. We hoard and consume resources. We live to work and make money and buy things. No other race would consider this sentience. But right now, this is changing. People are awakening to the heart, and all of society will change as a result. 

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